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  1. On the heels of Donald Trump’s six-point drop in the last 11 days in the CNN/ORC poll is the fascination with Donald Trump starting to fade?

    Joe Concha poses this question in a Sunday post on Mediaite where he offers several examples to support his position, including, “The more serious and substantive candidates are outshining those who speak in overarching themes with little in the way of specifics.”

    It will be interesting to see in the coming week if any of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters at Fox News (e.g., Hannity, O’Reilly, F&F co-hosts, Bolling, Faulkner and Guilfoyle) show hints of ever so gradually (and subtly) shifting their allegiance to Fiorina or Rubio.

    • Boy, is Harris Faulkner deluding herself in thinking that.

      I would accept that she was giving Trump the benefit of the doubt in accepting his explanation of his statement, but based on his history that’s a questionable response.

      • On Friday, September 18th ‘One Lucky Guy’ Arthur Aidala and the panelists were discussing Trump vs. Fiorina.

        At one point, following several comments critical of Trump, Harris chimed in saying (or asking), “You don’t think he was talking about her persona?”

        At which point Kennedy exclaimed, “Oh, come on!”

        Sorry, but that’s about all I remember Johnny. I’m old and forgetful. 😊

        • That’s a rhetorical question a journalist might ask in bringing into the equation what Trump said he meant my his remark.

          That’s not a defense of his explanation or a position that she’s taken.

          • Well, you can see that if you wish, but you’re making the sort of hardline interpretation stance toward a remark that Harris did not take in her question to her peers and audience.

          • Differences aside, my point remains — from my OP — Harris Faulkner is very much a fan of Donald Trump — and I still wonder if we will begin to see a subtle shift in her loyalty. (She also took his side after the remark Trump made questioning John McCain’s status as a war hero.)

          • CNN asked some well known people what question they would ask at the CNN debate if they were a moderator.

            Glenn Beck posed the following question, “If the average citizen thinks God has nothing to do with government, who then creates our rights and what makes them inalienable?”

            Would you not think this is Glenn Beck’s actual opinion?

            Or when Penn Jillette asked, “Should the government get out of the business of legally sanctioning marriages?”

          • Thank god for Google, Larry.

            It makes my memory and recall — especially of names — appear much better than it actually is.

            Although I will admit I had a little difficulty finding Arthur Aidala. You can’t search on “chubby balding attorney with a thick Brooklyn accent.”

        • I saw that when it happened. Not only was it not an opinion but a question, but the context reminded me of the “how was the play, Mrs Lincoln?” sort of question. After a series of critiques of Trump, Harris says so I take you you don’t think he was referring to her personality?

          I certainly didn’t think her question, however it was intended, was a sneaky way for her to stick up for Trump. Poking around the Google I find roughly zero websites that pounced on this…which, if they took it as you did, you know would trumpet it from the rooftops. 😉

          • It was subtle, hence no website mentions. It was on Twitter where it was pointed out that this feeds into an ongoing narrative that Harris Faulkner is biased in favor of Donald Trump.

            I have little doubt Harris thinks Trump was referring to Fiorina’s persona (or personality). Otherwise, why even pose the question in the midst of a discussion critical of Trump.

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

          • If it was so subtle that Media Matters, Raw Story, Think Progress, and the newshounds all ignored it, then it must be the most subtle statement in the whole history of subtle statements.

          • Not every day, but I do find examples somewhat regularly of errors/bias/misrepresentations on TV (cable and broadcast) that for whatever reason get overlooked by the TV media and websites.

            Remember back in June the NY Times (in an article about Marco Rubio’s finances) was taken to task for referring to his fishing boat as a speedboat?

            It went viral that very day and you would think no one would make that same mistake the following day.

            But noooooo…the Today show made the same bogus claim the very next day. But AFAIK no one picked up on it.

            With the explosion of social media granted it doesn’t happen often…but it does happen.

            Or it his case, it was on social media but apparently didn’t make it to websites and cable news opinion shows.

  2. Brian Williams: having someone move from NBC Nightly News and another guy from being a VP to being an EP. Wow, he’s improving the careers of all kinds of people around him.

    Sometimes you just hang on to the coat tails of the wrong person.

  3. Re: “R.I.P. Jake Brewer. More.”: I’m touched to see how many people have donated to the fund that Guy Benson set up. The goal is on pace to be reached by tonight.

        • The goal has been reached and exceeded. Bill just might talk about it since the following link was added to the homepage:

          Remembering a Patriot
          The Jake Brewer Memorial Education Fund

          Husband of Fox News Contributor Mary Katharine Ham and a senior policy advisor at the White House, Jake Brewer died tragically on September 19, 2015. He dedicated his life to helping others and making government work better.

          Please consider making a donation in his honor.
          (“Donate” icon)

          • I really appreciated Megyn Kelly’s tweet on Sunday. It really echoed my feelings.

            God bless her. Say a prayer for their strength and, eventually, healing.

            I suspect most of us recognize that the very likable Mary Katharine has a difficult time ahead as she struggles with such a sad and sudden loss.

          • I’ve got the old man all planned and paid for down to the music and pianist.

            Occasionally, he’ll say he won’t be two weeks postmortem before I’m tripping around with a new man. I tell him he can bank on it so he best plan on never leaving me.

          • sarcasm? i am front loading and paying for cremation so no one tries to transport me internationally. the only thing worse than post death complications is the loss itself. PLAN people.

          • I couldn’t agree more. No one wants to think that far ahead. Planning ahead saves those left behind from a lot of added grief.

  4. Sunday Morning Futures keeps listing Cablevision’s FBN channel as 772 in the on-screen graphic at the end of the show. While that was true when the SD and HD channels were separate, it has not been the case since mid-July when the channel lineup was revamped. For Cablevision subscribers with an HD STB (set-top box) or DVR, SD channels have been in HD for five years, rendering HD equivalent channels meaningless. Like Comcast, FBN can be seen on channel 106.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zionist group demands Fox fire someone who doesn’t work for them.

    • Klein seems to have “frequent guest on Hannity” confused with “employed by Fox.” Her comments were odious, however short of Fox not having her on anymore (an excellent idea), they have no control over what she or any other guest says when they are not on-air.

  6. Earlier today I commented about my curiosity whether some Trump fans on Fox News might begin to gradually alter their mostly favorable comments given his 8-point drop in the new CNN/ORC poll released on Sunday.

    Well, it looks like just the opposite is happening (sort of) in the case of Bill O’Reilly.

    Instead of Mr. Bill altering his mostly favorable comments about Donald Trump it appears quite the opposite is happening.

    It is Mr. Trump who is the one altering his mostly favorable comments about Mr. Bill to go on the attack about The Factor having on “too many Trump haters on his show.”

    Perhaps I should consider getting out of the prediction (or prognostication) business.

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