Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Fox News at 19: A look back, with an O’Reilly clip from day one.
  • America’s Newsroom video: talks to Bill Hemmer.
  • Savan: Source says NBC and MSNBC share ‘one set of values’.
  • Gold: MSBNC’s Morning Joe ‘pressured’ to simulcast Hillary event.
  • MSNBC to air Democratic ‘forum’ moderated by…Rachel Maddow.
  • Roush: Stuart Varney on Fox Biz hits ratings high, tops rival CNBC.
  • Hannity video: Fox News contributor speaks out.
  • Key demo viewers (25-54) tuning out the ‘new’ MSNBC.  Blood Lions.
  • Bourdain’s food hall.   Look for the union label at Al-Jazeera America.
  • Byers: Given record low ratings, why is All In with Hayes still on MSNBC?
  • CNN’s Tom Foreman got lost running in the desert (a preview of his book).
  • Did CNN as payback for a ‘silent boycott‘ (via CNNC)?

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. MSNBC seriously considered giving the ever swarmy Bob Costas an evening show? You have to be freaking kidding! And, I will outright call him a racist of the most patronizing type. He is another that claims to know better than us heathen injuns what words we should be offended by. No, he didn’t call us that, but he might as well. And, while he is refusing to use the name of the Washington NFL team, he needs to also refuse to use the name of the state to the immediate north of Texas, just to be consistent.

      • He also objects to the Atlanta NL team. the Florida State University athletic teams, the list goes on and on.

          • You know, to be that worked up and indignant about things that don’t even concern him brings me to one important conclusion – it must really suck to be Bob Costas.

  2. MSNBC and NBC share values but not:

    and Reverent

    Well, maybe obedient.

    • Poor Chris Hayes. They leaked the story that he’d be gone except that they can’t find anyone with talent and experience to carry an 8pm show.

      • and they won’t put Rachel at 8 because they fear what could happen. I wonder if they do change Chris Hayes they will get really desperate and have Brian Williams take over that would be desperate. (Olbermann is the other desperate opinion)

  3. I don’t think Anthony Bourdain has perpetuated a “macho chef” stereotype.

    He’s perpetuated a reverence for experience, and a try everything and fly by the seat of your pants attitude toward food and travel.

    Not so opened minded that he tolerates any slop and not so snobbish that he cares more for status than pleasure.

    If you watch Bourdain you know he’s a crispy outer shell with a sweet cream center.

  4. Re: “Fox News at 19: A look back, with an O’Reilly clip from day one”: Bill’s voice and delivery were so much better back then. What happened?

    • Age. Nineteen years can take a toll. Especially with a stressful job, such as trying to keep on top in a very competitive world such as TV.

      • No doubt, age will do it. About two weeks ago I went to my high school class’s 60 year reunion. Wow, have we ever changed. Only a few were easily recognizable. Our name tags had the yearbook photo to make it easier.

      • you know i always thought, as most do, i had the worst clients possible. all mine were car dealers and car dealer chains. TV is brutal too. then i was in the USA and bought tiks for a duck game from a lawyer to treat the MRS. he does family law. anytime you think you have it bad, think of someone worse off. poor lawyer has no one left below him to say “well, he has it worse than me”. all his clients are divorcing couples. pobrecito!

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