Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Howard Kurtz with Trump
  • Reliable Sources videos: Anonymous sources, Obama, Bernie Sanders.
  • ‘Shameless’ MSNBC to air Chris Matthews-hosted Trump ‘documentary’.
  • Fox & Friends video: Anna Kooiman  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: Laura the
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The pt one.  Richard Lui at UoG.

60 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • SNL’s ‘Carly’ impersonator:
      “You wanna talk about Putin. I know Vladimir Putin personally. I sold him an HP printer and now he hates my guts. It doesn’t work…it never worked.”

      Now that’s some funny stuff. Especially for those of us who have not always had a satisfactory experience with their printers and over-priced cartridges…and get the joke.

          • You’re too nuanced for me CC.

            I was a math major. More into calculus and differential equations than the nuances of language — especially puns and sarcasm.

            I have no idea what you mean.

            Now if you come right out and say you are a Fiorina fan and didn’t appreciate the sketch, that I would understand without even using Google. 😊

          • have you read “the Human Use of Human Beings” by Physicist Norbert Wiener? whether Rhetoricians, Social Psychologists, Linguists or Novelists we have always known since Socrates that humans process Factor Analysis mathematically. our variable parameters work just like a SAM 7. no other way to be able to live in jibberkazillion variable world. chart it man.

          • Norbert wiener won the nobel prize for developing the field of cybernetics. the math expression of plotting multiple changing variables. then wrote a book equating the physics with the human mind. like music, figures of speech and thought are expressed mathematically. so no excuses for the literary out.

          • Among the three sides of a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. I learned that watching THE WIZARD OF OZ.

  1. You know Fox just cant win with the twitter stooges..they were upset that Fox news used what they thought was a bad unkind photo of Debbie Wasserman Schultz last night.

    But guess what, turns out its DWS own photo from her congressional web page.

    Thats right her OFFICIAL photo….How dare Fox do that! I demand a boycott!! LOL! Laughing stocks!

    • Now DWS is being harshly criticized by many on the left as well for how she handled the Bernie Sanders campaign flap. Rightfully so I might add.

      I sometimes wonder why these particular DNC and RNC chairpersons — like DWS, Reince Priebus and Michael Steele before him — are chosen.

      They all seem rather mild mannered and ‘wimpy’ at times like they’re there mostly to keep the peace and not so much to be strong aggressive defenders of their party during TV appearances.

      Reminds me of Roger Goodell’s role as NFL Commissioner — be a lacky for the NFL owners.

      Oh well.

    • Turns out its Fox News fault that DWS decided to use a low res pic on her OFFICIAL web page instead of a high one…….who does that anyway is this 1997 and everyone on 56K modems? Tax payers are paying for it why would she care?

      Its always Fox’s fault even when all they do is use a pic provided by someone……….laughing stocks.

        • Oh yea I forgot the photo the stooges compared to was wait for it……Shawn Spicer photo…which they got off his web page….which he was smart enough to use a high res photo…….Fox was just being fair and balanced which of course drives the stooges NUTS!

          As for DWS I think she been the worst chair of my party maybe in my life time and should have been fired last year after the loses……but I try not to ever talk about a woman’s looks.

          • I just find it ironic if people here who have complained about personal attacks on the appearance of FOX news talent have no problem with attacks on the appearance of DWS.

          • When I saw the comment count just now I figured something out of the ordinary had happened here. All I can say is we value robust debate and exchange of views and hope all parties do so without name calling and the like.

            I don’t know how DWS’s looks became an issue, but while some may take umbrage at that, I’ve seen everything from Kim Guilfoyle called stupid because of how her face looks, to Megyn Kelly called skanky amidst claims that she got her job at Fox by sleeping with Brit Hume (as noted here). Call me crazy, but that smear strikes me as far more vile than just making fun of somebody’s looks. I know I wouldn’t allow that kind of smear at this site, nor would I write for a site that does. YMMV.

          • I shouldn’t have brought it up. I was trying to be funny. That said, I would never consider commenting on someone’s sex life, or, even worse, smearing someone like was done to Megyn Kelly. I’ll leave that garbage to the psychos that infest other forums.

          • The liberal “high-grounders” are the champs at mocking appearance. Be that Carly Fiororia, Linda Trip, Katerine Harris, or Michele Backmann, the phony outrage of the likes of the Iceberg knows only enemies.

          • My comment was simply that the photo of Debbie Wasserman Schultz was low resolution and had heavy digital compression while the photo of Sean Spicer was not.

            I was not complaining about the choice of photo as I am aware that is her official press photo.

            You are incorrect to suggest that FOX used the low resolution photo because that’s all there is on her web page.
            Go to Biography section of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s website the link is there to “Download high-resolution official photograph “.

          • They used the photo from her OFFICIAL page…..just like they did with the other guy….the didn’t down load his photo they just took it off his web page…….Look I get it you need to make stuff up to complain about…..we get that…..but Fox treated them EXACTLY the same…………its not #1 Fox News fault that for some crazy reason DWS uses a low Res photo as her official photo.

            Put the #1 Fox News hate down and you could see treating them the same is fair….but we know you cant do that because “Fox”……..and the game and all.

          • Do you have any idea how production of a TV show works?
            You don’t just go to the home page and save whatever photo is there.

            There usually is a link on the website for a place where the media can download or request photos for use in print and TV. That is the case with DWS.

          • “Do you have any idea how production of a TV show works? You don’t just go to the home page and save whatever photo is there.”

            And yet thats just what they did FOR BOTH PEOPLE! So once again maybe its YOU once again who has no clue about how a TV show works.

            Sorry but I wont take “how TV works” advice form someone who doesn’t understand hard breaks and what exclusive means….take you crazy somewhere else and let the adults talk.

            #1 Fox news treated them both exactly the same….you know fair and balanced!

            As always!

          • If that’s what they did for both people how come the photo for
            Sean Spicer is not the same low quality as DWS as both have small photos on their homepages?

            I’m well aware what hard break are and what exclusive means.

          • Look at Spicers page photo its the same photo and high res….its not #1 Fox News fault that DWS choice to use a low res OFFICIAL photo…….but I love that a newshound BS’ser…..opps writer thinks that Fox should treat people differently.

            IMHO I would think that News Networks would just have stock photos of VIP’s in the computer…..but in this case they just used the photos the guests wanted to have on there web pages….seems fair and balanced to me.

            No you dont understand either as you twitter feed has shown many times……..now im done with you if you are just going to lie all night.

  2. Why doesnt the DNC just air their debates at 3am as a Saturday morning infomercial so they can be even less likely to be noticed?

  3. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Richard Lui
    4 suspensions
    3 preview
    2 Laura Ingraham
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Fox & Friends video: Anna Kooiman gets her kicks.

  4. Watched both of last weeks debates today….got to say that the mods on CNN did a much better job…….they ABC mods lost control to much. Neither changed my mind one bit….Sanders all the way!

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