Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • F&F video: Geraldo Rivera in Paris.
  • FNC Sunday schedule includes expanded Fox Report, Justice.
  • F&F Weekend team pulled, only this time Tucker got to stay.
  • Video: Geraldo’s daughter in Paris stadium, escaped attack.
  • Brian Williams watch: MSNBC attacks Trump with false story.
  • Sunday talkers: preview.  MSNBC overnight.  Megyn: Half-true.
  • Koblin: Cable newsers scramble to cover Paris terrorist attacks.  More.
  • FNC Saturday: Shep (10a/7p); News HQ (2p); Banderas (4p); Baier (6p).
  • Your Buzz videos: Ben scrutiny, too.

25 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Hard to believe this is not even the worst attack since 9/11.

    2004 Madrid train bombings — 191 killed — an al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist cell; no direct involvement by al-Qaeda was established

    2008 Mumbai attacks — 164 killed — Pakistani members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic militant organization

    2015 Paris attacks — at least 127 killed — ISIS claiming resposibility. The group’s propaganda arm released statements in Arabic and French claiming the “blessed battle” was an act of revenge for France’s involvement in the US-led coalition bombing its militants in Iraq and Syria.

    • Shep is still sharp and at the top of his game, even after 8 hours of coverage yesterday…until 1am EST….and back at 10am this morning.
      He has boundless stamina of mind and body. This is a gift that serves him and us so well in situations like this.
      This is why, he has the gift of covering breaking news like none other.

  2. I’m puzzled by how they tinkered with F&F this morning. The regulars were all scheduled to be on (Anna, Clayton, Tucker) but it was not to be. Instead of Clayton Jon Scott was in; I guess I can see they wanted a little more hard news star power so I can see why they did that. But they replaced Anna…with Kimberly Guilfoyle. That doesn’t add any hard news heft, it subtracts it. Not to mention Anna is far easier on the ears than fortissimo Kim. For whatever reason, Tucker wasn’t replaced. I wonder whose photos he has.

    • Clayton and Anna aren’t the two brightest people in the world. Good looking, but not exactly sharp knives intellectually.

  3. I’m sure that Madame Clinton will claim during the debate that the Paris attack was caused by a You Tube video.

  4. I saw some coverage this afternoon with Leland Vittert and some woman. She. Was. Awful.

    She was barely a news reader! The interviews she conducted were stuff and it sounded like she has no understanding of what she was actually taking about. It was like a college newscast.

    Bad bad.

    • Odd, unsatisfying show today. Looks like they had planned to a prepackaged show (with all the candidate interviews, which are not Howie’s strength anyhow) and current events got in the way. They could’ve used more than one guest, that’s for sure. Still, it was better than Reliable Sources…because Reliable didn’t air at all.

  5. The CBS Democratic debate not top 10 million viewers coming in at 8.5 million.

    By comparison, the first Democratic debate on CNN in October brought in more than 15 million viewers. Obviously the Saturday night airing didn’t help.

  6. Where can we find the schedule for the day for all of the cable news channels? Are they publishing them somewhere?

  7. Post Debate Analysis by FNC and CNN

    I may be alone, but I found it odd (even amusing) that for the most part Fox News (Charles Krauthammer and A. B. Stoddard) had a more positive reaction to Hillary’s debate performance than did CNN (Gloria Borger and Peter Beinart).

    Charles Krauthammer described Hillary Clinton as “masterful.”

    A.B. Soddard basically said that HRC has solidified her support among democrats and her command of the issues just blows away her competitors.

    Gloria Borger said, “I was surprised she wasn’t more aggressive.”

    Peter Beinart said, “Good for CBS for calling Hillary Clinton on that 9/11, Wall Street donations link.”

    Another oddity. In spite of pre-debate criticism of possible bias by the likes of Joe Concha and Politico, the reaction on Twitter (post debate) was nearly universally positive from the right and not so much from the left.

    Adding to the ‘amusement factor’ several left-leaning journos/pundits expressed disappointment (e.g., Joan Walsh) in the moderator and at least one said Mr. Dickerson asked “too many gotcha questions.” ?

    • From the likes of? You’re just blatantly dishonest, Michael. You also cherry-picked words out of an overall analysis from the folks you mentioned above. You also omitted my post-debate analysis praising CBS for different reasons to shape your narrative. What a joke. You’re just as bad as the media you critique down here.

          • Wannabe is one word, Genius (cue predictable you should know joke). But Michael and you are cut from the same cloth: Make an accusation or insult, get called out on it, and then have nothing to retort but the stuff of a 10th grader. Oh, and real men don’t write lololol, like, ever. Have a great Monday!

      • Joe, I always think that you do an excellent job. I didn’t watch the debate. I knew that it would be pointless, as the fix is in for Madame Clinton. Besides, there were more weighty matters occuring in France.

  8. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 overnight
    4 Sunday schedule
    3 Half-true
    2 with false story
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 F&F Weekend team pulled, only this time Tucker got to stay.

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