Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: The revolt pro-life
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trumpmore TrumpTrump spoxMontel Williams.
  • Flashback: Salon bashes The Kelly File for prescient prediction; video.
  • MSNBC regrets rummaging through rooms, but Justin Peters loved it.
  • Is CNN making us less safe?  Wemple: What’s in a name?  Sunday talkers.
  • Your Buzz videos: Chris press Dana

41 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. re: ISIS prediction. not too hard. here let me try. w/in the next 6 mos there will be more than 20 attacks on civilians in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia by ISIS.

  2. Salon should check the date of the video on Kelly File. I believe it was about two weeks ago. He actually predicted the attack that occurred this week.

  3. Being back in Northeastern Ohio this week, I noticed the AJAM is now in HD on Time-Warner Cable. I don’t recall noticing that at the cabin on DirecTV. Resisting temptation, I end this comment.

  4. Will be interesting to see how the cable nets (as well as broadcast nets) handle the President’s address from the Oval Office. Isn’t CNN supposed to be airing the Heroes show tomorrow at 8 pm eastern time?

    Additionally, I wonder who will be anchoring.Will Shep come in on a Sunday? Will Chris Jansing be selected over BriWi for MSNBC?

  5. And in “Future News,” NY Daily News writer, Linda Stasi, chastised by all networks for disgusting comments regarding shooting victim.

  6. Wemple: I see a difference in crazy people looking for fame in their suicide from terrorists supported by groups outside the United States. We can’t protect ourselves from the former but have a chance from the latter.

    • The National Scold will be on this evening to tell us that this is all caused by climate change and people being allowed the right of self-defense. He will chastise the unwashed bitter clingers for even suggesting Islam had anything to do with it. He will end by reading a verse from the Koran and giving the finger to the camera.

  7. Fareed Zacopycat had an interview today with Suzan Rice taped Thursday night before the FBI even labeled the killings investigation as one of terrorism. I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.

  8. The weekend’s most popular links:
    5 video
    4 Justin Peters
    3 What’s in a name
    2 making us less safe
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Flashback: Salon bashes The Kelly File for prescient prediction.

    • Nothing new tonight from the peg. Kind of reminded me of me giving an oral book report when I never read the book. I was forced to stand up and say something and that I did.

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