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  1. Still when it comes to that kind of thing, they’re left in the dust by Trump. This is the guy who repeatedly says of his daughter: “She does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

    Trump is a real class act.

    • I like this line from Franken (Bob, not Al).

      those of us in the media who feed off this grotesqueness and get fat.

      And they’re all guilty to one degree or another.

    • I always took that as his way of complimenting his daughter via saying her level of beauty is so resplendent as to be in his league.

      It’s not perverse, just an amusingly and quintessentially “The Donald” egotastic take on things.

      • but it is perverse. hmmmm as a papi soltera of 2 now women and currently active in the lives of 6 young womenettes, 3 to 13. i go out of my way to not see them sexually. now that sounds contradictory to being a dad aware of stages and needs like training bras, suggestions of different clothes, explanations of white pants and panties, and pointing out all the pregnant little girls and how their lives are effected. not to mention attending to the sick and hurt, bathing suit malfunctions, mornings and bedtimes, but it is not contradictory. it is dad like to see the changes and be proud but have them secure that they are not sexual objects and to not tolerate people that act like that. since little girls marry dad like people there is little worse than having a dad essentially discussing their “meat value” in public. “ain’t she hot mo’n” does not work for me. but then i am overly sensitive to old men treating little and young women like straight men for my comedy needs by demeaning their value as people. alas.

        • I don’t equate the admiration of female pulchritude as being the equivalent of treating women sexually.

          Trump is saying that his daughter is so beautiful that she’d be the sort of woman he’d date if she weren’t his daughter (because he only dates the most beautiful of women, etc).

          It’s classic Trump hyping Trump.

          • it is classic pervert. there is a long diff between baby you are so pretty, and yeah, i’d hit it. which do you think trump meant? men using women as their straight men in a comedy line gross me out. protective for a reason. you may be a tough old bird. young people are impressionable.
            2nd time i as right and you are wrong. rarities:)

          • I think he meant ‘The fruit of my loins is world-class beautiful and natch…everything about me, from me, around me is world-class.’

          • he sexually objectified her. i could care less abut what he thinks or what his motives are. it sucks to be his daughter. punta. fin de historia.

  2. I don’t know why Megyn Kelly must show up for an interview wearing the dress of some Hong Kong streetwalker.

    She doesn’t need that aesthetically, professionally, or otherwise. She doesn’t do that on her show.

    Notice how vastly more chic the much older interviewer looks than Megyn.

    • Megyn’s style and taste in clothing isn’t mine and I do wonder why she wears what she does sometimes. I’m loathe to comment as I always found the too much make up and “do me dresses” comments offensive and petty.

      • I know what you mean, but I don’t pull valid criticism because there are haters in the world who find sexist remarks a means to their end.

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    • now now many people haven’t heard of this new president of Russia called Putin , as you know Yeltsin just stepped down and takes time to adjust … oh wait it’s not 2000 is it? nevermind

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