Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Media Laura
  • Reliable Sources videos: Playing no-Trump, the next debate, Wolf Blitzer.
  • TCG: How to lie about Fox News, in one easy lesson.  Sunday talkers.
  • Bump: Do CNN’s complex debate rules stack the deck for moderates?
  • Shep Smith remembers Joe Moore.  Weekend special: Sex and College.
  • Will Amazon buy MSNBC?  Authorship of column shrouded in mystery.
  • MSNBC program host will hold his own Democratic Presidential forum.
  • Your Buzz videos: Trump gun gun

40 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. The WaPo article is stupid. I am actually happy that someone is using early state polling as a criteria for making the main debate stage. While everyone gets all bent out of shape about national polls, it’s truly about the early states setting the momentum. The WaPo knows that. They just feel the need to criticize.

  2. CBS SATURDAY MORNING today was so impressed by the “historic” Paris climate change agreement that they didn’t report on it until six stories into the program. “In other news, they saved the planet last night, moving on, a man with three buttocks”.

    • IMHO they spend their time seeing who can come up with the biggest lie without being caught. I get that mistakes can happen……..but at the rate the hounds and stooges do them…….they cant be anything other than done on purpose lies. It has to be a game for them.

      Who in their right mind would watch a TV News Network they HATE and talk about whats on it EVERY day….and then spend time making stuff up? It has to be some kind of game for people without lives.

      • It is a psychological disorder. A normal mind doesn’t function in that manner. They don’t see it as a game, but a life mission to right what they see as wrongs. They don’t see it as making things up, they see it as they being the only ones to see the secret code words.

          • You are talking generically about people but it’s pretty obvious who you are referring to since the post by Gaxter you responded to was in part about me.

          • So, if someone talks generically about people, they are talking about you? We were both referring to Newshounds, not you. Not everything is about you.

          • If you say the response was not about me then fine. You have right to express you opinion.

            The second comment from Gaxter was about a tweet I made about coverage of Obama’s singing of the The Every Student Succeeds Act.
            That’s why I responded to him.

        • Well yea I know that….I caught one of the stooges just this week saying that Fox didn’t cover something I watched them showing..no way they could have missed them showing it…..J$ caught them doing it many times over the years……but they do watch some and I noticed that there biggest targets are women of color and anybody who doesn’t hate Trump.

          It just seems to me that they have come up with a game on who can tell the most outrageous lie about Fox. I just dont understand why a person who hates any TV channel would watch it at all let alone post about it all day…..and lie about it.

          • I really don’t understand your obsession with the comments I and others make on twitter.

            You are still wrong. When I checked cable news channels with in 30 seconds of each other only MSNBC was showing Obama. CNN and FNC were not showing him so it was an accurate comment.

            I don’t personal attack about you or the others here yet it seems to be allowed for you and others to personally attack me here.

          • I really dont have a problem with your comments….its the LIES I dont care for….considering I only post about you a few times a month……how can it be a obsession…..which is rich coming from someone obsessed with the Fox News women of color.

            You are lying……..you know it but cant seem to ever admit you are wrong….you have been caught before doing it and its always….”well not when I watched”……its BS. Funny how you always just miss Fox covering something.

            As for personal attacks…….considering how you attack people and Fox Hosts….you cant be real.

          • Again, I checked MSNBC, CNN and FNC within 30 seconds. Only MSNBC was showing Obama.
            My comment about who was covering Obama’s event at that time was 100% correct. I never said FOX never covered it. I said at that time of the tweet only MSNBC was showing Obama which is correct.

            The being obsessed with women of color statement is bizarre makes no sense.

            I’ve criticized Harris for being being pro Trump and anti Hillary because FOX still uses her as a news anchor even though she regularly gives her opinions on Outnumbered. Color has nothing to do with it.

            What other “woman of color” am I always complaining about?
            My comments on cable news talent have nothing to do with race.

            Criticizing people on cable news for what they say is not personal attacks.

          • You’re free to criticize anyone you like, but I have an opinion too. I doubt you have any idea what Harris’s position is on, oh, let’s say immigration reform, or contraception, or tax reform. If you can’t lay out what her positions are, I have even less confidence that you an see that she’s ‘pro Trump’ or ‘anti Hillary’. I saw the other day where you were challenged on that point and you completely ignored and avoided that question. It ought to be simple to document Harris saying how she loves Trump or hates Hillary, yet somehow that never happens. It’s always “she’s praising Trump again” and when you look closely she’s saying something like his poll numbers are up. Pro tip: reporters reporting a politician is doing well means reporters are doing their job. It doesn’t mean they want to join the guy’s campaign staff. And reporters who don’t attack Trump aren’t automatically ‘Trump fans’. Some of them actually don’t think it’s their place to attack candidates and take positions. Just my two cents. Now I’m overdue for tonight’s Quantico. Looks like it’s going to be a real stink-fest.

          • “It ought to be simple to document Harris saying how she loves Trump or hates Hillary, yet somehow that never happens.”

            In previewing segments about Hillary Clinton Harris has regularly made snarky comments which I have noted.
            Like the time she quipped “Handel your scandal honey.” when doing an intro to a segment about the e-mail server.

            She also has no problem giving negative opinions about Clinton during those segments.

            When has Harris ever said anything snarky in the intro to a segment about Trump or given a personal opinion that was negative about Trump?

            Going back to when Trump insulted McCain Harris has chosen to not criticize him while not giving Clinton the same treatment.

            That’s just my opinion.

          • “handle your scandal”
            Yup, you got me. I’m convinced. She’s a Trump fan for sure.
            Thanks for clearing that up. You can tell from “handle your scandal” that she hates Hillary.

            I mean, sometimes people need to take a step back and just listen to themselves. Maybe get a little perspective.

          • It’s more than just that one line. She has made many snarky comments about Hillary and none about Trump.

            If you don’t think Harris has a bias fine. I do and that’s my opinion.

          • I think Harris along with Dana are the class of Fox News.

            But I do agree with Ezra Klein who noted in a column for Vox that Harris seemed to defend Trump after he insulted McCain.

            According to Klein, “Harris Faulkner said, ‘McCain is not admitting that he kind of started this whole thing’.”

            I can understand where that statement might seem strange to those who are not Trump supporters.

          • No gushing CC.

            Just acknowledging that they exhibit a certain amount of civility and dignity.

            If I am going to gush about well known women, it’s going to be Adele and the new gal on Saturday Night Live — Kate McKinnon.

          • I looked back at your posts to make sure I wasn’t being unfair…….by far your top three targets are Harris. Kelly and Pirro….2 of them just happen to be women of color.

            sorry but you have record of saying Fox News isn’t showing something and when called on your lie….its always the same “well not when I checked”…….once is a mistake…twice maybe….but you have a record.

            You been “criticizing” Harris long before Trump entered the race so that is another lie.

            Criticizing people on twitter for what they say ( “lie about”) is not a personal attack.

          • Here’s another theory. I’ve criticized Harris, Kelly and Pirro because of what they have said and two of the three seeming to show a bias.
            You are totally wrong if you think color has anything do with it.

          • Yea because Harris, Kelly and Pirro have the most bias on Fox….ever heard of SH or BO? I bet the Muslims will vote for you to right?…Oops sorry wrong bigot.

            You just happen to post more posts about them than any others…..which stooge was it that said Kelly was the most bias on any News network…I mean come on Al Sharpton anyone???

            “Am I not allowed to have opinions on news anchors?”

            Sure….LIE about them NO!!…..dont lie and you will never see me post anything about you…….you are not even on my radar….I just happen to see your lies every so often and point them out if I feel like it…….I see many but only post rarely because unlike some I have a life.

            Just try telling the TRUTH about Fox News….oh wait if you did you wouldn’t have anything to post about. That would kill the game now wouldn’t it?

          • Cant comment on Media Matters….seen a lot of lies from them back when J$ did that weekly lies thing but proud to say I dont go there or news busters for that matter……as for media-lite I wouldn’t say they lie about Fox…always seemed fair to me….except for the opinion pieces……but that what I expect……they dont regularly LIE about Fox…..you and the hounds do. Its really that simple.

            See you can post about Fox News and tell the truth….well it seems you cant but most people can…..you should try it some time.

          • If you say Fox News is not showing something and they are….thats a LIE in the real world………if you do that more than once its a repeated LIE……just stop posting LIES ICE….its not your opinion fox isnt showing something it either a fact or a LIE….in your case it turn out to be a LIE often….and that sir is a FACT!

            Now run back to you safe zone and leave the adults to talk.

          • Harris is a Conservative & not a Liberal is my guess why she has negative things to say about Hillary than Trump =)

            Trump is probably not everyones 1st choice but he is still better than Hillary, that’s why he doesn’t get attacked is my guess

    • I agree but neither FishbowlDC nor Orlando Sentinel published a rundown this weekend. All three sources use basically the same info, and it’s the most detailed listing I’ve seen for the Sunday shows. the LAT is Plan C when the other two drop the ball.

      • My main complaint about the LA Times version is that it has too much information. I really don’t care about all the entertainment programs for the weekend.

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