Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Somerby: Rachel Maddow comment exposes her political cluelessness.
  • Dylan Byers vs Howard Kurtz on ‘impartial’ journalists now taking sides.
  • Radio on video: When happened when four Fox Newsers
  • Maloney: Boston columnist calls for CNN to ban Trump from next debate.
  • Power 100: Megyn Kelly a standout newswoman in volatile political times.
  • Video: Soon-to-be-MSNBC show of Trump.
  • Martha MacCallum doc: how a rush to show concern ‘leaves lives in tatters‘.
  • Sherrod Small to co-host FNC New Year’s Eve.  Juliet Huddy’s rough return.

26 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Maloney: Boston columnist calls for CNN to ban Trump from next debate.
    i cannot stand trump, but to ban him and not defeat him is the height of stupidity. it is typical left to ban ideology with the threat of sentencing violators to the Gulag. crazy? be interested in how many university students are expelled annually for verbalizing banned speech.

    • I thought it would have been smart of CNN, when Trump wanted them to donate 5 million or he wouldn’t appear at the debate, to donate 5 million if he would NOT appear at the debate.

      • curious as to when we get to the discussion of unfunded liability and other actually important issues. hint immigration is a red herring.

      • Oh noooo…. can’t do that. That would be mean and hurt Donald Dump’s precious feelings. He’s the only candidate in the history of political campaigns whose feelings must be respected while he calls everyone stupid and losers.

  2. Last night’s Bloomberg Media program “With All Due Respect,” hosted by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann gave praise to Shep and Megyn for their recent shows on Trump. Particularly Shep. The more liberal of the two, Heilermann, begrudgingly admitted that “Fox is not a complete conservative monolith”.

    • Hey, they’re anything if not fair…are they not?

      Trump could have avoided all the brouhaha over immigration policy that excludes an entire religion if he’d done it the liberal way via making any nod to religious precepts over science forbidden.

      There could be questions that exclude people from entering the country that are similar to the ones meant to weed out icky religious freaks in presidential debates.

      Ask immigration candidates if they believe in evolution. How old do they think the earth is? Does life begin at conception? Is global warming a fact or will doomsday come via an Armageddon? Are you for home schooling?

      Someone who truly understands “the art of the deal” would have known how to speak the language of exclusion in the socially acceptable way of our oh-so-open-minded tribal overlords.

      • Oh, I think he knows what he’s doing. The deal right now is winning 2 of the first three primaries and polls show an appetite of those voters that may get him his goal. Then, I think he believes that he is enough of a salesman to pivot and make nice. His life’s experience has taught him he can.

    • I don’t think anyone knows what’s going to happen on NYE. Last year’s show was kind of a mess, like they were trying to do The Five in Times Square, so other than Sherrod I have no idea who will be on this year’s show or what the format will be.

  3. Hint to disgraced twitter stooge…….if you say Fox isn’t showing Obama signing a bill…….maybe take the time to check Fox News to see if they are……….BTW: they did and the Christmas joke was lame.

      • As this has been shown so many times, the only thing that’s sure is that the scoundrel has no shame. None.

      • I love hater logic…..point out a clear lie that shows up in your twitter feed…means you are a stalker …………watch a TV News network you hate all day and post about it…perfectly normal.

        As I’ve said dont lie about something and I say almost nothing…..lie and I point it out when I see it…………If Fox News is so bad….why is it necessary to lie about it so much?

  4. Re: “Video: Soon-to-be-MSNBC show praises Megyn Kelly’s coverage of Trump”: I gave up after the “Doocys, Hannitys, and Outnumbered crew” (or whatever he said) line.

  5. The pictures the networks have of the boyhood friend of killer Syed Rizwan Farook, the bespectacled former Walmart employee Enrique Marquez, are so goofy, I feel sorry they have nothing better.

  6. interesting i have been pumping wadr on bloomberg since it’s premier. just getting noticed here. beats the want to be with a stick.

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