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  1. I’d like to borrow a funny quip from Erick Erickson who recently said, “It is time for Jeb Bush to take his campaign out back and shoot it.” Even those who might take issue with Erick’s assessment have to admit this was a funny way to express his view.

    I would suggest the same for these unreliable online polls. “It is time for us to take these online polls out back and shoot them.” Preferably with a double-barreled shotgun.

    What a farce they are as the more fervent supporters gravitate to them. Remember back when Ron Paul was winning the CNN post-debate online polls back in 2011. This despite the fact he was barely registering in the more legitimate national ‘telephone’ polls.

    Take last night for example, where the consensus winners were Rubio and Cruz by all the analysts and commentators — both Dems and Repubs.

    Yet uber Trump fan Joe Scarborough chose to use several online polls (with a huge lead for Trump) as part of his rather aggressive attack on Marco Rubio this morning.

    • I don’t agree with Concha. I give this decrying of CNBC about 48 hours longer (at the most) until the “the Republicans had their usual staged fit, but the CNBC mods were right” rules the day.

      This stuff is the usual sidetrack. If Republican candidates are going to have a chance at winning the presidency, they are going to have to throw caution to the wind and make a case for their views to the nation.
      They’re going to get the hell punched out of them on tv, social media, blogs, etc, as every word will be constrewed for maximum evil, but they have to be for something. They have to put it out there and take concrete positions and detail real policies or it’s going to continue to be a beauty contest against photoshopped Democrats forever.

      Lindsey Graham is right. You fight by doing an end run around the media and taking it to the public. Not by protecting your butt and engaging in troll strategies.

      They don’t have any more to lose. Just do it.

      • Marco Rubio did a good job of that this morning. Actually, that was pretty much his point with his main criticism that CNBC missed a real opportunity by not really getting into the financial nuts and bolts as he was prepared to do. He also made mincemeat of Charlie Rose when pressed about Hillary Benghzi lies, but cheerfully.

        • I think Rubio made a point about the media and their concern about Republican candidates being about anything more substantive than style and tone.

          He has yet to show them/us otherwise.

          • You know you may be a little too free-wheeling and disdainful as a debate moderate when you set up a question to a candidate as Harwood did Rubio by saying “We know you’re the champion of Americans living paycheck to paycheck…”

            The CNBC crew got a little over-confident and over-zealous in seeking a movie script denouement of the Republician candidates to the American people.

            They should have stuck with the tactic of pressuring them to tell each other how badly they suck.

            That can kill two hours easily and keep anyone from saying anything informative or compelling.

          • Word is that CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC were told to temper their criticism of the debate and its moderators. Better believe never will be heard a discouraging word about their toady, Harwood from the NYT as well. All proceeded with the same talking points:
            1) If debaters can’t answer tough questions how can they be President?
            2) Boy did that Bush suck! Is his campaign finished.
            3) Move on. Move on. Move on.

          • ?????? Rubio has not been specific on the issues that count? Foreign policy? taxes? debt? regulation? i must be hearing things again. other than dummy Trump we have a pretty good idea where each candidate stands on major issues. it would phony to be too specific because those specifics change in the political process. however, the pub field has generally been pretty clear. we have a couple of bean counters, a few hawks, a few religious nuts and a red meat nut job running. what else are you asking for?

  2. By the way, John Harwood has always been the poster boy for media bias. Really, always. Here’s the liberal brownnoser at a tender age in a Robert Kennedy commercial:
    Anyone remembers how he swooned in his interview when Obama grabbed a pesky fly?

  3. Zurawik: CNBC’s debate moderators among the worst I have ever seen.

    Ray Charles could have seen that CNBC’s Mod Squad was the worst ever.

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  5. Doing Mr. Bill’s work for him? Don’t know about that, but I’m having one of those evenings with warm feelings for Don Lemon.

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