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  1. once again, % w/out numbers. registering an official protest. sign in with up arrow sign down with the usual name calling. good thing i do not run for office.

  2. Guilfoyle could be good, but she needs to stop the whining. Gets annoying on the Five. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go after Tomi Lahren

  3. Here’s an outside-the-box pick: Harris Faulkner. She has shown she can host an opinion/news talk show with Outnumbered, and she would bring a little more journalistic gravitas to the couch, which they could really use. They could have someone like Julie R replace her on Outnumbered (they ought to have a liberal as a regular host), and Julie B takes Fox Report Sunday. Harris seems like a realistic option, given her growing presence on the channel…

  4. Just curious Johnny, how many people are voting multiple times? I only voted once, I’m an honest injun.

  5. What about Lindsay Lohan? Sure she sued them, but they can get past that. And who knows, it might sober her up. They could even call it “Fox & Freckles.”

  6. The poll has closed; the results as are listed above. As for the votes cast for ‘other’, here they are:

    Paul Begala, Kate Blanchette, Deirdre Bolton, Shannon Bream, Patti Anne Browne, Laurie Dhue, Melissa Francis, jehmu Greene, Megyn Kelly, Tomi Lahren, Jenna Lee, Rachel Maddow, Gavin McInnes, Joanna Nosuchinsky, Rosie O’Donnell, Jesse Watters (1 each)

    Brooke Baldwin, Julie Banderas, Jedediah Bila, Kiran Chetry, Andrea Tantaros, Kat Timpf (2)

    Juliet Huddy (3)

    E.D. Hill (4)

    Alisyn Camerota, Harris Faulkner (7)

    • Only one damn vote for Lily Langtry? And, who in the world voted for Paul Begala? Did Royal Clucker sneak back in? I am depressed.

    • Close to 500 votes then.

      I would call that a pretty decent response.

      Still a little surprised at approximately 125 votes for KG.

      Oh well. If we all agreed, it would be pretty boring.

          • i missed the “other” number but if it is there you cracked the phreaking proprietary nut. vivo el revolucion!! ho ho, i c now, jd screwed his proprietary “pooch” in his “other” post. well done comrades, well done. justice is served when we serfs have transparent data! congrats!

          • Pretty close. 502 to be exact. I knew someone could reverse engineer the totals when I gave the ‘other’ results in absolute numbers, but I didn’t think anyone would bother. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

          • Now that I’m awake… (and with a little help from MS Excel)…
            502 brings the individual vote totals very close to whole numbers. (within +/- 0.03) But it also brings “Other” to 53 votes.

            Enough math. It’s THANKSGIVING!! A happy day to all.

          • 53 is the correct total. I may have miscounted (the results are shown in a long chart broken up onto several pages) or not included one or two results that I deemed to be joke or nonexistent responses. Anyhow here’s all the pages of all the other votes in one long list for anyone who wants to double check for errors:

            Deirdre Bolton
            Yesterday, 12:06PM

            Kat Timpf
            Yesterday, 12:01PM

            EDIE HILL
            Yesterday, 10:20AM

            Kat Timpf
            Yesterday, 8:34AM

            Jedediah Bila
            Yesterday, 8:30AM

            Kate Blanchette
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 8:48PM

            Harris Faulkner
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 5:27PM

            Julie Banderas
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 3:39PM

            julie banderas
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 2:51PM

            Andrea Tantaros
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 10:28AM

            Alisyn Camerota
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 9:34AM

            Tuesday, Nov 24th 9:23AM

            Bring back Alyson Camarota
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 8:43AM

            Brooke Baldwin
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 8:39AM

            Tuesday, Nov 24th 6:26AM

            ED Hill
            Tuesday, Nov 24th 3:17AM

            Monday, Nov 23rd 11:45PM

            harris faulkner
            Monday, Nov 23rd 11:33PM

            Harris Faulkner
            Monday, Nov 23rd 10:48PM

            Monday, Nov 23rd 10:36PM

            jenna lee
            Monday, Nov 23rd 10:25PM

            Harris Faulkner
            Monday, Nov 23rd 10:22PM

            Juliet Huddy
            Monday, Nov 23rd 9:33PM

            Sandra Smith
            Monday, Nov 23rd 9:03PM

            Brooke baldwin

            Gavin McInnes
            Monday, Nov 23rd 7:16PM

            Kiran Chetry
            Monday, Nov 23rd 7:14PM

            juliet huddy
            Monday, Nov 23rd 7:00PM

            harris faulkner
            Monday, Nov 23rd 6:58PM

            Shannon Bream
            Monday, Nov 23rd 6:44PM

            Tomi Lahren
            Monday, Nov 23rd 6:01PM

            Paul Bedala
            Monday, Nov 23rd 5:59PM

            anyone else
            Monday, Nov 23rd 5:55PM

            Harris Faulker
            Monday, Nov 23rd 5:43PM

            Laurie Duhe
            Monday, Nov 23rd 5:39PM

            Jehmu Greene
            Monday, Nov 23rd 5:26PM

            dagen Mcdowel
            Monday, Nov 23rd 5:02PM

            Alisyn Camerota
            Monday, Nov 23rd 5:00PM

            Sandra Smith
            Monday, Nov 23rd 4:26PM

            e d hill
            Monday, Nov 23rd 4:21PM

            Rosie O’Donnell
            Monday, Nov 23rd 4:03PM

            Monday, Nov 23rd 3:52PM

            Monday, Nov 23rd 3:52PM

            The Watters World Guy!
            Monday, Nov 23rd 3:45PM

            Harris Faulkner
            Monday, Nov 23rd 3:44PM

            e.d. HILL
            Monday, Nov 23rd 3:25PM

            Patti Ann Browne
            Monday, Nov 23rd 3:09PM

            joanne nosuchinsky
            Monday, Nov 23rd 3:08PM

            Melissa Francis
            Monday, Nov 23rd 2:43PM

            Alisyn Camerota

            Megyn Kelly
            Monday, Nov 23rd 2:31PM

            Monday, Nov 23rd 2:22PM

            Rachel Maddow

      • I didn’t expect KG to take the #1 spot. She’s subbed recently which is why she made it into the poll, but fan response at least in my circles seems to prefer her on The Five. I was hoping for a bigger response but without promotion outside our community that was unlikely.

        • Considering the number of regular commentators, I was surprised you got that many responses. You must have a “yuuge” community.

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