Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Jenna Lee reacts to Conan bit.  David Gregory remembers Tony Snow.
  • TCG: Controversy lingers as Dylan Byers joins Fareed Zakaria at CNN.
  • Somerby: Why All In with Hayes gave Donald Trump ‘oodles of time‘.
  • Megyn Kelly’s media moment: she’s ‘not contained to set expectations’.
  • Tapped out? Wemple says Coop, not Jake, set to moderate Dem debate.
  • Video: with Jimmy Kimmel.  Q&A: Dana Bash (via CNNC).
  • Seriously, CNN? Quiet, please. Concha: Numbers. FNC live post-game.
  • Flashback: CNN Political Director smears Mitt Romney as racist; more.
  • Latino group demands CNN ban ‘illegal’; CNN agrees to ‘new guidelines’.
  • CNN’s Trumpgasm: 2,159 reports, more than FNC or MSNBC (v/CNNC).
  • F&F video: Anna helps Surfers Healing to
  • Upset: Trump speech helps Lou Dobbs Tonight top all business news shows.

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32 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. “Illegal” aliens are here illegally because they violated laws knowingly and their existence here is thus illegal. “Undocumented” is what my dog is.

    • Preferred term: Non United States citizens coming from outside of the United States who enter the United States in a manner that does not comply with the laws regarding non United States citizens entering the United States and/or non United States citizens who enter the United States in a manner that complies with the laws of the United States but remain in the United States in a manner that does not comply with the laws of the United States regarding non United States citizens remaining in the United States past the date allowed by the laws of the United States, unless someone is offended.

    • I remember back in 1955 when, under President Eisenhower, the Border Patrol ran “Operation Wetback”. That name probably wouldn’t be approved today.

      • Back in the day I used to blow the noon siren that called the migrants out of the lettuce fields for their lunch break. I never thought of that “nickname” as deragatory as I saw the dignity in their stamina and work ethic.

  2. The rules restricting audience participation may help Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. As a viewer, don’t know that we are getting any more information in a more CSpan style debate vs a Fox style.

  3. Re: “Jenna Lee reacts to Conan bit”: I generally like Conan, but not when it comes to his left-leaning political humor. He’s previously taken shots at Bill O’Reilly, including during the ex-producer situation, and reflected negatively on meeting Bill at an Oscars after party. I expect Conan to reply to Jenna’s reaction by genuinely apologizing or doubling down, or he won’t acknowledge her reaction and move on.

    I’m not watching the debate tonight, but I will DVR the 11PM O’Reilly Factor.

    • Jenna Lee looks fetching sipping from a straw in a picture she took for a food blog, so Conan runs it side by side with a pic of a porn star.


  4. Shep: “You have to watch CNN tonight because the debate’s on CNN, but hold your nose and the minute it’s over, come back here…”
    Guy cracks me up.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Numbers
    4 Controversy lingers
    3 Seriously, CNN?
    2 Jenna Lee reacts
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Megyn Kelly’s media moment: she’s ‘not contained to set expectations’.

  6. Just began watching after my senior nap.

    The first 10-15 minutes was just what Jake Tapper had hoped for with 1/2 dozen candidates all engaging each other.

    Can’t wait to see what the remainder holds.

    So far it’s exceeded my low expectations.

    BTW, I thought Christie gave the strongest opening 30 second bio and I also
    noticed that Scott Walker looks energized and Marco Rubio continues to
    be a little wooden although on issues he’s usually pretty good as he
    showed in the FNC debate.

    Your thoughts.

  7. Breitbart columnist John Nolte’s take,

    The questions were mostly good: solid foreign and domestic policy questions. Hugh Hewitt got nowhere near enough time to ask questions. Tapper is great. Nothing against him. But why not use Hewitt more? It was absurd how under-used he was. Dana Bash was just awful. Total amateur.

    Trump, in my opinion, was a little exposed. I think he needs to show incremental improvement on policy issues in order to hold on to his lead. He didn’t do that.

    Fiorina won the debate. This was a real breakout performance for her, especially in the first hour.

    The Fox News debate was much better produced and had more energy. CNN’s questions were better.

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