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      • i read a lot of history and i have never read one of BORs skinny books. i hear people enjoy them. i hear about a lot of factual error. he should write under the genre of “alternative history”. historical speculation is fine, stimulating and instructive. however, it is not history.

  1. Look for the media to really pile on Ben Carson. You can’t have any fabrication wiggle-room unless you’re a Democrat.

  2. It appears that the downing of the Russian airliner was a bomb. Now CNN can go wall-to-wall on this story in between its decision to report on 2016.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 host all their debates
    4 Will/Bill spat
    3 liked ecstacy
    2 never held Obama
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Pointless CNN story isn’t even news.

  4. I think it’s safe to say George Will will never be on The Factor again.

    The “hack” slur was harsh, but I’d say the same if someone impugned my credibility.

  5. Re: Carson-Camerota CNN Interview

    Joe Concha writes, “The other road to take dictates punching an institution with serious trust issues back in the mouth, to call out its credibility when it’s attempting to call out yours as a candidate.”

    Fair enough if you (Huckabee) are asked (by a CNBC moderator) to comment on Trump’s character. Or, if you (Trump) is asked (by a CNBC moderator) to comment on whether you are running a ‘comic book version’ of a campaign.

    But I submit that Alisyn Camerota’s questions fall into the more common category. For example, questions about HRC and her misleading comments about her email server or Marco Rubio and his questionable credit card issues.

    Most of Alisyn’s questions were an attempt to get Ben Carson to explain himself over some recent statements that seem unclear, deceptive or inconsistent. These type of inquiries along with questions to HRC about Benghazi should not fall into the category where an interviewer’s ideology or bias should be a factor just because the candidate being questioned looks bad — as the good doctor did this morning on CNN’s New Day.

    As FNC’s own Tucker Carson said, “I thought Dr. Carson did fine. But I also thought the questions were totally fair.”

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