Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Re: “Video: Has the tone of media coverage changed since attacks in Paris?”: Alan’s initial response, which was all I could handle, was predictable.

    • shoulda let the tape roll. tammy bruce was good. in answer to alan Colms final question, “where do you want to attack? everywhere”. yes. we need to tell Hamas, no more negotiation we will support Israel until you capitulate and state you will fight no longer and not demand the destruction of Israel. we need to tell Iran, support for Hezbollah keeps you on the no negotiate terrorist state status and cut them off from the world. we need to have a no tolerance policy in any area of, Carter Doctrine, critical interest, that Islamist attacks innocent civilians. make retribution for civilian terror attacks the number one JSC priority and approve their plans to kill or capture every participant and supporter. partner with Mossad and announce it. expand Guantanamo and announce those that enter will never ever leave. they are out of uniform killers and have zero Geneva protection etc etc etc etc. hey, i am just getting started. whatever it takes to make these religious nuts capitulate. just like we did to the South. just like the world agreed to do to the NAZIS. there is no political solution, only military solutions. deal with it. peace is for chumps.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 cable news dilemma
    4 style and substance
    3 FSU President rips CNN
    2 Hundreds of protesters
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Were FNCNN reporters right to editorialize about ISIS strategy?

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