Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Wemple: Chuck Todd thinks MS/NBC can compete with CNN.
  • Video: O’Reilly talks to Kelly and Michael about Donald Trump.
  • Steinberg: Ailes and Trump will meet to iron out differences.
  • Concha: Rich Lowry should be suspended for poor taste, timing.
  • F&F video: CNN of sabotaging their live shot!
  • Wemple: Here’s the backstory of CNN Trumpologist Jeffrey Lord.
  • Rich Lowry references ‘balls’, triggering a twitter spat with Trump.
  • Erin Burnett returns today.  Coop’s moonlighting.  Big news for Isa.
  • Was Sanjay Gupta skeptical of vaccinations before he was for them?
  • Prominent CNN role in The Martian a by-product of The War on Fox?

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  1. Lowry was out of line, but even Trump should know that the FCC doesn’t regulate cable content. My guess is that he’s simply trying to stir up his uninformed base.

  2. Interesting that Dana Perino suggested to Megyn that after Thanksgiving the only remaining candidates might be the following:
    Trump, Carson, Rubio, Fiorina, Bush and Cruz.

      • agree on Kasich if the dementia addled electorate has even a few moments of lucidity. however i monitor politics in a variety of countries and everyone likes to think of themselves as unique when they are not. everywhere you see populism voting in consistently worse people. from Brazil to Greece, from Japan to Costa Rica. Venezuela, Guatamala, Salvador on and on. big, small, modern or not, the ism not important. Diogenes and his lamp can search all he wants for a single country electing someone better than they had and fail. love to be proven wrong but i am not hopeful. the trend is not my friend. oh yeah, the cops beat up Liberal (conservative) protesters in Managua again yesterday. traffic was Hades. likely missed the cable news of Ortega awarding the American ambassador Nicaragua’s highest award for terminating all land confiscation claims from the 70s, 80s land grabs.

  3. I take back what I said about Jedediah Bila and Ben Kissel. They didn’t say anything that offended me in their respective Red Eye appearances the last two nights.

    Bill McMorris, who appeared Monday night, on the other hand, is a snark generator.

    Matt Walton, who appeared Tuesday night, used to act in TV ads for Cablevision, my cable provider. I didn’t like the character he portrayed, but I don’t like Cablevision’s ads, anyway. Plus, I was irritated that certain channels were not added to the lineup. It was good to see the real Matt Walton, but I feel remorse for disliking the ad campaign he acted in.

    Hosted by Don Lemon at THE MEADOWLANDS in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 iron out differences
    4 O’Reilly talks
    3 triggering a twitter spat
    2 accuses Judge Nap
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Rich Lowry should be suspended for poor taste, timing.

        • Emasculated is a way of saying the same thing while keeping matters above board. Lowry should have gone down that road. He still scores the point on Trump without being blatant about it.

          • I think he knew full well what he was saying, and I think he wanted to expose Trump for the fraud that he is. You know, the “PC” destroyer and all that.

            Trump can dish it out but he certainly cannot take it.

          • I have a theory: being blatant was the point. Lowry wanted the comment to get noticed, to be sure that Trump would react to it. He deliberately poked a stick in the cage to get the tiger to roar and Trump obliged. Lowry is probing, finding Trump’s emotional weak spots, the ones that make him flare up the most. It’s the key to getting Trump on the path to collapse.

          • Lowry is a Bush supporter, part of the political insiders. He does not support Fiorina. None of that matters regarding this issue. What he writes at National Review doesn’t matter. Whether someone agrees with his comment on “The Kelly File” does not matter.
            What the issue is, what matters is, a standard of conduct on a news channel that is paying for his commentary. Let’s see how long it takes for him to reappear on FNC.

          • Didn’t take them long to cancel The Donald’s appearance on O’Reilly, Joe. They could have left him off had they wanted to…regardless of the schedule…

          • Tough position for Fox. If you reprimand him, you’re giving into Trump publicly. So I say it will be a behind-the-scenes slap with Rich unofficially not appearing for a bit. They have enough contributors to choose from to make it go almost unnoticed, but I’ll be tracking it 🙂

          • I agree. Lowry’s timing was lousy, and it DID put FOX in a bad spot.

            I still think that Trump needs to focus on what is important, and not react every time a pundit disses him. We already have a petulant juvenile in the Oval Office. We do not need another.

          • They are not going to discipline him at all.

            Since when is ‘balls’ a vulgarity, when we have Trump referring to menstruation and other such niceties?

          • My very first comment on this topic said he would get a pass. I never said he would be disciplined, certainly not publicly. I never used the term “vulgar.” Hell, I never even said I disagreed with his characterization.
            Objectivity appears to be drowned out amidst the cacophony of axe grinding.

          • Well JW, in your “reply” to my post, was your statement that “They are not going to discipline him at all” a response to my “Let’s see hhow long it takes for him to reappear on FNC?”

          • correct, i simply did not agree. considering the person referred to, not an out of bounds comment in my opinion. he earned the characterization. we can disagree without the childish characterizations.

          • I have an opposite ferry… By Rich going down that road… He makes Fox management look very bad. And I can almost guarantee you that they’re having a conversation with him right now… And you may not see him on the air for a little while.

          • Johnny just posted this, Joe…


          • He was on yesterday, but I just linked to a TVN piece that says he’s not being suspended. They were unhappy with his comments but not to the extent of punishment. I’m sure you’re correct that he’s been taken to the woodshed but they’re not making him stay there overnight.

          • That’s a little too easy, Johnny. I don’t know how strategic it is to probe a brash guy’s weak spots by saying he’s been turned into a gelding via explicit language.

            What’s next? Lowry goads Chris Christie into revealing himself as being Chris Christie by referencing female genitalia this time?

            Lowry illustrates Sen. McCain’s troublesome temper by calling him a term for a female dog?

            The only thing Lowry wished to highlight in that spot was Lowry.

    • he will get a pat on the back for returning in kind. who cares what MSM people whine about. both sides of the aisle like his comment because it is spot on.

      • Don’t know how whining MSM people is relevant to my comment. Nor do I understand what Lowry was returning in kind unless he believes it’s his role as a journalist to pick sides .
        You’ve actually proved my point that he’ll.get a pass because of who his target was. If Lowry had targeted anyone else with that language, he would face consequences.

        • 1. the whining is done by the media and a few others, very few. wanting to censure Lowry. oh boo hoo. lol.

          2. it is not the “who”, Trump, but the “what”. Trump has uttered some of the most ignorant outrageous rude comments in politics. Lowry responded in kind to Trump because Trump is an obscene un-serious jerk. it is the “what” Lowry appropriately responded to. you would have to compare Trump to the likes of Rosie, or Ed Schultz in obscenity levels.

          3. Maybe i am wrong, but Lowry is a is a pundit, not a journalist and is paid for opinion. hence, the sole consequences are not reading or listening to him, or NR firing him which would make no sense as he was spot on.

          as an aside, if you are looking to join Trump in thinking he is picked on undeservedly you will be in a very small group.

          • Did you read Joe Concha’s article linked above? My original post stands. He’ll get a pass BECAUSE the unprofessional language he used was aimed against the ogre running for president. Aimed at any other person………he doesn’t get a pass. That’s my point. My objection is to the language. My observation is why Lowry will get a pass.

          • no i do not read conch. in this case he is a wanna be pundit himself looking for a boost. too bad he picked the wrong thing to attack. not my fault, but i do not see how he is an authority to be cited on NR employee policy.
            aimed at any other person Lowry would not have said anything like that because other people are not pigs like Trump. indeed i have watched Lowry for years and never heard that sort of thing from him.

            that is my point, the language is earned. and as said earlier by someone smarter than i, i hope he is bleeding out of wherever. i love it so much, i had to steal it.

            your comments have always been cool, lets agree to simply not agree on this. i do not get hopped up about things said about some punk like Trump. if others want to worry about pundit honor, i just will have to not be included.

          • Yup- a wannabe pundit has his own show five night a week on a network that reaches 45 million homes on television and is streamed on what of the most popular political sites on the web. A wannabe who has a widely-read column on Mediaite. A wannabe who has appeared on CNN, Fox, MSNBC over 300 times. Now if I can just get noticed…

          • you need to review your own comments. however i do defer. you are an expert in rude, so i guess you must be right. somehow. someway.

          • Seems as though you may be a little thin skinned like The Donald, Joe. Mild criticism is intolerable to you oh so important people, right?

          • yawwwnnnnnn saved me the effort. i am sure his mom is proud but he has no more authority than you or i to tell NR that Lowry needs a hand slap. other than that. whiners whine and he and Trump are alike in that regard.

          • Yup – typical GC. Makes the initial comment then calls me the whiner. You’re really a one-trick pony and a repetitive one at that.

          • Naah, Joe. I get killed in the Mediaite sections by hundreds every column…it’s part of the contract and I’m hardly important (E-list at best). GC, however, has been doing this for as long as I can remember, and I consider this site and the commenters really sharp and spot-on given their opinions on cable news without the tedious barbs. So when the personal stuff comes in–and it only does with GC–I’ll address it.
            By the way, I’m a Joe W. as well. Parents named me after Joe Willie Namath. True story…

          • Now you are really hitting below the belt!!! I feel older than dirt now….I got married the year Joe Namath won the SB…

            Your folks picked a good name for you, my friend…Stay well, and stay above the fray…

          • Wow. I wasn’t even born yet…scary that the Jets haven’t won a SB since. But…I think they’re really in a nice position this year: Good young coach in Bowles, great defense, solid running game, weak conference outside of the Pats. Have a good one as well.

          • Well, ONE is better than my Chargers, Joe. My boys have been to one show, only to get pounded by the niners. 49 years a fan, and 49 years on the outside looking in…maybe someday, who knows?

          • And I recall, gave up 49 to the 49ers in the their only SB appearance. Not looking that up…but I want to say 49-26.

          • Something like that. All I know is that the Niners scored quickly when Steve Young hit Rice for a 50 yarder…it was never even close….

          • Me to Joe W.

            Not only was I married the year before he won one of the most improbable Super Bowl outcomes ever, but Joe Willie Namath (along with Muhammad Ali and Roger Staubach) and I were all born in the same year.

            I was a huge fan and hope Namath’s Jets make the playoffs.

        • Lowry has never said he is an unbiased media person. He works for a National Review, a right leaning publication. It was founded by William F Buckley for goodness sake. So yes, he does pick sides as is completely evident by anyone who knows where he works and what he says on TV.

          • Non sequiter. I never said Lowry was supposed to be unbiased in a partisan way. I never said he shouldn’t support one candidate over the others. I never said he shouldn’t criticize a candidate in his party.
            What I said was the justification for using inappropriate language on a news program of “returning in kind” doesn’t hold water unless he believes it’s his role as a journalist/commentator to pick a side and enter the fray.

  6. I am not Catholic, but I am thankful that we finally found someone who can take the headlines from Donald Trump. Thank you Pope Francis!

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