Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Bret Baier-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Video: ‘Snooki & JWoww’ after attacking the host!
  • Pierce: O’Reilly is right on Ronald Reagan.  Weekend numbers.
  • IBD: Thanks, Joe Scarborough, for being so biased and ignorant.
  • Gardner: Fox News granted permanent injunction in TV Eyes case.
  • Video: …in the pilot episode of Agent X.
  • Mattingly: CNN’s confusing, confused report on ‘fundamentalists’.
  • Concha: Thanks to CNBC, Fox Biz savvy on what not to do tonight.
  • Harper: Tonight’s GOP debate could be breakout moment for FBN.
  • Donny Deutsch vanity project debuts. Lisa Ling goes to mysterland.
  • Lean Backward: Is MSNBC’s most notorious lunatic about to return?

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Rumors of the return of Olbermann to MSNBC are more plentiful than those of the death of Mark Twain. On the other hand, Twain is actually dead. I think.

    • The hysterical Ted Baxter voice is coming back. “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” is coming back. Long-winded screeds about Republicans are coming back. One-sided interviews are coming back. And we are powerless to stop it, just like Joy Behar’s return–and previously, Rosie O’Donnell’s return–to The View was inevitable. You can’t keep effective bombthrowers, reliable partisan hitpeople, down for long.

      • And with Jon Stewart gone he’s more needed in liberaldom than ever.

        It is a no-brainer, but it still took them forever.

        That’s not a potshot at liberals, it’s an indication of Olbermann’s workplace charm.

          • I don’t know how it’s unfair. Olbermann comes with talent, but also with more baggage than Louis Vuitton.

            That’s about as even a proposition as you can get.

          • He’s a hitman, a bully, a bomb thrower. I took each of his personal attacks personally. They weren’t directed at me, but they were directed at people, political parties, organizations, and media I like.

          • The wording of the link pretty much sums up my feelings on this dire possibility. For me his biggest offense was the incessant, unrepentant lying. He’ll say anything about a rival, opponent, competitor and couldn’t care less about telling the truth. Even when caught he would rarely correct and never apologize. He’s is probably the biggest liar I have ever seen in broadcast “journalism”. He makes Brian Williams look like the best friend of Diogenes.

          • I cut Olbermann a lot of slack. He got his lunacy the old fashioned way – a head injury. That said, anyone who would even consider hiring this damaged psycho may be even worse off than Olbermann. Or simply without shame or decency. “Put the crazy guy on for the ratings. Sure, we’ll have to eventually fire him, but in the short term….”

          • In the short term they hope to up ratings and corporate profits with a young audience that Jon Stewart left and make some inroads for compassion, justice, coolness, and the genius that is liberaldom, and the Democratic Party, bitches… Get with the program or you’re a subhuman walking trigger for the PTSD inducing white patriarchy…

            We’ve seen how this ends when they’re soon invoking all the “isms” in the old messiahs for not catering to them like the latest messiahs, and lustily cannabalizing errant cohorts.

            Don’t worry too much…they’re too fine and sensitive to thrive in this cruel world and the pendalum will swing as surely as Olbermann’s pink slip.

          • Olbermann wears a pink slip? I know what you mean, but the mental image is hilarious.

            That said, Olbermann’s act may’ve worn thin, even for their target audience. They want someone younger that they can relate to, not someone who is an old retread trying to recapture lost glory.

            But, then, I may be wrong. Look at the young types with the “Bernie 2016” bumper stickers. A doddering old Red whose slogan is “Get off my damn lawn!”

          • I always appreciated that Olbermann called me names before he blocked me on Twitter. Gave me that little extra insight before parting company.

  2. I heard Joe Scarborough outright calling Ben Carson a liar yesterday and intimating that he’s also a lunatic.

    I missed all but the last half hour of MoJoe on Sirius today and wonder if Joe had any comments about Carson’s Yale contemporary who vouched that there had been Psychology class hoax, and his mother’s 1997 piece referencing the would-be stabbing.

    Scarborough’s argument yesterday was that since Carson can’t win, the media is doing Republicians a favor by dispensing of him in this fashion.

    What sort of soulless son-of-a-bitch thinks like? Answer-a lot of soulless SOBs and politics and the media draw them like flies, and like flies they stand on their back legs and rub their little fly mitts together in glee at the destruction of a brilliant and inspirational (but inconvenient) human being.

    Carson may not be presidential material, but he’s light-years more advanced spiritually and emotionally than these pricks.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 attacking the host!
    4 O’Reilly is right
    3 granted permanent injunction
    2 biased and ignorant
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Lean Backward: Is MSNBC’s most notorious lunatic about to return?

  4. Olbermann a 3rd time means msnbc lost their sanity*
    *though that tends to go in and out depending who’s running it

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