Christmas Eve Links and Open Thread

  • The Honeymooners: ‘Twas
  • Gregg Jarrett zings Trump again.  Joe’s crib is up for sale.
  • TCG: No taunting, just good wishes, in Fox News 2015 holiday cards.
  • Kirsten Powers: How becoming a Christian ruined my love of Christmas.
  • Suspended FNC contributor returns.  CNN security guard shot and killed.
  • FNC Christmas/weekend specials.  CNN  An
  • Johnny Dollar:  The Nick Shurn Matter

8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Links and Open Thread”

  1. Whether it’s the cartoonist taking potshots at Cruz via his kids or sexist quips about female public personages, the excuse the moral colossus class gives is dumber than a boxcar full of rocks:

    Cruz green lighted it by having the temerity to include his kids in a Christmas themed campaign ad.

    Female journalists/candidates ask for by the way they look or by simply being in the limelight in the first place.

    These actions are wrong whether the target is a public or private person, and no matter what point you are making.

    Make up your mind whether you really believe it, stick to it when it’s your ox that’s being gored, and spare the rest of us your moronic dissembling.

  2. Re: Joe’s crib is up for sale
    Interesting similarities and contrasts:

    Joe Scarborough’s Home
    Location – New Canaan, CT
    5 beds 6 baths 7,551 sqft
    Purchased – 3/24/11 for $4.6M
    Selling for $4.8M
    Zestimate $4.1M and virtual tour

    Elisabeth’s and Tim Hasselbeck’s Home
    Location – Greenwich, CT
    7 beds 8 baths 7,605 sqft
    Purchased – 06/01/12 for $4.2M
    Selling for $4.8M (listing was apparently removed in September)
    Zestimate $4.8M & virtual tour

    • Hasselbeck’s listing was removed in September? Interesting timing implications. Perhaps there was some thought of moving to NYC that became unnecessary when the decision was made (by whomever) for her to leave F&F.

  3. FOX News doesn’t have a Christmas Special this year where all the anchors wear ugly sweaters lol? I checked the listings & saw none

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