New Year’s Eve Links and Open Thread

  • Video: Fox News announces
  • RIP: Wayne Rogers, Fox News contributor, dies at age 82.
  • Concha: Media coverage of Cosby saga is already excessively annoying.
  • In-depth journalism, Mediaite-style: The 34 sexiest people in tv news.
  • FBN 2015’s fastest growing cable net.  More.  Fox: first on Facebook.
  • Fox & Friends video: 2015’s   Steven Hayes: True.
  • Video: 1950-1960.  Video:
  • 2015 program ranker:  FNC holds top 14 slots;  25-54 demo program ranker.
  • YT,JD: The Broderick Matter

16 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Links and Open Thread”

  1. Mr. Concha so right! Entire first 10 minutes of CBS THIS MORNING all Cosby. If that weren’t bad enough, next 3 minutes on affluenza boy and carrot-top-mom. Then finally something about historic flooding of Mississippi River for a minute or so..

  2. Re: Concha: Media coverage of Cosby saga is already excessively annoying.

    Bill Cosby was arraigned Wednesday. It’s only Thursday.

    I consider the following legitimate stories to cover:
    • Interviews of other alleged victims.
    • CBS interviewing his defense attorney this morning.
    • Outcome from his day in court.
    • Questions about his declining health or lack thereof.
    • Bail amount of $1M.
    • Discussions of the charges against him.

    I don’t consider it overkill by the media just yet — especially given the limited number of competing significant news stories that usually surrounds the XMAS-NYE time frame.

    Cosby’s next court appearance is not until January 14th. If this story dominates the news next week, I will likely join the chorus of those objecting to overkill.

    As far as making any news story – whether it’s Cosby, MH370 or Benghazi — part of every hour on a given cable news channel has frankly never bothered me all that much. Most people don’t watch all day unless they’re in the hospital or in jail. 🙂

    My take is, let’s see how it goes next week.

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