Green Chri$tma$

frebergEvery year on this day we present Stan Freberg’s enduring Christmas parable. Although he produced it well over a half century ago, its message is timeless:

  • Stan Freberg: Green Chri$tma$     album

Classic Christmas radio broadcasts:

  • Jack Benny: Last Moment Christmas Shopping  
  • Dragnet: A .22 Rifle for Christmas  
  • Quiet, Please: Berlin, 1945  
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Carmen Kringle Matter  
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Red Mystery Matter  

Classic Christmas television episodes:

  • Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: Busy Christmas  
  • Dragnet 1968: The Christmas Story  
  • Newhart: No Room at the Inn  
  • Night Gallery: The Messiah on Mott Street 
  • Roswell: A Roswell Christmas Carol  amazon  hulu+  netflix  iTunes

Classic Christmas movies:

Sounds of the season:

  • David Ian: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas     album
  • George Shearing: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen      album
  • Theresa and Mike Levy: The First Noel    album
  • Ellis Marsalis: Silent Night     album
  • Crystal LewisO Holy Night     album

Merry Christmas from johnny dollar’s place.

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  1. If Fox News is getting many comments like this one on Twitter from @FreedomJames71, whose profile claims he is an

    Unapologetic Conservative, Christian, Anti-Feminist, Pro-Life, Pro-Constitution & Pro-Gun”

    perhaps Abby Huntsman will soon be in the running along with many others for that vacant curvy couch seat. Stunning I know.

    I am guessing this may not be a majority view, but who knows. I know some here at J$P are not fans.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    • She’s a bit rough around the edges at this point. There was an awkward moment today when a live shot reporter tossed back to her and there was no response, just noise in the background. It may not have been her fault at all, it was impossible to tell, but maybe she missed a cue for some reason.

      Not sure why the ‘unapologetic conservative’ twitter guy is so taken with her performance today. She was, except for that bad moment above, quite straightforward and noncommittal. I didn’t see every segment but I saw her functioning as an anchor, not opinionating or whatever. I hadn’t considered the possibility of her going to F&F, but that’s an intriguing thought. She got hired in the same general time frame that we assume Elisabeth’s leaving was decided. But I think she needs more experience and seasoning before she gets a daily shot as an anchor or host.

      • She has no journalism training. None. I don’t care what the channel or what the ideology. She’s not qualified!

          • To some that shes on Fox News it wont count….but to be honest…..shes on the number #1 watched news network………people should earn those spots……..I haven’t seen her yet…..I hope its not as bad at some say.

          • She’s not terrible, just not what you’d expect on the #1 watched news network. Mabye she needs a stint at one of the O&O stations in NY or DC to hone her skills.

          • It’s not about that she is or isn’t terrible. It’s what Gaxter said…people should earn those stripes…not get anointed.

          • I don’t mind “anointed” if the person has something to offer. Unfortunately, that’s the rarity.

            It was disappointing to me to see Ron Reagan’s program fail at MSNBC. He’s the son of a cultural icon who is able to translate his insider experience into information and an insightful perspective that worth a listen.

            The same was true of the late John Kennedy, Jr. Though his father died when he was practically a baby, in some interviews he was able to throughly convey that world that was/is a mix of politicians/celebrities/party apparatchiks.

            For different reasons, I think the same could be said of Lynn Cheney, but I suspect she’d be about as marketable as Ron Reagan has been.

            There’s the rub.

          • He’s better suited for current job as a religion basher/spokesman for atheists. Apple may not have fallen far from the tree, but a skunk must have picked it up and ran with it.

          • No, he does commercial length segments I assume he’s paid for. Maybe not. A few months ago they were show quite often.

          • Well we disagree about Reagan. I thought Coast to Coast sucked. I thought little of what Reagan talked about didn’t duplicate what I was hearing from other lefties on MSNBC…and this was back when MSNBC still had something of a news reputation. Not much of one, true. But more of one than it has now thanks to Phil Griffin and his Progressive Xerox job.

          • Spud is right. That’s why Ainsley should be the choice. She has worked her way up from the overnight shift and the Fox audience loves her. I don’t think Ailes will go outside the organization this time. I’d also be happy with Anna but it would be better to leave her on the weekend show.

          • Depends. Was she a booker? Was she an editor? Was she a script writer? Was she a field producer? Depending on how you answer that question she may or may not be better prepared for a job at an anchor desk…BY SOME MICROSCOPIC AMOUNT.

            I do find it curious that it’s not listed on her Wikipedia bio but her time with GMA is. But that’s Wikipedia for you.

            You know me J. I’ve railed about people shortcutting their way to the national scene for fifteen years. I want people to earn their stripes…first at local starting as reporter then working their way to weekend anchor then weeknight anchor and building up a solid resume over a five to ten year period. Then jump to national. Nobody is served when that process is fast tracked…not the talent…not the network…certainly not the viewer…unless the talent is a journalism savant. And I have yet to see one of those.

            Not that any of this his Huntsman’s fault. If you’re going to be offered a shot at the network level of course you’re going to jump at it, whether your truly ready or not, unless you have extenuating issues that make you not want to go national under any circumstances. So I don’t blame her for taking FNC’s offer. But unless FNC is very careful with how it utilizes her, there’s going to come a time where she gets exposed for her lack of experience on live TV. That’s something that’s happened to a lot of fast tracked talent.

          • Okay.

            But let’s not overlook Roger Ailes’ uncanny ability (and to a lesser extent Britt Hume’s — who recommended MK to Roger) to spot a diamond in the rough like Megyn Kelly who had only worked for ABC affiliate WJLA-TV for about a year before hiring her.

          • You’d need to cite 20 Friels to counter one Megyn, and I’ll cite you the inexplicably successful Matt Lauer, Leslie Stahl, Gwen Ifill, Katie Couric….

          • No I wouldn’t. Kelly was the exception and not the rule. As for the others…well they weren’t on FNC so they don’t really count since we’re only talking about that network. I will say that Lauer did pay his dues on NY TV and worked his way up to the main seat on Today. And he’s stuck because, with the exception of that period during the Ann Curry fiasco, the audience liked him and trusted him. Am I fan? Not really. But I’m not a fan of broadcast network morning TV in the first place.

          • Lauder does count. When the currency of the realm is mediocrity, don’t act as though a pretty news reader such as Friel is some Fox specific aberration that mitigates the coinage of Ailes’ genius.

          • Things have worked out well for Courtney. She’s a weekend anchor at an LA station. I always thought Ailes mishandled her and tried to make her into something she wasn’t. Anna Kooman is what Ailes wanted Courtney to be.

          • Kiran Chetry never got another job in TV news after leaving CNN and is now out of the business. I’d say Courtney is doing OK.

          • Abby Huntsman interned at CBS News in Washington, D.C. Her first day on the unpaid job was the day the U.S. Capitol reopened to tours after 9/11, and she was sent to interview people waiting to visit the building.

            “I had never done any of this before and I was scared out of my mind,” Huntsman said with a laugh. “So I went and just put the mic in people’s faces. I don’t even remember what I asked.

            “I remember it being on the news that night. I will never forget the feeling. That was so cool. It was so fun to be there where the action was and to be able to ask the questions.”

            “You could see it step by step coming out in her — a real desire to learn more about the media to get experience,” Jon Huntsman said.

            There’s more here.

          • Jon Huntsman is the reason that I don’t care for her. Were her name Abby Furd, I seriously doubt that she would be on national TV.

          • I agree about that last point. But the first point is…stupid. You should never disqualify someone based on their family history. You should evaluate them solely on what they have done.

          • I wasn’t saying she should be disqualified on her family history, I was saying that I suspect that she was jumped other others because of who she is.

          • I suspect there’s some sort of Ailes/Huntsman connection. If you read Zev Chaffets’ Ailes bio, you’d be surprised just how many talents that are regulars on FNC had an Ailes connection prior to their being employed by the network.

          • Ok…so that was around 14 years ago and she was around 16. What about the intervening years? She hasn’t shown a track record of one who wanted this career. There’s a huge difference being brought on to give your opinion and going out and reporting the news.

          • And your NOT qualified posts and needing to start at the bottom and spend “5-10 years” about Chelsea Clinton or Mika B. are posted where on your site, Spud?

          • Chelsea Clinton is the perfect example of a totally unqualified politician’s kid being hired by a major network.

          • I ripped NBC for hiring Clinton and cited every article that was written trashing NBC for hiring her (and Jenna Bush Hager) simply because they were the siblings of famous political people. I ripped MSNBC repeatedly for hiring Ronan Farrow. I’ve never been a fan of Mika but at one time she did have a journalism rep…back before she became a shrill lib on Morning Joe. I don’t bother with her now, just like I don’t bother with Fox and Friends…unless the violation is so egregious it just cannot be ignored.

        • I am not disagreeing, but one of the knocks on Elisabeth was that she was not particularly knowledgeable about politics and mocked in some quarters (perhaps mostly by liberals) for always having her trusty tablet computer in her lap.

          I would think Roger and his lieutenants might weigh this in naming a replacement.

          I see Abby as a step up in that area. She appeared as a political commentator for ABC News in Washington, D.C., and Good Morning America in New York City.

          I could be wrong, but of the names mentioned so far no one has a Political Science degree AFAIK. Martha MacCallum does and she’s certainly well qualified. But I agree with others that given F&F’s struggles with the demo ratings they are likely looking for someone younger.

          • Book smart is one thing. That means she learned well from liberal academics at UPenn. As time goes on, in my old age, I am less inclined to think an elite education doesn’t always serve the public well.

          • You can’t use Hasselbeck as an example because FNC by its own repeated statements (or cop outs depending on who you listen to) says that Fox and Friends is not a news show. So the theory, and therefore the wiggle room, is you don’t have to have that background. I don’t agree and I don’t disagree. It is what it is. But I do draw a line between Fox and Friends and the rest of FNC’s news operation because FNC itself does.

        • Golly, for once I agree with Spyd. She is not ready for the morning show. I watched yesterday for a while and I DID see her opine yesterday. There are so many other people on Fox who are way more qualified than this girl.

  2. Not even Christmas stops twitter stooges from complaining about Fox News even about the shows that were taped…….laughing stocks!

    • I looked. I notice today’s attack on Harris is because she referred to Obama as a ‘lame duck’. When using the phrase ‘lame duck’ becomes something to pillory Harris Faulkner over, they’re truly scraping the bottom of the smear barrel.

        • Well they claim to be media watchers and dont know what “exclusive” means so I would guess “lame duck” would be out of the question.

          How full of hate do you have to be to think lame duck is a insult…….like I said laughing stocks.

      • Using the phrase “Lame duck” was not an insult I know what it means.

        It was more about the joke made leading up to using it that showed a bias.

        In the segment tease she said, “How do you all feel about duck? Do you like duck? Some people are having duck today. Not this kind. He maybe a lame
        duck but the President has a lot he wants to do in his last year, so we’ve

        Then in the segment she jokes, What is a side dish for lame duck exactly? Oh it’s
        executive pen.’ “it’s executive pen next to potatoes.“

        Plus her line, “In fact as citizens can we add to his to do list? Are we allowed to do that?”.

        If you believe Harris showed no bias in that segment fine but I disagree.

        • Yes, the bias is obvious. And way worse than the small talk involved in other segments. You can tell how obvious the bias is from the outraged write-ups this segment got from Media Matters, Think Progress, Mediaite…oh wait, my mistake. No website wanted to embarrass itself by writing an ‘exposé’ of this egregious bias regarding…lame ducks? Bad puns? I’m sure there’s something in there somewhere. But if you can’t convince Salon or Raw Story or any of the usual suspects that this is some horrible bias by Harris “the hater” Faulkner, that says it all.

          • Lame duck is a standard term for presidents in their last year.

            How does a lame duck president accomplish what is a pretty extensive wish list for a lame duck?

            Executive order.

            Yeah, the worst you can criticise Faulkner for here is excruciatingly bad allegory.

            For “executive pen next to the potatoes” we should do that wholeheartedly and with extreme prejudice.

    • Neither rain, nor snow nor gloom of an uncelebrated holiday stops Fox haters from making their self appointed rounds.

  3. I guess this is our (unwitting) Christmas present to you Johnny.

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    15 discussing cable news….yes, I said cable news. 🙂

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