Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Shannon Bream-The Five-Eric O’Bolling 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: The Washington Post attacks Ted Cruz children.
  • Jake Tapper’s tips on how to survive covering a Presidential campaign.
  • Stacey Dash files police report.  Jury trial set in FNC 9/11 photos case.
  • Hogue: Elisabeth’s tearful farewell.   200,000+.   Stan Freberg:
  • Profiles: Jesse Watters, Brooke Baldwin (v/TVN).  Greg Burke promoted.
  • From Cronkite to Blitzer: TV newsers are a Hollywood casting obsession.
  • Do the media have a Trump/Hillary double standard on ’embellishments’?
  • Rand Paul tells Kilmeade he will not participate in an ‘undercard’ debate.
  • Fox Biz sets criteria: next GOP debate could be limited to six participants.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Nick Shurn Matter

33 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Who remembers how Stan Freberg’s son was able to compile a report on “space”? Hint: Jimminy Cricket could teach you how to spell it.

  2. Cable Ratings 2015: Fox News Rides Donald Trump Almost to Top, Discovery And AMC Rise, A&E And MTV Down
    For most cable networks in the pre-election year—a time where news networks always see generous bumps—there were dips and declines, with even top dog ESPN down about 7 percent in prime time to 2.12 million viewers. However, based on ratings data as of Dec. 20, Fox News Channel, Discovery Channel, HGTV and AMC saw upticks in 2015, with Fox News rising 4 percent in prime time from 2014 to finish second overall behind ESPN—a first for Fox News, a first for any news net, and a nice pre-20th anniversary present for the Roger Ailes-run channel. (Deadline)

      • Actually, their argument is that FNC initially pumped Trump in order to cynically foment election process drama and created a monster in the process.

          • I’m replying to Larry’s formulation of Fox riding Trump to the top.

            Are you asking me for evidence of that?

          • Not really. I suppose my question was rhetorical, because this ever-popular claim about Fox and Trump is one for which little evidence exists that I have ever seen. It’s a made-up meme (all the best ones are) designed to advance a predetermined purpose. Just as now there are two mutually exclusive memes about Fox’s current Trump coverage: that they’re ‘in the tank’ for Trump, vs that they’re trying to scuttle his campaign. Each side can cite some nugget of anecdotal evidence (despite its not being probative) but neither can make a case for what is their essentially made-up meme.

          • I took Larry’s comment as a quote from the article he was linking to. And the article doesn’t claim that Fox News ‘created’ Trump or was responsible for his campaign taking off. I took the article’s headline to reflect that increased interest in Trump helped drive FNC’s ratings, i.e. FNC was a beneficiary of the Trump surge not the creator of it. Your comment however correctly cited what is a popular (though dubious) theory in some corners about Fox in effect ‘creating’ Trump and his popularity. I wasn’t intending to challenge either you or Mr Larry but rather the fanciful theory referenced.

          • I doubt anyone thinks that Fox News went searching for a Trump, found him, groomed him, and then went on from there.

            The meme is that Trump launched his candidacy, he struck a nerve in both the establishment press and in working class conservatives (for different reasons) and Fox from jump, saw that dynamic and gave him legitimacy by taking him seriously.

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