Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • She’s got mail: Megan Kelly hears from fans, angry viewers.
  • Fox & Friends Weekend video: The Summer
  • Concha: Only one scenario makes sense for BriWi on MSNBC.
  • Stelter: Trump to appear on Fox after two-week hiatus.  More.
  • Media Buzz: The Carly Hillary
  • Reliable Sources: Summer of Trump, Hugh Hewitt, Fox vs BLM.
  • Schram: CNN has a chance to stage a real Presidential debate.
  • Trish Regan joins Jefferson Foundation.  Lisa Ling’s Life returns.
  • Battaglio: Nets want in on cable windfall.  Nichols’s NFL special.
  • Your Buzz videos: the
  • Latino group protests MSNBC cutback of Diaz-Balart’s Rundown.
  • The real reason CNN changed their debate criteria.  Sunday talkers.
  • Zurawik: Arwa Damon reports plight of refugees with power, passion.

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51 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Thomas Roberts anchoring NBC NiGHTLY NEWS this weekend. If God put a more handsome man on the planet, I have yet to see him.

  2. Going at 6 is an awkward spot for Brian Williams. That puts him in direct competition with Lester Holt in the central time zone (maybe others… I don’t know).

    • Agree. To the contrary of other views, I’d put him on a 8 PM and ship Chris Hayes to sing in the Rev’s choir Sunday mornings. I wouldn’t have Williams so much report the news at that time as much as steer analysis of the important events via interview. Have enough light stuff tossed in to exercise his Tonight Show inclinations. Vary the analysis perspectives. Not ten clones of Chris Hayes. Ratings at that hour couldn’t get worse.

    • In what Central Time Zone? Lester Holt comes on at 5:30 o’clock p.m. In the Centarl Time Zone in the United States of America.

      • Eastern Standard Time is the time zone of origionation, so it’s customary to take that as default unless stated otherwise.

      • Amy, the article says 6:00 eastern would be the time in which Brian Williams would be on the air on MSNBC. That would be 5:00 central time. So at 5:30, the two would be on at the same time… creating a conflict.

        • To clarify (or confuse) things somewhat, local stations are given leeway on when to air the network news by all three of the broadcast networks. So, it may air at 5:30, 6 or even 6:30.

  3. The weekend’s most popular links:
    5 protests MSNBC cutback
    4 CNN has a chance
    3 one scenario makes sense
    2 real reason
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 She’s got mail: Megan Kelly hears from fans, angry viewers.

  4. You cant write this stuff….one of the twitter stooges is complaining that MK is playing an 10 day old repeat……Never mind that CNN playing something from 2013 and MSNBC is playing old lockups…….MK is just 10 days old……any wonder they look like Crazy haters?

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