Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Debate over
  • Pierce: This is what MSNBC considers ‘hard news‘.
  • Monday’s numbers: Eric O’Bolling-Bret Baier-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Friday’s numbers: The Five-Bret Baier-O’Bolling Factor 1-2-3.
  • Sunday: Media Buzz bests Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Outnumbered video: Did Trump bathroom comments
  • Borchers: Maybe MSNBC’s Trump documentary won’t be horrible.
  • F&F videos:  Elisabeth’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  • Kelly File video: discuss Obama’s media complaints.
  • Lafayette: FNC rates higher in live viewing than any news channel ever.
  • Husband: New Day still a distant second, but doing better than Morning Joe.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Nick Shurn Matter

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The MSNBC definition of “hard news” kind of reminds me of Chris Griffin’s definition of “hard gas.”

  2. Elisabeth received a MUCH nicer sendoff than Gretchen did. Here’s hoping Ainsley gets the job when she returns from maternity leave.

  3. So glad to see Obama make that 40 foot putt on CBS THIS MORNING and watch him ham it up. So did the anchors as they just had to show it twice. Not a word of the six soldiers he sent to Afganistan gettin blown to bits two days ago.

    I’ve noticed that Major Garrett who was impossible to discern bias in his long stay at FOX is pretty transparent now he is at CBS. I think it’s because he really, really hates Trump.

    • As I understand it he’s going to be on for the countdown for about 15 minutes. 14 minutes too many for some. I wonder if this is why they chose Bolling and Guilfoyle to co-host NYE. I thought it an odd coupling when it was announced, but if the goal was to get Trump to make an appearance, that might explain it.

    • And he is presently getting hammered by Greg Gutfeld on The Five for defending Donald Trump’s disgusting rhetoric. Trumpsplaining. Bolling touchy on the subject.

    • Did you see the number of Twitter users who just discovered they had been blocked by Bolling in the past and couldn’t access his Twitter feed?

      I was one of them and I’ve never been blocked by anyone. Some claimed they only made one or two mild criticisms and stated for obvious reasons that, “He’s as thin-skinned as his idol Donald Trump.”

      I found it all kind of funny…and revelatory of course. Plus I have a backup Twitter account I haven’t used in months to gain access to what all the fuss is about.

      • It’s hilarious how thin skinned Bolling can be.
        Joe (Mediaite) is a “Bolling Mini-Me”, he’s as thin skinned or worse than Bolling.

        Bolling isn’t even bright enough to just “mute”.

        Bolling actually blocked me for pointing out how all the # nonsense was doing nothing for #CashinIn’s ratings. He flipped out cause he feared his fans would catch on and quit spamming #CashinIn for hours on Saturdays. That was before he switched to the even more worthless… #WakeUpAmerica. He brags about that stuff etc… even mentioned it to TRUMP. Yet, CashinIn loses to all the other COFB shows. Heck, this week it got beat by #BullsAndBears by around 550,000 viewers.

  4. Re: “Missing Dick Clark”: Me, too. Assuming Kathy Griffin is co-hosting again on CNN, having Trump on FNC must be a way to fight bombast with bombast.

    • I am so old that I fondly remember Guy Lombardo. It just doesn’t seem like New Year’s Eve without him.

      • Guy Lombardo did a short bit on Laugh-In. I remember it in its entirety:
        “When I die, I’m taking New Year’s with me.”
        On new year’s eve I post the Ellery Queen episode with Guy Lombardo playing himself….and Auld Lang Syne.

          • If I recall correctly the series was set to be in 1947 so the NYE episode (which was the first episode) was set on NYE 1946…which would be ten days or so after I came upon the scene in real life. Why am I talking about how ancient I am? Enough of this!

    • Per the flood of commercials Griffin and Coop are now doing about “full mouth kissing” your assumption is correct… and yuck!

  5. Did anyone catch Abby Huntsman anchoring the 9:00 AM FNC show? Hard to understand why she was hired in the first place. What exactly does a rookie anchor add to the channel? Lots of on the job training for her, as she is not very polished.

  6. Re: Elisabeth Hasselbeck signs off
    Hope for her sake that this was truly a voluntary departure after only two years on the job.

    But color me skeptical. (ducking to avoid darts coming my way)

    Especially with the yearly Nielsen report yesterday that F&F’s demo ratings have really suffered.


    If she doesn’t get hired by another show – cable or podcast – in the next few months, I think all of us skeptics should accept that more than likely it was voluntary after all.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 highlights reel
    4 signs off
    3 a distant second
    2 higher in live viewing
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 This is what MSNBC considers ‘hard news’.

  8. “Don, it’s gonna take a lot more for me to get upset at a woman who enabled a guy who turned the Oval Office into a frat house and his intern into a humidor,”
    And then Lemon cut the segment short.

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