Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Bill O’Reilly talks Trump and more with Katie Couric: 
  • HLN anchor can’t tell Snowden from Scissorhands.  Flashback.
  • Survey says: FNC most trusted cablenews source, MSNBC least.
  • CNBC debate will have fewer participants but more questioners.
  • Wolff: MSNBC’s ‘straight news’ is likely to be an embarrassment.
  • Amster: Many deserve that MSNBC job more than Brian Williams.
  • Battaglio: Trump bump lifts cable news, with Megyn sitting on top.
  • Changing of the guard? A new ‘number one’ takes over cable news.
  • Q3 2015 cablenews program ranker: Fox News holds top 14 slots.
  • Fox SiriusXM headline service launches next week. Q&A: Lisa Ling.
  • F&F video: with the Breitling jet aerobatic team.
  • Nancy Grace live show moves to afternoons.  Chris Bath to CNN?
  • Factor video: Trump returns to the no-spin zone
  • Funt: The most skilled, compelling pundits tend to be from the right.

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33 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. “Funt:” Thought provoking piece, but I’m still not sure what the reason is for the Liberal/Conservative difference. (Although I kept looking for the hidden camera.) And I’d put O’Reilly in the ‘less than compelling’ group, along with Coulter, Hannity and a few others.

    • It’s a shame the TV Land reboot of Candid Camera was cancelled. I thought it had potential. I think some viewers were dissatisfied with Mayim Bialik as Peter’s co-host.

  2. Depending on which network you listen to today, it might just be fine that Putin took Obama’s lunch money after he bombed the rebels in Syria we said we would help, but did so half-heartedly. Tomorrow when he makes the wimp eat dirt in the schoolyard, I’m sure the same network will echo, that’s just part of the plan.

  3. The Quinnipiac Poll shows that of the cable channels, Fox News is the most successful in inspiring trust and an allegiance with people who aren’t politically aligned or politics junkies.

  4. The Wolff piece is interesting, Johnny, with the claim that Murdoch’s kids tell him how embarrassing they find Fox News.

    I’d view that claim with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t occur to the author that this would mean that they are unhappy with the most successful part of their empire.

    That would tend to show how much the influence of corporate agendas in the news media (along with the entertainment industry, etc) can easily take a back seat to the desire to conform with the prevailing ethos among the intelligentsia. It would illustrate a peer pressure that finds the proprieties of Regular Joes less compelling than the desire to cater to and to talk to a particular group of people.

  5. Wise old Larry say, “Interview someone with Twitter handle @fart, and you will soon smell like one.”
    HLN anchor Yasmin Vossoughian conducted an interview with a man claiming to be an Edward Snowden supporter this afternoon on the Daily Share. Unfortunately for Vossoughian, HLN booked a guest who goes by the Twitter handle @fart and got punked.

  6. Re: “Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier”

    I see Chuck Todd’s “MTP Daily” showed a slight improvement.

    Instead of CNN having 3X as many demo viewers — as they did on Monday — they only had 2X as many. 🙂

    Who at MSNBC thought this was a good idea?

    Were they not aware of how unpopular Chuck is with the dems in MSNBC’s target audience?

  7. Well, after a week of Pope Francis garnering media accolades they’d be hesitant to confer upon Jesus, we discover that the pope met with Kim Davis in order to encourage her in secret.

    I suspect the media doesn’t much care for this revelation, but they do understand the benefits of mutual back scratching.

    The meme of an enlightened pope, judgmental only of capitalism and small govt precepts is one they like very much. They’ll hold on to it.

    • Darn, “the people’s Pope” is a fan of the wrong people. All MSNBC seems to be interested in is how the meeting got set up as if somehow the Pope got tricked. Hope springs eternal. Well, at least misdirection does.

        • i have lived in 2 countries that have Catholicism as an official religion. the dichotomy of life and anti-homosexuality vs anti-capitalism is not a dichotomy here. they fit together. they are family oriented via politics. right or wrong. i have been moved by the Catholic anti-abortion comments here. not once have i heard a religious reason for not having abortion legal. it is always the simple “the baby did not do anything wrong”. i thought BOR’s interview with KC covered the pope well. everyone is complex.

          • The Catholic view is that human life begins at the moment of conception. If it is human life, to take that human life simply because that life is “inconvient” is murder. That is the religious reason.

          • aware of that, but was pointing out that here there is no right left issue with the Pope’s views as there is in the USA and that the reasoning i hear about abortion is not nuanced or complicated but simple and quite good. abortion is for the perceived benefit of the mother while to the detriment of the baby, but the baby did nothing wrong. it is a view more based on innocence. at least how i perceive it in my lousy Spanish. the modern world tries to erect false constructs as if there is some sort of difference between a fetus and a baby. no such thing exists here that i know of.

      • Cant help but get a kick out of MSNBC folks’ confusion. They have canonized Pope Francis all week as the challenger of our souls in embracing the service of advocating for liberal public policy.

        You know there were level-headed liberals who are Catholics who were warning them and who were never allowed to be the on-air party poopers.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 moves to afternoons
    4 holds top 14 slots
    3 takes over cable news
    2 likely to be an embarrassment
    And the most popular link in today’s links:
    1 The most skilled, compelling pundits tend to be from the right.

  9. i hate katie couric but that was one excellent interview. so apparently i am wrong again. the sign of a good interview is that you know nothing more about the interviewer and a lot more about the topic and interviewee. lots of new ground. well done.

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