Thursday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Apparently MSNBC, C-SPAN and CNN are televising Hillary Clinton’s testimony live and supposedly most, or all, of it beginning at 9 am ET. I haven’t heard what FNC’s plans are.

    I am just thankful for my DVR so I can fast forward through the boring questioning by the five Dems on the committee. (I would say the same if the rolls were reversed and Republican committee members were questioning a Republican.)

    Too early for popcorn and I am too lazy to make a donuts run.

  2. I do notice that when they use Brian Willams for their breaking news whatever thing … that Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews appear as anaylists … noticed it during Bohener’s announcement , where as Kate Snow’s hours (the one weekday slot I catch and like ) when there are politics I’ve seen both side guests and not 3 on 1. But can’t say Brian Williams is doing hard news non partisan if his guests are MSNBC lean leftovers hosts.

      • Very true. NBC nightly news segment by Andrea Mitchell edited as 100% pro Clinton. Left out some key testimony entirely like her email to daughter and phone call to Egyptian Prime Minister right after the attack that it was the work of Al Qaida terrorists. Days later she told the parents of the killed the blame was on the movie maker. Only the parting comments by Chuck Todd poured some cold water on her.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Leans Forward
    4 snags largest audience
    3 sweeps CNBC
    2 seven reasons
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 GOP candidate rips MSNBC’s ‘Morning Trump’.

    • “Morning Trump” vs. Hannity. Which one will get the job of Propaganda Minister in the Trump administration?

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