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  1. Re:Gray area.

    Michael Calderone’s touches on the obvious complexities of making judgments on what constitutes bias and then contradicts himself in his simplistic abandoning of obvious distinctions.

    It is within the bounds for journalists to make conclusions about behavior— ‘Pres. Nixon angrily denied the suggestion.” “Sec.Kerry bristled at the criticism.” “Pres. Bush showed petulance over the demands of the group, and failed to address their grievances…”

    These conclusions are subjective and others may mitigate these descriptions based upon perceived motivations, and interpretations, but such conclusions are not inately biased because they are opinion.

    On the otherhand saying “The Founding Fathers rolled over in their graves over the passage of the gun restriction bill” is entirely a personal conclusion.

    Still, the latter example may be deemed to be less personal and more universal depending upon tradition, culture, and upon other factors such as logic and scale.

    Calderone is smart enough to know that distinctions promote clarity rather than confusion.

    • I remember the picture of Nelson Rockefeller giving the finger. I can see these media types twisting themselves in knots trying to analyze that. However to paraphrase Freud, ” Sometimes a bird is just a bird.”

      Probably shouldn’d post while I’m taking cold medicine.

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  3. CNN using a rapper as an analyst on global security kind of tells you all you need to know about ZNN. What’s next? Don Lemon as “Grand Master L?” (Think Bud Bundy as a rapper.)

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