Wednesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. So pleased for him that Charlie Rose has won the Cronkite Award. That’s an achievement only journalists with the finest body of work have won.

    It is frequented by media apologists to defend:
    a) Justin Bieber in the wild
    b) Obama’s basketball shots
    c) Paris Hilton
    d) Planned Parenthood

    • Planned Parenthood has come around to saying that they have stopped doing whatever those highly edited videos were framing them for doing.

      That’s good enough for the media to lay it to rest in some Black Forest grave with a two ton boulder parked on top.

  3. I’m cautiously glad to see Bob Beckel gainfully employed again and hope he understands that anger, contention, and bullshite are not a good substitute for a peaceful productive life and recovery.

        • I’m just waiting for the people who ridiculed him as a buffoon while he was on Fox to suddenly realize what a great move CNN made in hiring such a thoughtful, perceptive commentator. You know that’s coming.

          • A centrifuge doesn’t compare to the sterilization “faux liberals” and buffoons undergo simply by leaving Fox.

          • I saw Bob recently on CNN. He was quiet and spoke calmly. It was nice to see a panel allow him to give his observations on different topics. Beckel is a 1960’s democrat. I remember them well.

          • Beckel would be in a different type of forum there than the free-wheeling The Five.

            Perhaps one that is better suited him.

    • Bob was just outnumbered. Bolling was always poking him physically. Dana was dismissive and Greg instigated many of Bob’s comments. Greg knew Bob has no inhibitions. They were always interrupting him as he was getting his thoughts together. You could see the frustration on his face. They have given more courtesy to la la land Juan and blood coming out of his eyes Geraldo, then they ever gave Beckel.

      • Bob’s schtick on The Five was precisely the same on Cross Fire. It consisted of Bob throwing a verbal lug wrench at any panelist he deemed unrealistic, overly idealistic, or just plain getting carried away with themselves.

        Yeah, he was getting slower and slower on a fast paced tv show. Yeah, his colleagues eventually fell into a pattern of protecting him and suddenly baiting him.

        What was plain was the affection they and the audience had toward him. The affection one feels for a good guy whose abilities are abating for whatever reason….but who can still…out of the blue…knock it all the way out of the park into a neighborhood a block away.

    • He did. He’s going out as everyone’s feisty old uncle.

      That would have been made into hash in a campaign fray.

          • I think a lot of Twitter users agree with you and me about your comment.

            The first item below is how I suspect Twitter designers originally anticipated it would be (or should be) used.

            For better, or for worse, hashtags seem to have also morphed into the other two uses — and there are probably others as well.

            • Start a thread on Twitter for others to chime in (i.e., click on) about a topic like #KellyFile
            • Serve as a truncated headline or title for their tweet.
            • Serve as an abbreviated way (no spaces or punctuation with truncated spelling) to highlight the ‘point’ of their tweet.

          • I agree with you; never saw the point of hashtags. And I never rarely use them. (I just did a search on #feistyunclejoe; zilch.)

          • Sorry, I missed your hash/hashtag joke.

            Lately my husband’s two-steps-behind rule (as in I’m always two steps behind him in his brilliance…) has turned into three steps.

          • You can easily pull up all tweets that include the same hashtag. Might be a lot if the subject is, as they say, trending.

      • Biden made what sounded to me like a campaign speech. I still wouldn’t count him out yet. We don’t know what’s going to happen to Hillary after the hearings.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 two petitions
    4 distinguished fellow
    3 signs Bob Beckel
    2 Thank you
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Killing Reagan co-author trying to track down 1987 memo.

  5. Watched two reports tonight setting the stage for tomorrow’s Benghazi testimony by Clinton. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell’s was surprisingly good. Balanced. I think she no longer feels her career is in jeopardy to young liberals. The other was by Margret Warner on PBS NEWS HOUR. It was awful. Large part devoted to the origional report by the State Dept appointed Pickering panel. No Clinton responsibility for viewers like you.

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