Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Bret Baier-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Kornacki loses Up, Alex Wagner gets his slot, unbranding spreads.
  • More Morning Joe?!? Further changes may be in store at MSNBC.
  • TCG: A channel where breaking news doesn’t change everything.
  • F&F video: A look at Fox News Headlines radio.
  • Sirius/XM Fox News Headlines debuts today.  Greta on Laura Ingle.
  • This Week video: on Reagan.  Familiar names on top again.
  • Coop examines the secret life of teens.  Profile: Nancy Grace (v/CNNC).
  • Conspiracy theory about CNN spreads proves to be hoax.

44 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. After a two-year investigation on what life is like for the modern teen, Anderson Cooper has creeped me out.

    • I’m creeped out by the rhetoric from the Vatican and the media on Kim Davis post the papal meeting.

      I criticised Davis for not resigning or following the law, but after this latest barrage of disdain and hate toward her I don’t think I’ll criticised her again. I had no idea the level at which they abhor this woman. She doesn’t need one more person snarling on her. She’s got the media and Vatican to do that.

      The Pope washed the feet of people who have committed violent crimes. He visited with Catholics who have abandoned the teaching of the church he heads and met with nonCatholics who would never support it.

      All in the name of tolerance, which is well and good but where stands one nobody from Ky with views on gay marriage held by the Catholic Church and by all Democratic presidential candidates until very recently?

      The Pope can do all this with these other people and consequently be praised by the intelligentsia. He can mouth assurances that even govt officials have the right to consciencous objection (as he was expressedly asked by a media with Kim Davis in mind) such is his respect for this “human right”.

      But the Vatican REGRETS the pope having been in the company of Kim Davis! It regrets that Pope Francis hugged an individual who precisely agrees with his view on same sex marriage and who was ridiculed, insulted, and jailed for a form of protest that HE describes as a god-given right and courageous act.

      Holy shite! How can these media people just continue disparaging this small town court clerk while letting the Vatican utterly off the hook for this hypocrisy. Isn’t there anyone in their ranks that sees the irony in this? It must be that they ignore it because it’s the sort of PR move they understand and better still…it sticks with narrative.

      Kim Davis expressed astonishment at having met the pope and asked herself who she was to have deserved such an honor and blessing.

      She was dead wrong. The honor and the blessing was given to Pope Francis that he could be in the presence of that little Kentucky girl. The blessing and the example was all given by God to him.

      • If you are confused by it all as a non Catholic, imagine the confusion if one is a Catholic. Mixed messages abound. There must be some nuance that I’m just not getting.

        • As a Catholic, there are times that I wonder if Benedict wasn’t forced out. A form of a palace coup, if you will.

          • Maybe. I think it was a mutual decision. The Catholic Church is trying to reinvigorate itself- bring back those who have gone away for whatever reason. Benedict was seen as too hard line. He stuck to the letter of Church law. I don’t believe he was trying to be cruel or condemn anyone. He was doing his job as the leader of the Catholic Church and he wasn’t winning over hearts and minds. He was called “God’s Rottweiler” by Eleanor Clift.

          • I generally agree with you. However, this Pope doesn’t seem to be all that familiar with Catechism of the Catholic Church. Or, at least he certainly gives that impression.
            I don’t have a high opinion of Eleanor Clift. The low point of her slavish devotion to the Clintons was her “Ambassador Stevens was not murdered. He died of smoke inhalation.”

      • Kim Davis supporter Mike Huckabee said, “Maybe there’s just a feeling that the Vatican doesn’t want to engage in controversy.”

        He may have a valid point. But IMO the Vatican could have thread the needle much better with their reaction without giving the impression that they were distancing themselves from Ms. Davis.

        • The Vatican engages in controversy via its doctrine on birth control, divorce, homosexuality, gay marriage, premarital celibacy, male only priesthood, the celibacy of priests…

          If it starts caring about what the moral and intellectual colossi in our chattering class thinks, the Church is done.

          • My opinion only, but I believe this Pope does care what the chattering classes think. Therefore the mixed messages. He hasn’t figured out how to talk about church doctrine without offending some group or another. Something else to remember. Pope Francis is from Latin America. The culture of the Church is different there than that of the Church in Europe from where the Popes have generally come.

  2. Re: “Conspiracy theory about CNN spreads over internet, proves to be hoax”: I have several Facebook friends that bought this hoax theory.

  3. So Kornacki goes from Opinion show to host straight news show on Mondays … interesting then again maybe he can do it … if he doesn’t interject opinion.

    • MSNBC’s straight news anchors interject opinions. And when they don’t, on most daytime shows the producers keep a steady stream of Lean Forward-friendly analysts and guests flowing so the distinction between news and opinion on MSNBC is arguable at best.

      • I’ve seen Kate Snow’s block a few times, haven’t caught the earlier daytime as much and Kate Snow’s block seems a little more balanced. But their is some lean forward still hanging around like when Maddow was used on Brian Willams coverage of Bohner stepping down.

    • My fear is that this is one of those promotions where you’re going to be disappeared things the networks do.

      He’s the best that MSNBC has to offer and certainly the straightest shooter.

      • No I think he’ll be more visible than he would’ve been on weekends. K will be hosting Chuck Todd’s new show every Monday, and if it does well, his profile will be improved. Of course it hasn’t done well so far, so it remains to be seen. But I think they wanted to get SK out of weekends and into the daily talent pool. He’ll get something else if he works out well.

      • He did MTP Daily today… he possibly will fill in for Maddow and the other primetime shows sometimes as well. MSNBC must still see him as an asset. .

  4. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 Laura Ingle
    2 doesn’t change everything
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 More Morning Joe?!? Further changes may be in store at MSNBC.

  5. The Three Stooges over at ICN are getting all wee-wee’d up, to use a phrase of somebody famous, over Abby Huntsman joining Fox.

    • Since at least one of the stooges swore how fair she was when hired at MSNBC…..but now shes at the EVIL Fox they must put her down and complain…………they are sick./

      They just can help themselves.

      • After Joe Moe got booted, Curly. Larry and Shemp are without a leader. They are left flailing wildly at Big Bad Fox.

          • They are united in each seeing the other as the only person in the world who they wouldn’t want to stick their hand up to control as a ventriloquist’s dummy.

            They mutually glean that there wouldn’t be enough hand sanitizer in the world…

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