January 1, 2016

Our best wishes to you for a healthy and rewarding 2016.

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Happy New Year from johnny dollar’s place!

32 thoughts on “January 1, 2016”

  1. I am ashamed of FNC. While everyone else was counting down to midnight, they were preoccupied with the Trumps. That interview should have ended a few minutes earlier than it did. I’m so ticked off that I actually welcome any and all criticism from media critics.

    I’d be even more frustrated if I watched live instead of five minutes later on DVR delay. I was watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve live instead.

      • I think that it was the Trumps counting, but don’t hold me to that. It was a confused mess.

        • I replayed that segment. It looked to me like a double satellite delay NY->FL + FL back to NY put Trump and his party a few seconds behind live in NYC. As a result their countdown was a second or so behind NY, toss in another second or so for their signal to get back to NY and on the air, and you do have a ‘confused mess’. You’d think someone would have realized that ahead of time. Yikes.

          Of course you immediately read that Fox ‘missed’ the countdown, or ‘blew past the countdown’, or several other variants…because a lie is always juicier than the truth. They had a split screen with the larger half showing the live countdown in Times Square and the smaller part with Trump in FL. It was because they showed both side by side that it was obvious Trump and Co. were several seconds behind. But that’s not enough so they have to gin up a phony Fox ‘missed the countdown’ meme.

          • A certain group will always exaggerate, if not downright lie, when it comes to all things Fox. It seems to be their sole purpose in life.

          • Be honest can you imagine a first date?

            Date: What do you do all day?
            Stooge: I watch a Tv channel I hate and post on twitter about it
            Date: umm goodbye.

            Not much chance of breading………..LOL!

    • I agree completely with you, Mike. I simply can’t stomach the stronzo. Having Hemmer and Megyn was a much better show.

        • Hemmer and Megyn would be even better. And fewer sideshows and distractions. More time to Sherrod and Tom Shillue, less to Mcguirk et al. When you have so many people doing bits nobody gets enough time. And musical numbers are almost always unnecessary…especially when one of them is “Imagine”.

          • You know….I noticed the laughing stocks seemed shocked and confessed that Fox had on news makers instead of fools….I mean how dare a news network have on people in the news. LOL

            Personally I lost tons of respect for Anderson Cooper over his NYE shows…….personally leave that stuff to the entertainment networks and do news for drying out loud. I watched for a few min….but not my thing.

          • There’s nothing wrong with getting newsmakers’ New Years comments. It can be very revealing. Some of them had good wishes and helped themselves. Others took silly, cheap political shots and hurt themselves. I’d rather see who knows how to make use of such an opportunity and who doesn’t than watch a has-been comedian strip, or Don Lemon get drunk.

            That said, there was waaaaaaay too much Trump Trump Trump plugging through the night. I know why, they were trying to get some Trump ratings magic. But he should’ve had a short spot just like all the others, make a statement, answer a question or two, and thanks for showing up. The focus is New Year’s, not what’s Trump going to say. Besides, aren’t all the Trumpians boycotting Fox because its coverage of Trump is the most critical? (The science is settled!)

          • Yea I know im weird….but I hate the NYE party stuff on news networks….but if you are going to do it…I agree Fox did it right….get news makers on…..However as a news junkie I miss the good old days when I could turn on a news network any time day or night or holiday and get NEWS.

          • I’m curious as to whether the other candidates who commented on the FNC NYE show had to pay for their messages to be aired. The Trumpathon was free I assume.

          • But J$ one of the twitter stooges said

            “They used their NYE special as a campaign ad for one candidate. How nice.”

            Never mind that Trump wasn’t even the only candidate on………laughing stocks.

            Of course thats the stooge who thinks he found my account on twitter. Nope no breeding about to happen over there.

          • Turns out in stooge world talking about them lying about Fox news doesn’t count as talking about cable news…….I upset banned boy who of course then told me what can and cant be talked about……this isn’t ICN.

            They get so upset if you call the lies out……

            Now OT I guess….. I cant stand Trump but its the craziest thing ever that the haters who call Fox News women all kinds of names especially the women of color are soooo upset on how Trump talks about women……….look at your own posts and the people who you write for once in a while.

          • How do you spend all day on twitter and NOT know that you don’t have to have a twitter account to read fools twitter accounts? I mean really?

            BTW J$ the stooges monitor this site they call “Dollars dump” so much they post responses in 30 min or less….laughing stocks..

          • Banned Boy thinks that he knows more about people of races other than him, than they themselves do. Hell, he doesn’t even know what it is to be a human being, otherwise he’d try and act like one.

          • Watching Carson Daily and some very unfunny people dwarfed any FNC antics. Multiple bad jokes about Justin Bieber’s anatomy fitting for a middle school locker room. “Not a foreskin but a five skin.” Funny stuff.

  2. Don Lemon was obviously drunk on CNN last night. I am pretty sure Brooke Baldwin was, too. I don’t think Kathie Griffin and Anderson are funny, but at least they seemed sober. Wow. Won’t watch that again. Now, if Wolf was hammered and counting down… I might tune in just to see that. haha

  3. Johnny, thanks for posting that link in your tweets about Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards retiring. Nearly every LA station had live coverage in 1979, but we always watched those two on KTLA 5 for the three years we were in the area. Stephanie also did commercials for a supermarket chain, the now gone, but aptly named Lucky. Lucky for having such a beautiful woman be their public face.

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