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  1. Video: Sean Hannity
    takes issue with Politifact’s ‘pants on fire’ rating.
    so what is the “skinny”? does the State department have, or is it making, or is it considering one plan or more plans that would allow 250,00 or more refugees from the middle east or not?

  2. Blimp on the loose. Had to shake my head when Jennifer Griffin said, “helium is extremely flammable”, and Shep let that slip right on by. Jr. High chemistry.

  3. Re-Wemple

    I agree with Wemple in his pointing to the context of Melissa Harris-Perry remark.

    M H-P has gotten a bad rap on this. If you read what she’s arguing,she is cautioning her guest about calling Paul Ryan a “hard worker” (in the context of an argument that Ryan deserves his demand for balanced work-family time) by saying here’s what “hard work” looks like (cotton picking) and this type of hard worker had/have no ability to make Ryan’s demands.

    You have to disappear the context of her argument that Ryan is demanding for himself what he won’t legislate for people who do (cotton picking as that symbol) truly hard, back-breaking work.

    That an arguable stance and quite different from the bogus characterization what M H-P was saying.

    • No, she is constantly pulling crap like this. The woman doesn’t just have a chip on her shoulder, but a 2X4. And, to be honest, she seems to have a persecution complex that is pathological.

        • She claimed that Ryan wasn’t a hard worker, because it wasn’t physical labor (among other things). I wonder if Missy has ever soiled her little hands doing actual work, or if she is like so many Leftists who have this idealized version of the “Worker’s Struggle.” After reading her book, “Sister Citizen,” I would say the latter. She is very bitter.

          • Now instead of going with the ludicrous current claim that Perry was saying that the description of “hard work” should only be used in the context of slavery, you’re addressing a bit of her point.

            That’s good. That’s progress in the national discourse…if only at JDP’s.

          • At least things are kept civil at J$P. This sort of discussion would quickly get ugly at some lesser forums. Just my comment about not liking her book would set some off on tirades.

        • incidental, no, just hollow. there is no equivalent between hard work and slavery. kinda insults both hard workers who are not slaves and slaves long dead as if anything not as bad as slavery deserves no note.

          • It’s beside the point, but there is an equivalence between hard work and the sort of manual labor that slaves were used for in that time.

            That fact insults no one. It’s just a fact.

          • no sorry. when it is said people are lazy and do not work hard enough we are not in any way referring to slavery. it is ignorant to bring up slavery in the context of lazy people that expend energy trying to collect a check and not to earn a check. it is insulting to make the comparison. they do not belong in the same conversation. forced labor is not the same as paying people to not work. poverty in a society where slavery does not exist is the result of the behavior of the poor. slaves were not responsible for their condition, deadbeats are.

          • No, there is a realistic correlation in comparing the sort of esteemed “hard work” from which Ryan demands relief time and the vastly less esteemed physical labor done by people who are often labeled less important at best, losers at worst.

            That was Harris-Perry’s point. The devil is in the details of whether legislation of paid leave, etc would help or hurt, but she is not making an apple-oranges comparison.

            As a side note, it’s interesting that liberals so often are the first to stereotype manual laborers as being losers in using that status as an appellation for their political contrarians.

        • Guilty self-lothing in not being full blooded that manifests itself in anger directed subconciously at her white mother. It’s classic. I have seen this in mixed bloods among my people that still hold a grudge against Y.T.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 takes issue with
    4 firing demand
    3 stirs controversy
    2 leans way forward
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ‘Fox primary’ meme takes another hit.

  5. My (subjective) grades:
    Rubio A
    Kasich A
    Christie A-
    Cruz B
    Trump B
    Huckabee B
    Bush B
    Fiorina C
    Paul C
    Carson C

    Your thoughts and/or grades.

    • I take some satisfaction in the fact Charles Krauthammer and I agreed somewhat.

      Gold – Rubio
      Silver – Christie
      Bronze – Cruz

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