Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Will deploying Bill Hillary Clinton?
  • Wednesday’s numbers.  Thursday’s numbers.  Friday’s numbers.
  • Outnumbered video: Should a sitting President
  • $1M donation from Bill O’Reilly creates Marist scholarship fund.
  • Maria Molina and Reed Timmer tie the knot.  Poppy passes out.
  • Jersey City’s Randall Peyton on his Ailes Apprentice experience.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Broderick Matter
  • The reason for MSNBC’s tireless devotion to all things Trump: ratings.
  • Controversy swirls around ‘fabricated’ Al-Jazeera documentary.  More.
  • Full Measure video: Kurtz and Atkisson on the media’s big misses of 2015.

65 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Who knew Al Jazeera was still on the air? And posing as a cheap knockoff of NBC News, making crap up.

    • Broadcasting their story even after a main source recanted? They’ve reached the point that any publicity is good publicity? Hope fan-boy Andy Panda is proud.

      • I know of what you speak because earlier today I spotted a tweet from The Cable Gamer. I read between the lines and it led me to a writer for newshounds who took umbrage at your wordplay, saying you were “mocking” a pregnant woman.

        No, I don’t know how your comment amounts to mocking her. Either the newshounds writer is making that up or just doesn’t know what mocking is. However I was intrigued by how quickly the newshounds pounce on comments at J$P. So I tried something else. I gave your original comment a like (an upvote). Within minutes the newshound writer tweeted about that!

        I figured the newsliars kept an eye on J$P but didn’t realize how closely and intensely they monitor even the comment sections. This brings me back to the tweet from The Cable Gamer, who apparently keeps an eye on the hounds. Her tweet pointed out the hypocrisy of people getting upset over your “poppies” comment while they allow all sorts of ugly name calling and personal smears at their own newshounds website. The link posted by TCG goes to her article detailing some of the newshounds most ugly personal attacks on people like Megyn Kelly. The vile, clearly racist smear of Harris Faulkner at the end, like all the other attacks, is something our favorite newshounds writer is just fine with–he’s certainly never complained about it–but he’s outraged over poppies in the shade.

        If the newshounds are going to keep smearing J$P with lies (“mocking” that isn’t) while giving their own site a pass for ugly racist and misogynist attacks, I may just have to address this in a more prominent fashion than as a gripe in a comment thread. TCG has only scratched the surface of the putrid newshounds hate speech. It may be time for everyone to be reminded who these people are and the filth they promote.

        • I think that bunch are deviated preverts. But what do I know? I’m the product of people who were barely out of the Stone Age when the Newshounds’ ancestors arrived on our shores.

        • Yea they watch this site they call a dump like a hawk. Usually with in a hour of pointing out one of their lies or something dumb they said they comment on in their safe place. heck one of the crazies stooges even wanted me to join him on twitter for a “fight” a few months ago……didn’t have the heart to tell him that I dont use it.

          It just a circle jerk with them.

          My personal favorite is when I post something about a hater and they think its them………you think with Obama care they could get help with that by now.

          My guess they are unhappy with Larry because he “mocked” a woman who wasn’t of color. Only a hater would think that a mock….laughing stocks EVERY last one of them.

        • I think we’re all aware that they’re liberal internet types with ball bearings for moral principles.

          I don’t want to see filth and sadism.

          • … or you would be reading the comments sections of Ace of Spades 🙂
            Sorry I just could not resist Cecelia. I beg your forgiveness for poking/joking about it, but I think its important for people to know WHY places like that come about and also how places like this one can slant more that way over time; its a corrective action, after all.
            Once in a few decades, people get tired of playing nice and always then getting the “wrong end of” the stick, and so things make a shift.
            Have a great New Year and remember, no resolutions; if its not on your mind already then its not worth troubling over from thoughts and dreams that arise from just that one night.

        • Explain to me how saying “Poppies do best in partial shade.” If it is about Poppy Harlow a pregnant news anchor who fainted on TV is not making fun of her?

          Are you telling me that was just a random comment about a flower that just happens to be a name similar to a CNN news anchor?

          How is commenting on that “smearing J$P with lies” when this blog is not even mentioned in any of the tweets about the comment?

          • How is it making fun of her? Is it calling her a racist? Is it talking about the weave on her head or the skin color of her husband? Or is it a pun about flowers? I’d like to know what about it IS an insult to her, in any way?

            Well after I voted up the comment, you almost immediately noted that. If you weren’t referring to this blog, tell us what blog you are talking about where a commenter made a joke about Poppy and the moderator gave it an up vote.

            Maybe then you can tell me why you find it acceptable for a website to accuse Megyn Kelly of sleeping her way into her job, call her a racist, talk about the racial make-up of Harris Faulkner’s family, but absolutely draw the line at poppies in the shade. In your own words.

          • Is it a pun about flowers posted after a news anchor with the name Poppy faints while on TV. At the very least was making fun of the situation.

            99% of the people reading that tweet would have no idea what blog and comment were being referenced.

            Regarding the deflection to Newshounds,
            I do not run Newshounds nor do I have control over the comments section. I don’t condone any of the personal attacks made in the comments section there.

          • Listen, Buster. You need to do some serious penance for that pun or play on words. Insensitive lout! Whatever were you thinking?

          • Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

            Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

            Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

            Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

            Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

            Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

            Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

            Hail Marty, full of grace. Blessed are thee among posters.

          • OUTRAGE!
            Is this a serious discussion? Poppies needing shade is demeaning to a pregnant tv anchor named Poppy. Okie dokie.

          • Rhetorical question: Are you such a schmuck as to find that mild play on a name objectionable for a woman who is fine and says she got over heated?

          • Now now, he’s obviously is hypersensitive to women’s feelings. Havng a pal that called Megyn Kelly the B word must have been so painful to this gentle soul.

          • After Johnny complains about personal attacks on another website I get personally attacked with name calling.

            Poppy Harlow, “Was a scare but we are both ok. “

          • Calling someone a “schmuck” is a personal attack.

            I may not agree with your or the comments of others here but in my responses did not I resort to name calling or childish taunting.
            I simply responded to the comments directed at me.

          • We might feel sorry for you if your crew had not called people on here a “moron” and 2 of the three called people here “scum”. on the same post you 1st made…go back to your safe space and make fun of people of color and let us discuss adult issues about media.

            Stand up to your fellow haters and then come back and we might not laugh at you #laughingstocks

          • Its people like the stooges that stopped me from ever setting up a twitter account to use……to many people who should be in “homes” allowed to post lies and BS who then get upset if you point out just how crazy they are….no thanks. One thing I like about here is only J$ tells people what they cant talk about! LOL

            That said……I hope everybody had a Good Christmas…… sister managed to get me VIP Bernie Sanders tickets for a rally next month in Iowa…… maybe Ill be on Fox!

  2. Watched Return of the Pink Panther with my daughter last night, because of the mentions here.

    Peter Sellers gets a lot of ‘comic genius’ accolades, but Herbert Lom was no slouch.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Kurtz and Atkisson
    4 Ailes Apprentice experience
    3 Controversy swirls
    2 passes out
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Maria Molina and Reed Timmer tie the knot.

  4. Just saw that the “affluenza” teen and his mother have been arrested in Mexico. From a cable news perspective, Bill O’Reilly should take Jesse Waters off the frivolous pieces he mostly does now and get him to track down the judge that let him off despite the loss of four lives due to his drunk driving. (He was sentenced to 10 years probation) Make him answer for why he sentenced the young man the way he did.

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