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  1. Thinking Captain America writer might be the same guy who wrote Captain Planet. Maybe just a fellow traveler.

  2. I’m not sure where Wemple is coming from with his piece on GOP debate demands. I don’t see where any of the stipulations flout the tenets of journalism or the concept and tenets of debate.

    Allotting 30 seconds before and after the debate is problematic. There’s too many of them for that.

    I think a more realistic plan is the let them have 30 seconds either before or after the debate and to draw lots for which time slot.

    • Wemple has opinions. He makes a good living sharing his opinions in doses of 500 words a few times a week. Where Wemple is coming from is his self-appointed role as Marcus Welby, MD, dispensing wisdom, knowledge, and prescribed medicines to cure the epidemic of ignorance, naivete and overblown sense of importance among ailing Republican Presidential candidates.
      Case in point:
      “Yet the questions reflect no understanding of where the prerogatives of candidates end, and where those of the news media begin. More simply, they show a cluelessness about what television networks do.”
      C’mon Erik! Really?
      Then it’s fair to say you have no understanding, are clueless about negotiations. Perhaps you would benifit from reading “The Art of the Deal.” I know where you can get an autographed copy.

          • nix, so way off topic but you were a lifer so i am interested in your thoughts. i put this in old posting so as to not draw attention.
            1. how much do you buy into GIBs or whizzos in 205es and gs, WWs, going down in V, alive and not ever being accounted for going to the USSR and never heard from again? particularly those with SAC package delivery experience and Nato Euro planning knowledge. kerry’s “side agreements”?
            2. was that not a lot to do with the desire to kill soviets in Afghanistan?
            3. does the revenge still simmer now with Syria?

          • When the old USSR fell apart, Yeltsin gave American investigators access to all of the POW files. None went there. They were tortured or worked to death in Vietnam. The Russians did have access to whatever intelligence they were able to get out of them.
            As for Kerry, his negotiating on his own with North Vietnam in Paris during the war was clearly treason. He had already been dismissed from the ranks in the Navy for cause. Carter later upgraded his discharge, along with a lot of other worthless types. Now the POS is Secretary of State instead of being in Leavenworth where he belongs.
            Arming the resistance in Afghanistan was simply to tie the Russians down and create a mess for them. Bin Laden was one of them. He certainly had a strange way of thanking us.
            Syria is a whole different mess. The man-child in the White House is being gamed by the Chekist in the Kremlin.

          • during the son tey raid (sp). i have read that the one helicopter that landed at the wrong camp killed Caucasians and that they brought back parts of KGB uniforms. also the ewo count never added up after f105es and gs, wild weasels got into the fray. they disappeared, but the gufs did show up. as you know ejected pilots and ewos had warning beepers on their chutes so we know who ejected safely and who did not. i have read about the post ussr kgb files not containing the info however they remain unaccounted for in disproportionate numbers which is why i asked.
            in the “Looming Towers” it is claimed that bib laden showed up at the end of the ussr afghan conflict and that the arabs were never accepted as competent by Pashtuns and that US material support never went to Arabs.
            with the syria situation it seemed we get new indirect conflict.

            read anything about the raid on Laos radar station lima 38, or 39, do not recall. i had read that some participants claimed Caucasians speaking Russian were involved and 3 operators were lifted, no bodies ever recovered. just curious about all the loose ends and what scuttlebutt circulated among usaf people. the story of how many POWs usaf personnel were unnecessarily lost due to LBJ and McNamara’s running of targeting and the ROEs being so political are really not common knowledge. i doubt student get that in university history and poly sci classes.
            not big on trusting official files. after all we still are finding civil war diaries that conflict with official accounting.
            too curious for my own good. i am really not a truther type. but i do know people that delighted in being able to kill soviets because of vietnam as payback in Afghanistan for vietnam. anyway. sorry to bother.
            some great stories re: the pows NV held. no movies i know of depict the situation or the US efforts to get them out. the USAF authors i have read speculate, repeat what they are told, there is not a lot of first hand accounting i have seen. love to have lunch with john McCain.

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