Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Your Buzz videos: Obama politicizing
  • Reliable Sources videos: Larry Lessig, late night politics, gun violence.
  • Abby Huntsman hired as a Fox News reporter based in New York.
  • Concha: Megyn and Coop correct to avoid sharing shooter’s name.
  • Kelly File video: on media treatment of Melania Trump.
  • Wallenstein: Viewer reactions to Brian Williams’s return are mixed.
  • Brian Williams-led shooting coverage lifted MSNBC to…third place.
  • Q&A: Morgan Spurlock and branded content.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: Media

31 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. I’m trying to imagine a world where there is media consensus and peer pressure to never utter the name of Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, or Richard Speck in an effort to deincentivize people seeking this sort of immortality.

    Where interviews with family, friends, and acquaintances are nameless and faceless and the profiles rendered up to the public via PDF files rather the front pages of newspapers and the lead stories on Nightly News.

    Please do not spare me. Don’t protect me from them or from myself or from anything at all. Do your job and report from the housetops what happened and who done it.

    I cannot help but fear and suspect any other impulse.

    • I couldn’t have said it better. My only objection is the insane CNN-type dwelling upon subjects purely for ratings.

      • Maybe they’ll look into the role that 24h news coverage plays in sensationalizing even trivialities and desensitizing the public to utter ghastliness and take vows of silence.

        • There is no need for a vow of silence, just the use of common sense. They go nuts with speculation that is usually proven false. Stick to the facts, and they can’t go wrong.

          • the distinction between a half teaspoon of sugar in your coffee and pouring sugar into your coffee from a 50lb bag is a big difference. i do not expect a consensus, but i can hope decent people respond with the remote and public comments about the endless repetition, ignorant speculation, half rear ended pundit blather. all which amount to notoriety and fame for the least deserving most dangerous psyches in the world. i like the bin laden approach. bury them at sea in an undisclosed location and shut up about it. for all the ghouls gobbling up the broadcast gore there many times the amount just turning it off. Mike C mentioned it himself. it is only sensible.

          • the false speculation and endless repetition with technical wows resulting in the canonization of pukes are different topics, albeit committed by the same people.

  2. we end up here again. as this is ratings driven, to me the 2 pundits i see, MK, BOR, announcing they will not say the pukes name or air his picture seem to have plenty other things to talk about. one would have to guess traffic is driven by people knowing these shows have that stance. as more is known about the connections between notoriety and copy cat crime the more people will discourage the pay offs these pukes want. if cc and those that have her position of bring it all on keep up the arguments i see more people hardening their disgust at the sick “news” loops that include notoriety for a mass killer. if we have the public argument and we settle it with a remote, we have to hope the people in white hats win. because this is some sicko stuff. let me koin a word. Kardashioning the mass killers is not in “our” interest. you know the zoo sign? do not feed the animals?

  3. Two weeks of a dark, dank sky, fog, drizzle alternating with slimy mists, seeping umbrellas, muddy grimy shoes, dog feet, entryways, damp chill, dim rooms, muted colors, mushrooms growing in brackish autumn flower beds.

    I’m stuck in a Joyce Carol Oats novel.

  4. Pretty harsh assessment of gaffe-prone House Speaker wannabee Kevin McCarthy by Nina Easton and Susan Ferrecio on Fox News.

    Despite the minor embarrassment of using a misleading graph at the Planned Parenthood hearing I expect increasing support for the more polished, better educated and more articulate Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz. I suspect a lot of Republicans hope so.

    But that’s just me. Does Chaffetz really have the support necessary to prevail?

    Perhaps Chris Wallace and Howard Kurtz will have more on this on Sunday.

    • A commenter on the Free Republic website posted the following:

      “I’m still waiting for a link to the photo on CNN. How do you prove that CNN actually did this? I wouldn’t be surprised but a little proof is necessary.”

      I think he/she makes a good point.

      I’ll be damn if I can find a CNN webpage after searching for over 20 minutes. In fact, it’s difficult to find any CNN webpages showing any photo of the shooter — not just the one that Infowars cited.

      Oh well.

      • I tweeted the same thing: I can’t find a clip or a photo on CNN that matches the picture used in that comparison. So it’s sketchy at least until there’s some verification.

        • I was just noting on Twitter that Mercer’s complexion isn’t the only thing altered in that photo, but his lips and nose are narrowed too.

          I wish I hadn’t taken it as gospel that the photo came from CNN. That’s bad faith.

          • On CNN today in a discussion unrelated to the allegation of photo tampering (which I don’t think was mentioned at all) Brian Stelter stated:

            CNN has been using the name very occasionally and NEVER shown the face of the gunman.

          • I was skeptical because there was no logo or timestamp or anything on the lighter photo to indicate it was airing on CNN, and no program or date/time provided for when it was taken. You’d think at least they’d indicate the program it aired on if only to take a few shots at the anchor for airing it. But they didn’t.

          • I’m a little suspicious because it looks like a home photoshop job. CNN Graphics department would have FAR better graphics computers and artists who could do a FAR better job.

          • I’d say that there’s a place in hell for people who frame others by these hoaxes, but I think they must already reside there.

          • As much as I dislike CNN, neither they, nor any other organization, deserves this sort of crap.

      • I just tweeted a video of Anderson Cooper saying on CNN they were not showing the photo. Had no luck finding any concrete evidence that they did, and note that the version used in the original allegation has nothing denoting CNN anywhere on it, and no time/date is given for its origin.

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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Abby Huntsman hired as Fox News reporter based in the New York.

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