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  1. Watched both the CNN and FNC post debate analysis.

    If you take Charles Krauthammer’s grades for each candidate and factor in the consensus over at CNN then Carly Fiorina was the clear winner followed by Marco Rubio and then Chris Christie coming in third.

    Another consensus was that Donald Trump had a less than stellar night and so did Ben Carson.

    There was some chirping by Mr. Bill and also some on Twitter that there was a concerted effort (in the first hour at least) to frame the questioning to pit candidates against Trump.

    That was not my takeaway. I am not saying they were wrong. Just that I saw it differently.

    • I thought it was a noble idea to try to get candidates to mix it up, but after a while the formula became clumsy and obvious: Mr A said something about Mr B. Mr B what about it? Split screen, hope for fireworks. I had a hard time finding links to people who liked the format; the closest was Nolte of Breitbart, who probably holds a grudge against Fox because Megyn was mean to Trump. Also it was too long.

      If they wanted to encourage interaction then they should’ve broken the 3 hours into 90-minute blocks, and have half the candidates in each block. Roundtable format, like The Five, with one moderator. Having time limits and then routinely ignoring them, or Tapper repeatedly interrupting trying to get them to comply after he lit the fuse that got them going, just didn’t work.

      • I think you’re spot on about John Nolte’s review. As many of us know the Trump fans at Breitbart have been some of the harshest critics of Megyn and Fox News.

        As far as the criticism from those in the media, it reminds me of the disparate reactions between critics and fans to a very popular ‘blockbuster’ action film.

        The professional move critics rip it to pieces for a superfluous plot, convoluted storyline and overuse of special effects — while the fans love the movie, packing theaters setting near record attendance numbers and creating buzz on social media.

        While my Twitter feed had some comments about it being too long (duh) and suggestions that Ailes knows better how to produce a debate than Zucker does, I found most of the tweets about content (i.e.,candidate comments) — not process or production value.

        As Nicolle Wallace told super debate critic (and CNN competitor) Joe Scarborough this morning, I thought it was “scintillating.”

        I appreciate the many links you posted regarding debate reviews. Well done Johnny,

    • I’m with you. Bill may challenge Trump on some questions, but he’s nonetheless a staunch Trump defender. I don’t care what he says to the contrary.

  2. Looks like CNN, while setting a ratings record for CNN, may have come up 3-4 million short of the record-setting ratings for the Fox News debate.

    “The overnight ratings estimates are subject to adjustments. But the 14.7 rating is likely to translate to 20-plus million viewers once final viewership figures come out Thursday afternoon.

    Fox’s GOP debate last month received a 16.0 preliminary rating the next morning. That number later extrapolated to 24 million live viewers.”

    You can read more here.

    • Didn’t like what I saw from Tapper. Heard comments about why Bash & Hewitt since they seemed to not have much airtime.

      • My theory is that Bash was there because Fox used Megyn Kelly. CNN felt they had to have a woman. She was window dressing and wasn’t a co-moderator like Megyn was. Tapper was clearly in charge.

        Hewitt was there probably because the GOP demanded it. They were afraid of people like Carol Costello or Cooper tossing stink bombs and wanted a solid conservative in there to tamp down any inclination to ask, for example, a series of contraception questions. Fox wouldn’t agree to an outsider being part of the team but the GOP trusted Fox. CNN cut a deal with Salem networks for them to co-produce and air it on radio, and so they had to take Hewitt or they wouldn’t get a debate at all. Hewitt is probably not too pleased at being so badly marginalized. There was that weird moment early on where Hewitt and Trump were making goo-goo eyes at each other and Trump kept saying how Hewitt loved his interview etc and Tapper might have wanted to avoid another round of that.

  3. “debate snags 22.9 million”
    I’m really interested in the hour-by-hour numbers. How high were the early numbers, how far did they fall as the debate wore on….and I do mean “wore on.”

    • If true, I underestimated by 6 million.

      Caveat: The WSJ is reporting that these are preliminary estimates from Nielsen provided to CNN. Not sure what exactly this means, but it is noteworthy IMO.

      • My curiosity is specific to the effect of CNN’s brazen fisticuffs promos on ratings early on and the amount of decline as viewers became dissatisfied.

    • Just saw this on Twitter.

      Brian Stelter ‏@brianstelter

      CNN’s hourly average audience on Wednesday
      5pm: 1.0 mil
      6pm: 4.8 mil
      7pm: 7.2 mil
      8pm: 20.7 mil
      9pm: 24.7 mil
      10pm: 22.5 mil
      11pm: 9.8 mil

      • Thanks, MT. That’s exactly what I was looking for, though it’s unclear how to evaluate the data. Ex: 8pm 20.7 mil. Is that 20.7 mil exactly at 8pm or is it the average throughout the 8pm hour?

    • That is the question. When she premieres we’ll know fairly soon if it’s going to be another two hours like Thomas A Roberts, which is “news” in the same sense Pravda was news, or if it will make an attempt at actual balanced reportage. With MSNBC continuing to hire far-left opinion people to be their “correspondents” I am not optimistic. Kate Snow should realize that if she permits herself to be used to front a propaganda show her rep will suffer. Although maybe not; Thomas Roberts gets away with it.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Weak questions
    4 didn’t have the authority
    3 Chris Christie foils
    2 Bill Hemmer compares
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Questions: Awful (Griswold).

  5. Hillary in Situation Room: I missed the beginning of the interview/campaign commercial. Wolf asked questions, Hillary talked at length, not a single answer could be found.

  6. How great to see the Beltway Boys, Fred Barnes and Mort Kondrake, with Bret Baier today. It reminded me of a very early episode of Red Eye. Greg introduced Mike Baker by saying some crazy thing and Mike, pretending to look bewildered, said he thought he was going to be on The Beltway Boys. At Half-Time, Andy said to Mike, Uh, this show isn’t The Beltway Boys, it’s The Beltless Boys. Sorry…I really miss the old Red Eye.

          • I just finishes with season 4. American Indians, the “rez” as they call it, Indian culture etc play a big part in the storyline, more so as the seasons progress. I find it interesting and well done but what I know about Indians is I remember a movie where Joey Bishop played one, so I’d be curious if you get around to seeing the show what you think of that aspect.

          • I do know that “rez” is slang for the reservation, but I really don’t know a lot about reservation life. Ours were taken away in the mid 1800’s. I do remember visiting or driving through ones in Arizona and California.
            Fun fact – Much of the land in Palm Springs and surrounding cities in the Coachella Valley is owned by various tribes and leased long term to the cities and individuals.

          • I should also add that life on many isolated reservations in the West is grim for many younger indians. High unemployment, alcoholism, drug use and a lack of self-pride leads to a serious mess.

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