Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Daunt: CNN defends rape ‘documentary’ after criticisms from FSU Prez.
  • CNN celebrity chef in a spat with Guy Fieri.  Juan Williams: ‘Mostly false.’
  • Wemple: In targeting CNN’s Jim Acosta, The Daily Show missed the point.
  • F&F video: to events in France and Istanbul.
  • In CNN article on anchor editorializing, CNN refuses to comment to CNN!
  • Factor video: Bernard Goldberg on moronic commentary
  • Fox News lays out relief requested in TV Eyes lawsuit.  Today’s firing demand.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

    • I think there’s a comparison to be made between Charlie Sheen assuring his former and current lovers that doctors say that his viral count is zero and therefore no way he could transmit HIV via unprotected sex, with the argument raging over the admittiance of Syrian refugees.

      Thanks very much Charlie, WH, and talking heads for the reassurances handed out with the self-serving condescension and semi-veiled contempt you invariably mete out to we inconvenient bimbos.

      Thank you very much. You’re a prince…

      • You’ve hit three targets with one well-aimed shot. Just like the WH and their toadies claim that we have nothing to worry about with the refugees, because the virius in no longer detectable due to drug threapy, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be passed on to others.

        • actually the incident besides exposing him as a dolt has produced some awfully interesting articles on anti-viral protection. also there are medicines un-infected people take that protect them from acquiring viruses. now i would appreciate a good joke, and charlie is a tiger blood blooming idiot. however the publicity has generated pretty detailed articles. seems we are further along in the anti-viral field than we are in the anti super bacterial bug field. who would have thought that even 15 years ago.

          • It was infected tiger blood.

            The medicines only lessen the chances Even if his “partners” don’t contract it, he could still be charged criminally.

        • Yeah, I’m going for the Obama Administration’s title of Top ISIS Recruiter and UnAmerican Mean Girl 2015.

          For that I get 60 minute pillorings via the MSNBC nightly lineup and a complimentary tax audit.

  1. Today’s most popular links:
    5 mostly false
    4 missed the point
    3 Lays out relief requested
    2 refuses to comment
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Today’s firing demand.

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