Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Brad Thor and panel preview
  • Parker: CNN’s Tapper looks to provoke a fight in part deux.  More.
  • Sunday showdown: Media Buzz tops Reliable.  Weekend numbers.
  • Fox Biz beats CNBC in after-market hours.  Investors Club renewed.
  • Greta to interview WDBJ shooting survivor.  Laurie Dhue resurfaces.
  • F&F video: on Trump’s voter appeal.  Q&A: Trish Regan.
  • Most Pretentious Job Title Contest entrant.  Kilmeade in the naked city.
  • Winslow: Andrew Morse ready to lead his CNN team into ‘the next war’.

45 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. May God bless and keep Laurie Dhue. It’s good to see someone not only turn their life around, but dedicate themselves to helping others do the same.

  2. Here’s the ratings for the “Cost Of Freedom Block” on Saturday Sept 12

    Looks like twitter.com/ericbolling should concentrate more on trying to get viewers instead of promoting #WakeUpAmerica. Pretty sad when you brag your show has over 1/2 million tweets each month, but you come in dead last in COFB in the ratings against shows that might get 5,000 tweets a month.

    Let that be a lesson in social media.

  3. Excellent point by Rush illustrating how bias in the major networks comes at the whim of the producers. You can even see it within the same network as CBS in the morning has a better balance that CBS in the evening. Give two whittlers the same block of wood, and they can carve straight or carve crooked.

  4. Re: “Parker: CNN’s Tapper looks to provoke a fight in debate part deux”

    Jake Tapper said, “That’s how we’ve been crafting our questions, so that Senator X will respond to what Governor Y said about him or a policy he proposed, and try to encourage them to actually debate.”

    Sounds like a worthwhile objective to me. Not sure why some are concerned the debate could turn into some kind of game of insults,

    I run hot and cold on Tapper myself as a TV guy with a droll personality and an awful voice for television — but I do think he’s a decent journalist.

    Having said this, I submit that Jake’s proposal sounds good for two reasons:
    1. Hopefully it will be entertaining and make for good TV.
    2. It will be an opportunity for the audience to see the candidates themselves address their differences instead of the media filter.

    The Downside
    Personally, I don’t see that many differences in their positions for state primary voters on key issues like the Iran Nuclear Deal, ISIS, education reform, immigration, religious liberty, entitlement reform and Black Lives Matter.

    So Mr. Tapper’s hope to provoke debates between the candidates may be a tad too optimistic and wishful thinking on his part.

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up being a “spit ball contest” as a comment posted here yesterday suggested.

    Given that moderators Tapper, Bash and Hewitt don’t bring the energy and aggressive style as Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace my own view is that CNN may take some real hits in the media post debate if they don’t all bring their ‘A’ game. And perhaps even that won’t be enough.


      Zucker is cravenly craving ratings by promoting a fight, ala Don King. Absolutely everything coming out of CNN recently is setting the debate stage as The Rumble at Simi Valley.
      Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN’s ratings for The Main Event top the FNC Debate numbers.

      • Zucker said, “This is Round 2 of a heavyweight bout” for which he was criticized by suggestions that, “We need more inventive sports analogies for politics.”

        Pure hype and as you said a craven ploy for ratings.

        I tend to put more credence in Jake Tapper who told a network colleague. “I am going to try to get them to address each other and actually debate.” This is a good thing. But can he and his two co-moderators pull it off. Color me skeptical.

        • Tonight on CNN-
          Tapper, “Who’s going to throw the first punch.”
          Unknown commentator, “The other candidates have to punch in their own weight class.”
          Cooper, “Could turn into a knife fight.”
          Unk Cmntr, “Brawl.”
          Rand Paul egged on in an interview, “I like to rumble.”
          And on and on and on.

    • Guess who used “spit ball fight” in post debate analysis to describe where Jake Tapper was trying to steer the candidates?

  5. Re: “Outnumbered video: Brad Thor and panel preview Trump vs Carly”

    Did Sandra Smith say that Trump didn’t insult Fiorina — disagreeing with Kennedy?

    I think she did.

    Wow. To each his/her own I guess. Even Andrea seemed to defend Trump when she said she doesn’t think Trump is insecure — disagreeing with Brad Thor. Hmmm.

    That’s one of the things I like about watching cable news videos. Especially when they don’t all march to the same drummer. It’s interesting to hear other ‘smart’ people’s opinions — even if I disagree. Sometimes I even change my mind or modify my thinking. 🙂

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