Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: on SNL, mystery.
  • Reliable Sources videos: CNN’s scrutiny, Trump on SNL, more Trump.
  • MSNBC Dem forum attracts 2.3 million viewers, 1/5 of CNN’s debate.
  • Weekend special: Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice.  It’s a girl!
  • Q&A: Rachel Maddow (via TV Newser).  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Wemple: In epic clash with George Will, O’Reilly renounces journalism.
  • Factor video: Bill O’Reilly   Audio Q&A: Brian Kilmeade.
  • Your Buzz videos: and weave, CNBC
  • Zurawik: CNN is right to vet Ben Carson.  Bourdain says ‘nix’ to Tex-Mex.

35 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • It’s okay to vet him. Hate to have to make my choice next November based on the lesser of two liars. What’s that you say, “Don’t be so naive, Larry”?

      • Zurawick is right that candidates should answer tough questions and be scrutinized. What irks so many though is the media digging all the way back to high school for Romney in 2012 and now Carson today but not for Obama in 2007 & 2008. Carson, however, should stop giving the media ammo with some of his bizarre comments.

        • the New York times story on McCain’s supposed lover is the worst of the worst and should be included in your examples.

      • There is no evidence the Carson lied. CNN and Politico are doing their usual hit job on a Republican. But God forbid they question the truthfulness of a Democrat.

        • As Dr. Carson said, the media didn’t exhibit this level of scrutiny in 2008 to Barack Obama and what was in his two autobiographies or the fact that his educational records are sealed.

          • CNN repeated the Politico story. She asked the questions, but as I didn’t see it, I would guess that it was done professionally. That said, the story was asinine. Carson never claimed that he went or applied to West Point. He has told by Gen. Westmoreland that he could get in, most probably by Congressional appointment, but Carson wasn’t interested; he wanted to become a doctor. If Carson is guilty of anything, it was being inarticulate.

  1. After making Mr. Bill the “loser of the week” on Friday’s Special Report (much to the panel’s amusement), he alerted viewers of the craziness to come.

    • Maybe Bourdain just hasn’t experienced the best Tex-Mex. Eating at Chili’s and Taco Bell doesn’t exactly make one a connoisseur of burritos, tamales and enchiladas.

      Exactly! Mabye that elitist booze hound should look around a little better. There are plenty of good small restaurants in San Antonio.

      • tamales and enchiladas are not tex mex, they are true Mexican and i can give you an excellent enchilada sauce recipe. it is basically a roux ball of chilli powders and cumin added to beef stock. always trust a fat boy that does not cluck like a chicken.
        not all Mexcican food in texas is tex mex.

        • The deep fried burrito and chimichanga are common in northern Mexico. Nachos were invented by a restaurant owner in Ciudad Acuña, across the Rio Grande from Del Rio, Texas. The line between Tex-Mex and true Mexican is kind of blurry as you get closer to the border. That said, Bourdain should’ve gotten off his gin-soaked rear end and looked up the smaller restaurants, not just the ones with fancy chefs and high prices.

          • i have never seen a burrito, fried or not or chips in mexico ever. i have seen left over tortillas fried with eggs and chorizo to stretch a meal but they are soft not crispy. i am sure things are blurred in border towns that are gringoized. in the states i have seen fried tacos called taquitos, potato tacos, and other weird blends. i have also seen a lot of real mexican food in the states, carnitas, machaca, menudo, tacos de cabeza etc. however it would be fair to say the vast majority of mexican derived gringo food are not eaten in mexico.

    • actually you need to eat at my house.
      having eaten street food in mexico from Nogales to Chiapas and all parts in between tex mex is a sad imitation of the real deal. sonora asada, al pastor en Jalisco, caldos de Colima, Guerro and Oaxaca and barbacoa de Chiapas as a grand southern exit finale make tex mex burritos, quesadillas, guacamole chips etc…. food not eaten in Mexico, a sad second choice. the sole exception i can think of is New Mexican rellenos which when done well are a fat boys heaven.

  2. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 vs George Will
    4 CNN is right
    3 Mika B
    2 It’s a girl!
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Bourdain says nix to Tex-Mex.

    • listen up Fox. what we eat is the real news! for dems, i recommend a Maple syrup red white and black pepper 3 day brine, then apple smoked to 160 degrees f. be sure to remove all hair and scrubbing with lime before brining.

      • Eating a Dem, cooked any which way, would make you very sick. You’d end up with a bad case of Obamarrhea.

  3. Carly Fiorina has had to answer questions about her past… even had the Washington Post try to claim she wasn’t a secretary. Donald Trump’s previous marriages have been brought into the cycle. Each candidate has to take their share of vetting. Why does Carson think he should be immune? I get the double standard. Of course, they aren’t going to vet Obama or Clinton like Carson… but he is getting similar scrutiny that other Republicans are. He needs to clarify and then move on.

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