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  1. Watched some of the post debate commentary on all three cable news channels hosted by Megyn, Cooper and Matthews.

    • All three channels generally agreed there was no clear winner between Sanders and Clinton.
    • Most commentators thought Anderson Cooper did a decent job as moderator asking some tough questions.

    Generally speaking the folks on FNC thought that this debate would make Biden more likely to jump in while the commentators at MSNBC thought the opposite. (I didn’t get to hear CNN address this question.)

      • Coop treated the debate as though the candidates are adults and that the forum is a serious vehicle for understanding where a candidate stands on serious issues.

        I’m not entirely sure that Copper wouldn’t have taken Tapper’s strategy of trying to ignite a gaff-fest junior high school free-for-all if moderating for Republicans.

        The media deals with conservative philosophy and policy by coloring it all by the extremes via statements they constrew for maximum offense, and lumping candidates in with controversial figures who hold more extreme versions of the same belief. Though Bernie Sanders can call himself a democratic socialist, the media will not treat him in such a manner until the very last moment when Clinton must be chosen as the most viable candidate.

        Trump’s candidacy has given them even more leeway to approach the Republican field not with the intent of culling the most salient info for the public (as Cooper did), but by aiming to give them a gong show leading to a roughed-up and sullied victor.

  2. I would like to proudly admit I did not watch the debate and I skipped through all clips shown on the first half of Red Eye. As far as I know, Clayton Kershaw won the only debate, so to speak, that matters to me and it has me expecting my Mets to lose tomorrow night, as well.

    • All you need to known: Hillary can still lie with sincerity which Demorcats have proven is okay by them. Sanders is a foil for her worthy of the Washington Generals.

      • There were several candidate-supportive hashtags trending on social media, which I know from removing those trends on Facebook. The trending bar is the most obnoxious thing Facebook has come up with and it’s mandatory. You can’t hide it.

  3. If the early total viewer ratings of approximately 13M viewers holds up, I suspect this is inline with many of us who predicted about 1/2 of what Fox News received.

    As usual the actual numbers should be available later this afternoon.

      • That high, huh?

        This exceeded most predictions I was familiar with. Personally I thought (as did Joe Concha) that it would be closer to 10M.

        If Jeff Zucker is realistic, he can’t be disappointed with these ‘surprising’ numbers. In a related matter, the moderator’s mostly positive reviews reinforces the wisdom of choosing Anderson Cooper over Jake Tapper.

        • Trust me…I had people I’ve never heard from before in the industry telling me I was crazy for even broaching 10M. 7-8M was the expectation based on past numbers and charts that mean absolutely nothing this time around.

  4. I took the low audience projections by media members who aren’t Concha as a way of lowering expectations and making even marginally higher numbers than traditionally garnered seem brighter.

  5. I notice that last night’s Drunk History on Comedy Central had a segment on Bass Reeves, previously chronicled in an episode of Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies: The Real West. In this version, Jaleel White plays Reeves. Drunk History is a show where comedians and comedic actors get drunk and recount moments in history. Later, actors lip-sync the drunk storyteller. Even the off-topic drunken ramblings get lip-synced.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 How to silence Don Lemon.

      • I got a kick out of Bernie Sanders declaring himself to be a democratic socialist and what does he get challenged on….not being lefty enough on guns!

        What do Republicans get challenged on? Not being lefty enough on guns…

        Ain’t no challenging from a conservative perspective in the media.

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