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  1. On Tuesday night I thought it was pretty dishonest for Donald Trump to impune the accuracy of Mr. Bill’s researchers who reported that Trump recently expressed concern about totally defunding Planned Parenthood. Trump claimed that wasn’t true.

    During an August 11th appearance on CNN’s New Day he specifically said:

    “Before defunding Planned Parenthood entirely, I would look at the positive aspects of the organization.”

    “I would look at the good aspects of it, and I would also look because I’m sure they do some things properly and good for women. I would look at that, and I would look at other aspects also, but we have to take care of women.”

    I suspect Bill O’Reilly was trying to avoid a heated argument — as is Trump’s style when he’s challenged. But I wish he would have challenged Trump the way Chris Wallace probably would have.

    It’s a sore point with me how much Mr. Trump gets away with on cable news — often times fabricating with impunity.

    Oh well — at least he’s entertaining — unlike Hillary and Jeb.

    • I agree with you. If O’Reilly is too fearful of Trump to challenge him, he should not have him on. Trump has tamed Fox. I hope the other networks do not run as scared.

      • You’re responding to your own voice.

        The guy you’re formally replying to did not suggest that Fox is running scared. He suggested that OReilly moved on rather than getting bogged down in the sort of exchange that works theatrically for Trump.

        He then suggested that the top journalist at Fox would have not made that decision, but would have challenged Trump.

        • What’s more O’Reilly said, on the air, he was going to check on the reporting that Trump was backing Planned Parenthood, who said it, if it was true, and do a follow-up on The Factor. But you probably would have to have watched the program to know he said that.

          Expounding on things without having seen them is a dishonest internet trend mostly favored by people with ulterior motives, and I’m glad that we have smart and insightful regulars like Michael T who don’t succumb to it. Perhaps newcomers to the online world aren’t aware of how such trollery is frowned upon where discussions are taken seriously.

          • Back off and stop preaching. I watched the entire clip you posted. If that is insufficient that is your doing or not doing. It is not mine. I do not live in a place where Fox is available. So, I did the best I could. did you?

          • Hey, simmer down. I wasn’t even talking to you and here you are lecturing me about how to run my own website? When you have your own website you can tell people what to do there. Not here.

          • Maybe if you were not in such a rush to insult your guests, you might have answered the question. Was the tape you posted good enough for me to base my opinion on? If it is not, is there some place I should look for the complete picture? Thank you for your answer.

          • It summarized what several different sources said but didn’t declare Trump correct or incorrect. He then speculated on what Trump might do!

            I thought there wasn’t much ambiguity about the whole kerfuffle right from the start. Trump said he wouldn’t fund PP if they do abortions, but if they get out of the abortion business he’d be willing to fund some of their other activities. I don’t think that’s especially hard for people to understand, but for some reason it’s not being communicated very well.

        • This new voice seems to be underpinned by constantly being distorting or just wrong. I smell an unwashed sock (puppet?). But I could be wrong. Then I might not be, nose is stuffy.

    • It now seems to me that this ‘may’ be what happened.

      Prior to the aforementioned August 11th interview on CNN (a clip I found in less than 10 minutes) he had conversations with his wife and possibly his daughter about defunding PP.

      He may have concluded that PP did some good work and that a total defunding might not be the best position to take — either morally or politically — and might turn off some potential women voters who his wife convinced him support the non-abortion work they do. (Pure speculation on my part.)

      Based on this CNN interview and the Daily Beast column some (e.g., BOR researches) may have incorrectly concluded that Trump was opposed to total defunding, which was not the case. He was only questioning the prudence of total defunding.

      So Mr. Bill suggested to Trump that he would not support defunding PP when it would have been better (consistent with the 8/11 interview and the Daily Beast column) to say, “I understand you have some misgivings about totally defunding PP.”

      But my guess is that even this new formulation may have still annoyed Trump who — it seems clear now — has decided to take a position more popular with his supporters and support total defunding. He appeared very annoyed (fake or real) at any suggestion he ever did not fully support defunding. It would not be the first time Mr. Trump has changed his mind about an earlier position,

  2. Shep’s insertion of opinion into his coverage can be both endearing or aggravating depending on your POV. Yesterday he hacked off GOPUSA EAGLE:
    ‘”Haters are going to hate” is how Shepard Smith of Fox News referred to supporters of Christian clerk Kim Davis on his Tuesday afternoon show. It was another example of the anti-Christian bias that has been rearing its ugly head on a channel that many conservatives had looked to for “fair and balanced” coverage of the issues they care about.’

    • There’s no question that Shep slips opinion into his reporting. But he’s not the only one, so it’s balances out. I can name people on every news channel who are billed as “anchors” or “journalists” who slip into opinionating. Fox strayers often get dinged for doing so, while Shep gets a pass. I’m not saying I want people to rail against him. The news/opinion line isn’t respected on any news channel, so if Shep strays a bit, that balances it out when someone else strays in the opposite direction. I think the advantage FNC has is that it’s not a channel where all the straying goes one way.

      • My problem with Shep is not his expressing an opinion; the who, what, where and why, it’s the how he does it that does it for me.
        Condescending ridicule, mockery, and snarky elitism abound. It’s not a good idea to ridicule folks from atop the deck when you’re dealing cards from the bottom of the deck (being factually inaccurate).

    • I think Kim Davis is wrong in her action. She isn’t the operator of a private business, or church, she is a representative of govt and if she keeps it up should be removed or impeached.

      That said, I agree with the quote you site. For Shep to ignore any consideration of centuries old religious doctrine and to cast aside reason and gravitas in order to toss off a sentiment suited to the profundity of blog board partisans is the stuff of MSNBC.

      • Davis has every right to live her life according to her Christian beliefs. To do that she should have resigned her office as county clerk. But to keep that office and refuse to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples is forcing her religious beliefs on others. That is wrong.

      • Sometimes you get a little snotty but not got the scald on that pan of chicken. The interview with her and her husband and Mike Huckabee was a hoot and a half. I thought I was watching Hee Haw.

        • I admit I can be a bit caustic at rare times, but I don’t go to a blog and lecture the owner on what he should not be encouraging at his site.

          • You might be right. I was raised in a middle class family with middle class values and if we did not treat guests with warmth and courtesy and hospitality, we were in lots of trouble. Maybe it is different with upper class values.

          • And, I’m sure that you were taught that when you were a guest in someone’s home, you didn’t tell them off, like you did Johnny.

          • You’re being on a site one day and then blasting the owner over what you think he shouldn’t be saying to his readers is not “mild”.

            It’s rude and condescending and has set a tone of what you’re about here.

          • You may not be such a good judge of that bit I have not intended to be rude to anyone. I just think that the “Fox hater” thing is really stupid. I can say that Modern Family is an awful show with bad actors. That does not mean I hate the show. I just have different tastes. The whole hate thing is just used to end talking about something. Like saying I hate Democrats. Then you do not talk about why. It is lazy and silly to do that.

          • I didn’t say anything about your being a Fox hater.

            You wouldn’t have to hate Fox to have disdain for any right of center people who watch it.

            Then again, you could hate Fox.

            Go back and read all your comments since you started here. It won’t be hard since your tenure under your disqus name seems to have started here.

            I’d be very surprised if you had the same history on a Modern Family discussion board if anyone there thought you had much to offer in the way of insight or anything other than prickliness.

          • Consider that your host wasn’t being rude to you and, in fact, wasn’t even addressing you when you deigned to upbraid him on what he shouldn’t be encouraging on his site.

            I don’t think values are based upon class. They’re based upon good will.

            I’m fairly certain there’s not a person here who is unaware of where you stand with that.

      • You are So right ! The “haters” Shep was referring to ,was with regard to the Haters of Gay people ,and maybe other minorities.Shep is not anti-Christian.
        I totally agree with Shep..and he doesn’t mince his words. Shep told the Truth..there were haters at that Rally !
        Plus…the likes of some “presidential” candidates ,were only there to increase their profile in the polls…and to further their own agenda.
        My Lord…Two of them were even squabbling behind the scenes, about who was gonna get to speak…and get the “Money Shot !”
        Shep had the whole situation pegged exactly right .
        And just to give Kim Davis a Reluctant mention….She is entitled to her own opinion, but she should use the accomodation afforded her…and let the rest of her staff issue the marriage certificates.
        If she doesn’t do that…She will be proven to be enjoying the attention she is seeking though it will be short lived !!.
        The “presidential” canditates will drop her…when she no longer serves to Further their Agendas .

        • So Shep qualified his remarks in a way the audience understood he was not making a blanket pronouncement on the protesters?

          • Haters are gonna hate…was referring to the hating of gay people. In a one hour show…and the rally was Live..and fast moving.. One would have to have some intelligent understanding of what was going on…and what was being said.
            Fox viewers Pride themselves on their intelligence ,I am told.
            That is true, I am sure in many cases. But ,if people need every sentance or phrase “spelled out” to them.. Well ,Ya know….what can I say !??
            Especially during fast moving,breaking news.

          • I didn’t see the show, that’s why I’m asking.

            It would be important to qualify a remark like that because if it’s stated in the context of protest footage, the audience would get the impression that he meant the protesters in general. That would not be a far-fetched assumption with that scenario.

          • Shep is indeed calling people haters who protest same -sex marriage on the basis of traditional religious views.

            However, he does have a point that the court triedto accommodate Davis and that was not enough. Frankly, I can’t see Shep thinking she was less a hater if she took the accommodation of not having her imprimatur on the license, anymore than I see that Davis could logically settle for that compromise based upon her rhetoric.

            She needs to resign and Shep needs to act like a journalist.

            Less than three years ago both the current Democratic president and the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate held the same view on ss marriage.

          • Shep does act like a journalist…just not a brain dead journalist.
            Its clear which way Shep leans on some points and people don’t like that..and thats their right.
            The speakers at the Rally was trying to whip up a Christian frenzy.
            Yes the Rally was becoming a religious thing…But Shep was calling the people who were discriminating “Haters”…not Christianity.
            People who don;t like Shep will interpret it to suit their agenda .

            When Shep is reporting in “the field”…he never strays from FACTS .
            Maybe when he is Anchoring, he will stray into some opinion, occasionally. I like that ,though some like to b*tch about that.

            Just let me mention…..
            Three years ago… The Current Democratic President may have been against SS marriage.
            4 years ago…Kim Davies was on the 4th husband,…several divorces, clearly. She had illigitimate children…and was generally (insert your own word hear)…but needless to say she was no angel.

            People Evolve !! Its That simple.

          • Religion is by nature discriminating. I think you can make a point about the separation of church and state without calling people haters who advocate a religiously based stance.

          • You have interpreted Sheps word differently to me. Shep didn’t call Christians or Christianity haters. He called people who were fighting against gays, the haters.
            I am not American .. but I am sure I have heard that in your constitution..something about…”The pursuit of Happiness for all .”…

            I have no more to say on this subject…and am not gonna play ball in what will become a circular argument. I have other things to do, and think about.

          • I didn’t say anything about him calling all Christians haters.

            I confined my remarks to the protesters as people I expressly designated as having religious objections to ss marriage.

            That could include several religions.

          • OK….There can be haters in any walk of life . This is basically…people who only want to hear what pleases them…Religious or not.
            Live and let Live ,is what I believe ,as long as no-one is hurt.
            People should go for that “Pursuit of happiness”…as long as its lawful. And gay marriage is lawful.
            I’m outta here. Glad to chat with you.

          • Well, these people’s sentiments were certainly the law of the land for over two hundred years and the predominant culture.

            Now it’s get with us, folks, or we’re going to assign a very pejorative motivation to you.

            If there’s an example of “my way or the highway” it may be that.

          • People change their views upon things, yes. I doubt Shep was referring to Pres Obama as a hater for that former stance.

            Perhaps we all could show the same patience with Davis and company.

          • I blame that damn Justin Beiber who if not the coiner of that phrase, a continuos user of it. I never thought the little twerp could sing and was basically a dancer. But that’s just me, and call me a hater, but it’s what I’m gonna do.

          • Jill Scott (who most definitely CAN sing) has a song with the lyric “hate on me hater”.

            The trouble comes when a sound sentiment becomes a catch phrase in lieu of a considered opinion.

  3. Some of us learned last night that Stephen Colbert has at least one sibling (an older brother) – who like my own three bothers — differ politically.

    So he joins my list of Bob Beckel, Alec Baldwin, Chris Matthews and Maureen Dowd as all having siblings with opposing political views.

    Can you think of any others — including within your own family?

      • as well as mine, the President of the Purdue chapter of the SDS and once held captive in RFK Stadium with the bunch who attempted to levitate the Pentagon. I used to tell my professors we were not related.

  4. I’m figuring my new iPad Pro with its keyboard and iPencil will set me back about $1,200 when all is said and done, but man, think how many J$ Place comments I can see at once!

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