Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Kilmeade audio:   Audio Q&A: James Rosen.
  • Hype machine cranks up for CNN’s New Year’s Eve ‘dream team’.
  • Video: Amy Schumer, the  Q&A: Eric Bolling‘s NYE.
  • Wemple: Explosive accusations in Al-Jazeera ‘doping’ documentary.
  • Johnny Dollar: The Broderick Matter
  • Chariton: Five to watch.  MSNBC host calls for Rahm Emanuel to resign.

42 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Nice to see @GregGutfeld finally getting some credit! Amy owes alot to Greg and “Red Eye”.

    She was nothing after Last Comic Standing. She didn’t stand out on the
    show. The other 3 who beat her about, pretty much nobody in the US have
    heard of. It’s also not like the show was doing bang up ratings. 4
    1/2M average.

    Pathetic, Amy wouldn’t even go on Greg’s new “Greg Gutfeld
    Show” after its debut. It’s not like “Inside Amy Shumer” was doing
    anything in the ratings. Her last show before the premiere of “Greg Gutfeld Show” did 680,000 viewers. Obviously, she was far too big of a star to appear on #GUTFELD with those numbers.

    I don’t even remember if she even came on #RedEye to promote Season 1 or Season 2.

    If they wanted to mention her other “big break”, it would have been the guy she was having sex with. Anthony Jeselnik. She’s dating him. He’d been on the dais of the Comedy Central Roasts. She ends up on there during Charlie Sheen Roast. Seth McFarland didn’t even have any clue who she is….

    Still don’t understand all the good reviews for “Trainwreck”. When I finally saw it, I was disappointed big time. Hardly laughed at all. Apatow’s best work by far was on “The Larry Sanders Show”. His movies are hit & miss.

    • If they wanted to mention her other “big break”, it would have been the guy she was having sex with. Anthony Jeselnik

      Why is it important to bring up someone’s sex life? It is crude and beneath what we usually expect here. This isn’t Newsbusters, after all.

      • I can’t imagine her ever returning to Red Eye, appearing on The Greg Gutfeld Show, or showing up on any FNC or FBN show ever again. The same goes for her cousin, who will probably be Senate Majority Leader a year from now, and who she’s aligned with politically (i.e. gun control).

    • A great hero of America children besmirched? Who besides Arab propagandists or Washngton Post semi-commies who strive to believe.

    • My impression as well Mike. Or at a minimum, he’s skeptical (as are many others) of Peyton’s denial.

      I watched a lot of coverage yesterday — mostly ESPN, but also The Five, who I thought did a decent segment looking at both sides of the controversy.

      Some of the narratives throughout the media were:
      • Peyton’s long history of integrity makes it difficult for many to believe that he used HGH.
      • Many other athlete’s with firm denials (e.g., Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong) were later found to be lying and this affected the ability of some to not be skeptical about Peyton’ strong denial.
      • Some — including Brian Kilmeade – joked that Charles Sly’s video recanting everything he said made him look like he was in a coerced Middle Eastern hostage video.
      • Many — including Kirsten Powers — were curious why Peyton won’t say more about the meds that were reported as being mailed to his wife. For example, if it was not HGH, why not say so? OTOH, if it was HGH, was it for one one of the handful of conditions for which HGH can be legally prescribed?
      • I think it was Katherine Timpf who mentioned that Manning was getting soft treatment on ESPN ‘all day long’ and complained (paraphrasing), “Why wasn’t Tom Brady treated this well when his scandal first broke?”
      • Finally, perhaps the most discussion was about the owner of the clinic saying Charles Sly did not intern there in 2011 — yet when Al Jazeera spoke to someone in HR, she was told (on a recording) that Charles Sly was there in 2011. smh

      The saga continues…with more questions raised than answered about a beloved athlete and person by all accounts.

  2. Gregg Jarrett did three hours yesterday and assuming he subs for Shep will be doing three hours today as well. He looks to me like he’s back on his game which is a good thing. Like Megyn Kelly he can double as a legal analyst and he’s A-1 in that respect as well.

  3. I was going to post this earlier and I see that Johnny has it in his Twitter feed on the right side of the page. And now, without further delay, the upcoming schedule of Lily Langtry:

    Thurs 12/31: hosting 2pm ET
    Sat 1/2: hosting 4pm & Fox Report 7p ET
    Sun 1/3: hosting Fox Report 7p ET

    I’m as happy as if I was in my right mind…..

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Hype machine cranks up
    4 Rahm Emanuel to resign
    3 to watch
    2 Explosive accusations
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Video: Amy Schumer, the Fox News years.

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