Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-O’Reilly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Cable newsers scramble to cover shootings at Oregon campus.
  • Throwback Thursday: John Gibson talks about his
  • Video: critiques CNBC’s restrictive debate criteria.
  • Despite CNN’s best efforts, Joe Biden will not be in their debate.
  • CNNC: Jake Tapper talks about the debate he won’t be moderating.
  • Concha: Why Chuck Todd is having a good week.  The ticker is back.
  • Q&A: Richard Wolffe on the Global Citizen Festival; Lisa Ling‘s Life.
  • Q&A: Bill O’Reilly on Killing Reagan.  Gretchen Carlson at Liberty U.
  • CNNC: No, CNN didn’t ‘bench’ Jake Tapper; HLN extreme makeover.
  • Wemple: Sean Hannity demonstrates the power of ideological media.
  • Stelter: Megyn Kelly success justifies Ailes’s 2013 primetime shake-up.

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  1. I couldn’t watch Red Eye after ten minutes or so because of Andrew Schultz. He’s part of the change-the-name-or-else movement that wants Washington’s NFL franchise to drop the Redskins nickname. Schultz used strawman arguments to make his points:
    1) Redskins (American Indians/Native Americans) were losers.
    2) The name may be tradition, but it was also tradition to only speak when spoken to. (Oh, he got Joanne good with that one! Boom!)

    • Mabye these ignorant “namers” want the State of Oklahoma to change its name, as well. Oklahoma means red skined people in Choctaw. Choctaws must be racists in their view.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 didn’t bench
    4 extreme makeover
    3 power of ideological media
    2 time at MSNBC
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Stelter: Megyn Kelly success justifies Ailes’s 2013 primetime shake-up.

      • Just remember, it was a “Gun Free Zone.” Didn’t the shooter realize that he was breaking the law?

        • so you know. as i was there 10 days ago. owned guns there. had a ccp. copied from news:

          “Umpqua Community College is a posted Gun Free Zone but allows concealed carry under Oregon law.”

          oregon’s conceal carry can only legally be prohibited on Federal property if i am not mistaken. a few other exceptions are courts, capital. but legally you can carry almost anywhere including schools. knowing rural Roseburg, almost everyone keeps a rifle in the truck for obvious reasons. buck fever. didn’t help this time i guess.

          Roseburg is 110 miles south of Eugene. 220 miles south of PDX in Douglas country. Peter Defazioville. it is in the Umpqua valley. the umpqua river diivides into the north and south bank. the school is is on the north bank umpqua river. quite beautiful. about 7 or 8 miles north of Roseburg. the south bank flows through the center of Roseburg proper. it is close to all white with many mexicans. rural. ex logging center. wine and tourist area. umpqua has high class rapids between RB and the coast, i forget how high, but is well known. the umpqua has salmon, steelhead and blueback runs. since logging is gone it’s principle activities agricultural, tourist, service, government. just for fyi

          oh, and the Umpquas are an indian tribe with a mega casino in Canyonville south of Roseberg where white people are regularly still scalped of their money by the bus load.

          • We have two casinos just outside of Miami, OK. The Prairie Moon and Prairie Sun. Easily accessable from I-44 and US 66. Twice the scalping opportunity.

            I’ve flown over Oregon, but never visited. One of the few states that I’ve missed.

          • oregon is big. we did occasional gigs in Boise. the ride from eugene, over the cascades into bend and across the state to Idaho is a looonnnng Texas like drive. on the return you could see Mt bachelor get bigger and bigger for 3 or 4 hours before you got there. very cool. had the kip kinkle deal years ago in springfield too. my money manager’s wife was a trauma surgeon at Mckenzie Willamette for that event. people on psycho-active meds.

          • people on psycho-active meds

            You mean like some of the trolls, royal and otherwise, that have pestered us here?
            (I couldn’t resist.)

          • according to two bitter people i am a troll, so i hesitate to use the word and use describing actions instead of using a term.

  3. Stephen Hayes could barely hold back his contempt for Obama’s gun control tantrum an hour ago. Shame that Obama has no way of recognizing that other than his core supporters and liberal media, his spent credibility kills any chance of “common sense gun safety” legislation. On the day that the last gun store in San Francisco was forced to close because of legal manipulations, we know what “common sense” means.

    • I knew that Obama would do it. Community organizers agitate, that is their reason for being.

  4. good news in the bad:

    from Oregonlive.

    7:25: Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin: “We do
    know we have at least two heroic officers who went into the building and
    exchanged gunfire with him.” Oregon State Police is handling the
    officer-involved shooting, he said, and will release information from an
    investigation in the future.

    7:20: Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin:”We have
    information that leads us to believe that we know who the shooter is.
    The official ID will come from the Medical Examiner’s office. Let me be
    very clear: I will not name the shooter. I will not give him the credit
    he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. Media will
    get the name confirmed in time, but you will never hear me mention his
    name. We encourage media to not use it, we encourage you not to repeat
    it, not to glorify and create sensationalism for him. He in no way
    deserves this.”

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