Wednesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Were Rubio and Cruz the consensus winners again for the second straight debate?

    Sounds like that might be the case.

    Also, Christie being praised (again) for strong showing at the ‘undercard’ debate including a positive tweet by Rupert Murdock, who also praised Rubio.

    Finally, once again Carson fails to score high marks — especially with some of his comments on foreign policy and the economy.

    • I generally agree with the pundits that Rubio and Cruz were the winners. I’d give a “most improvement” trophy to Bush. Carson handled well the attacks of this past week. Kasich started to get annoying as the debate progressed. Paul never seemed to get it that no one agreed with him. Fiorina and Trump, meh.

      Christie should have been in the prime time group and a few of prime timers should have been in the ‘undercard’ to balance the size.

      I enjoyed seeing the Milwaukee Theater, formerly known as the Milwaukee Auditorium. Was there many times in my youth for things like Boy Scouts ‘Scout-Orama’ and once on stage in an accordion band. (Yes, it was as bad as it sounds.)

    • Donald Trump was all good will and mutual respect for his fellow candidates this a.m. on Morning Joe.

      I think being booed for channeling his inner Scut Farkus was the impetus.

  2. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “The overnight returns give Fox Business Network’s primetime showing an 8.9 rating among households. That’s just shy of the 9.5 rating earned by CNBC’s recent coverage.”

    If the final numbers for the FBN debate turn out to be 13M, then Mr. Bill’s 10M-12M prediction would have won a bet with Bret Baier’s more optimistic prediction of 15M-16M. But not by much. (The CNBC debate garnered 14M.)

    “Bill O’Reilly Recaps The 4th Fox Business GOP Debate With Bret Baier”
    Scroll to 1:50

  3. Flipping between CNN and MoJo the thumbs up on the debate was nearly unanimous along with the consensus that the content was the most substantive seen yet. The very modulated criticism being about the lack of drama and bloodletting.

    I agree with Concha that the talking way past the buzzer nonsense should have been addressed. An elegant Anderson Cooperesque flair for restructuring pushy candidates should be a job requirement.

    • I have always thought that when the buzzer sounds, the mic should be cut off. They’d quickly learn. Look at it as a human shock collar.

  4. The private jet crash in the news today that killed all nine people gives me pause as I have flown out of the same Akron Fulton Airport many times in our seven passenger, two pilot corporate jet.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 FBN way more substantive
    4 13.5 million
    3 (O’Reilly & Dugard) respond
    2 anonymous terrorist
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Greta to Carol Costello: Give it a rest!

  6. Does Trump always have to be right? That O’Reilly segment was so frustrating that I gave up midway through. Nothing Bill told him could change his mind.

  7. The best part of the debate to me is that I can actually tell some candidates’ policy positions apart now on issues such as minimum wage, bank bailouts, tax plans, etc. And while I think Ben Carson is a very smart and nice man, he seems so out of his league on that stage.

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