Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Visiting Newshounds is like a tour of a state psychiatric hospital. They live in an alternate reality.

    • I don’t read Newshounds. I looked a couple of times and thought, “This is trash”. Never been back. There are plenty of well written/commented blogs on the web. No need to wade in the muck.

      • I only look at links about the Dog Pound posted here. But it is nice to see that the Stooges are still fighting mental health one tweet at a time.

      • You can add Buzzfeed, Salon, Gateway Pundit, the comment section at Ace of Spades (blog is good), Mediaite, the comment section of The Daily Howler (the blog is great), and the comment section of NewsBusters, as bad neighborhoods that will actually lower your IQ and your standards.

        • the comment section of the Ace of Spades HQ blog is 2 things. One of the best places in the entire online universe and not for the weak. Andrew Breitbart loved both the blog and the comments section, and the comments has always been its main draw for me.

  2. The knives have finally come out, dontcha think?

    First El Rushbo, then the Daily Caller, now Mark Levin — none of these are hardly establishment Republicans. Of course, this all comes on the heels of very harsh criticism of Trump by nearly all of the panelists on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday.

    More popcorn please.

  3. “Jury tells judge they’re deadlocked; Judge sends jurors back to deliberate more.”

    Love ’em or hate ’em, it appears Geraldo Rivera may have gotten another trial verdict right regarding the trial of Officer William Porter.

    (Remember when he was correct in his minority view that Michael Jackson would be acquitted? Personally, I thought he was doing Tequila shooters,)

    I know the jury has only been deadlocked after deliberating for nine hours over two days. But this doesn’t look good for the prosecution at this point. I suspect we all know the difficulty convicting a cop.

    • Looking at what they say he did and just the limited stuff Ive seen of the defense…Id say it wasnt that had to see he probably wouldn’t be convicted of the biggest charge……I doubt any non-biased lawyer would thinks so for this guy….I hope the case is better on the others.

      To be honest though i really thought he would be found guilty so the city wouldn’t burn…..but thats not how the law should work.

  4. Hey J$…one of your twitter comments sent me to the old J$ site so looked to see how long Ive been hanging out here just for fun….Ive got to say J$ this site looks like a million times better than the old site.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 What happens when the war on Fox News turns personal.

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