Monday Links and Open Thread

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  1. CNN goes ‘all in’ on round 2-
    “We’re going to be reading what other people have said about them,” Tapper said. “We want them to debate not with me but each other.”

    Doesn’t sound like a debate to me. Sounds like a spit ball contest.

        • I think he meant “other candidates.” This would be consistent with his next sentence, “”We want them to debate not with me but each other.”

          But who knows for sure. It’s not like Tapper to be so ambiguous in his wording.

          As for the anticipated ratings, I am going to go with 60%-70% of the record breaking Fox News 24M. Apparently they need 75% to set a CNN record for highest ratings all time for this channel.

      • He will not anyway. Tapper is 100 times the professional journalist that Megyn Kelly is. If he got any grief, you can be sure he will not whine endlessly about it. He knows the debate is not all about him.

          • Like you do not know. Megyn Kelly. All that nothing is going to stop her from being a journalist stuff afterwards. She talked for days. To her harm. She should have done her job and not talked about herself so much.

          • I asked what whining about getting grief from Trump. Do you have four or five examples of her “whining endlessly” as you say “for days” about getting grief from Trump? That would probably suffice to substantiate your claim.

          • Get serious for once. Get a Big Chief Tablet and a pencil. Watch her performance on the Howie Kurtz show and make your own list. Unlike you, I do not like to play games.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 the wild card
    4 another round of layoffs
    3 resurfaces
    2 continue to rule
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Turmoil at Bloomberg TV amidst nearly a dozen departures.

  3. Having come late to the party, I deleted spots where I’m guessing a troll stained the blog carpet. Yep, I detect a whiff of ammonia.

  4. Hope they find the owners of the pit bulls that attacked that poor man in the Father Jonathan story. They should be held responsible for his medical bills. As I recall, Kimberly Guilfoyle first made a name for herself prosecuting an owner of a dog that attacked someone.

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