Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos:CNBC for Jeb;
  • Reliable Sources videos: GOP’s debate reforms; Jim Gilmore; Dan Rather.
  • Q&A: Jake Tapper.  Juan Williams in Lancaster.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Zurawik: Is the goal of tv debates to inform viewers, or to make money?
  • FBN’s unique debate rules.  Video: moderator (v/TVN).
  • CNBC staffers divided on whether Harwood should’ve moderated debate.
  • Bourdain: Every restaurant in America will shut down if Trump is elected.
  • Your Buzz videos: Chris

26 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Bourdain: Every restaurant in America will shut down if Trump is elected.
    And I will have to mow my own lawn.

    • since 2004 when i left the USA the only gardening i do, i do for pleasure. i have not had to wash, clean, repair or do any of that because it is not over priced for the work. if you look around anywhere you will see all sorts of things that could and should be done that is not done because the work is not worth what you are required to pay to get it done. basic econ 101. trump solutions become law do you really think middle class wages will be paid to gardeners, waitresses, people in factories that put a nut on a bolt or solder a circuit? you can make a joke if you wish but the consequences of import tariffs and more labor law will devastate the economy. work needs doing. it should be done for the least amount possible. want more $$. move up doing different work. not getting paid more for mowing lawns. keeping income down for the same work is how you get upward mobility to return to the economy. we are both old enough to remember our dad’s saying. “see that ditch digger, if you do not want to do that you’d better learn some useful skills.

      • You piqued my curiosity about the comparative minimum wages in Canada and Great Britain. Turns out with the cost of living and the way it’s structured it makes a direct comparison to the U.S. somewhat unsatisfying.

        Canada leaves it up to the Providences. Generally speaking it’s just under $11.00. In Yukon, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia, the CPI alters the minimum wage every year. Yukon’s wage is $10.86. Nova Scotia’s is $10.60 with the minimum wage for inexperienced workers set at $9.90.

        Great Britain also bases their minimum wage on the CPI, the age of the worker and the type of work. It appears to max out at just under $13.00.

        • interesting and appreciated. however my interest is not in minimum wage. my interest is in the work undone and that labor law kicks out the bottom rungs of the ladder so many people are unable to climb. maybe you could get piqued about self employment rates, net family after tax and inflation income, and the effects min wage and labor law have on overall economic activity. also, since canada and the UK are VAT countries everything and i mean everything costs more making wage comparisons kinda meaningless. i hack all my sports watching mostly off UK stations. you would enjoy the large quantity of payday loan ads and the higher prices, not including VAT, on just about everything. nowhere and under no ism is the government here to help…lol

  2. Please give Halloween back to the kids, Adults.

    You had your time. No, your mama didn’t let you wear the costume of whatever was the equivalent of a Kardashian, but you had fun and the public doesn’t need to see all your cleavage.

    Eat pumpkin flavored desserts and Halloween candy. Drink weird Halloween themed cocktails as you greet trick-or-treaters. Play Monster Mash, Spooky, and dance. Decorate for the kiddies. Watch scary movies…but otherwise don’t show up at a kids’ party or a front door in a costume that takes the focus off your little ones. Don’t make it all about you.

    Grow the hell up.

    • In my day, we would be abhorred by the thought of our parents even accompanying us trick or treating. The night was dark and full of terrors, but in those days, pretty much make-believe.

      • I think ‘trick or treat’ from house to house in kids’ own neighborhood is disappearing. For the third year we had no one ringing our doorbell. Granted, there aren’t many kids in our neighborhood.

        The good part is Grandma J and I have at least a six month supply of candy for ourselves.

        • Living at the end of a one mile township road with nothing much in between but cow, coyote, and bobcat, my doorbell was also silent.

        • It takes persistence to get to my front door too and that generally has been done solely by neighborhood kids and grandkids.

          Last night it was teenager after teenager. Strangers, far too old for it, unconcerned of anything but each other, and rather menacing.

          I take it all back. Next year I’m dressing as Annie Oakley, hiring some security, and packing goddamn heat.

    • People act like damned fools. Grow the hell up is good advice for these “adults” every day of the year.

  3. I watched PBS, Bloomberg, NBC, and CBS report on the “RNC pulling out of the NBC debate” story. All used CNBC’s debate footage edited to avoid showing CNBC in an unfavorable light. The MSM had to report the story, but they bent over backwards to not criticize their brethren. All felt obligated to repeat the “candidates should have to answer tough questions” mantra. Now, and I say this for the five-hundred and thirty-seventh time, had it been FOX…

    • I have a problem with this move. It seems like something liberals do.

      The White House won’t talk to Fox. The DNC doesn’t want its candidate to debate there, etc.

      Why not debate anywhere and keep calling out loaded or snarky questions when you encounter them anywhere?

      It’s in a candidate’s interest to be as generic and nonspecific as they can on issues. We shouldn’t want to enable either party’s candidates in this regard. Particularly Republicians who MUST work hard in articulating and persuading via particular ideals, ideas, etc, if they are going to beat the media in turning them all into “cartoon” candidates via ginned -up “gaffs”, disappeared context, and corn dog eating pics….

      That’s all they can look forward to if they don’t put it out there…and I’m assuming that they have something to put out there… cause I’ve seen some media darlings in both parties, but I haven’t seen a leader in years.

      • I have no problem with pointing out the moderators did a horrible job asking questions that would have pressed the candidates on position, policy and solution. Speaking on Halloween, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas accused the CNBC moderators of demanding of each candidate, ‘Are you more of a ghoul or a goblin?’

        • And you can comment on it because it happened.

          God knows what people will do before they do it.

          He allows it to happen in order to show the rest of us.

  4. It’s always interesting watching reporters’ twitter feeds. Today Brian Stelter tweeted out words of praise for his journalism from a real authority: Dan Rather, who’s on the schedule for Sunday’s Reliable. A little later he noted that Jim Gilmore had attacked the GOP over the CNBC debate flap, and has added him to Sunday’s Reliable as well.

  5. the compare and contrast between CNBC and FBN will be so brutal that even the left will not be able to deny the reality of incompetent left wing media. this should be a warning to FN. dumping beck was correct. Hannity should go as well, or be moved to weekends and cued as a right wing show. could it be the viewers are ready for more special report type news? where there is true info, reporting and diversity. personally, and i know this goes against the grain of the numbers, i could do without kelly and BOR, but at least they have some diversity. they both get so busy pounding on a pov they have less time for pure info and reporting. now i know the ratings deal and the rest homes just love their fox but really, long term is fox not better off by entrenching their most important aspect ….. the only station that covers all ends of the spectrum? i am always impressed that the SR panels go out of their way to air journalists from the NYTs, wapo, PBS etc. it makes it much harder to deny reality when players from center left and right are represented and players from far left and far right are not.

    • Sure the left will deny it. They live in their own little fantasy world that they demand that we recognize as reality….OR ELSE.

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