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  1. Wemple’s own biases smother the point Joe was making. It’s not that you cover something, it’s how you choose to gin up the coverage that can have irresponsible consequences. Good for Joe.

    • If Wemple is truly concerned about a program actually depriving its viewers of information, he should write about the coverage of classified information on Clinton’s private email server by CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello.

        • Until someone says “It doesn’t matter whether the information was ‘marked classified’ or not,” and points out why, the coverage will remain focused on minutia.

          • That’s true. The info that got David Petraeus indicted and convicted was not marked classified either. Nobody thought it made a lick of difference with him…because it didn’t. That’s irrelevant.

          • And those that argue the Patraeus prosecution was because he willingly
            mishandled and disclosed classified information, while Clinton did so inadvertently, it doesn’t matter. Under a different statute, any mishandling or unauthorized disclosure of classified information, whether intentionally or not, is a crime.

          • John Heilman did just that on CBS today saying the marking as classified may be a political distinction but is not a legal one.

          • Lots of people in various situations have said that just not in the Big 3. Plus, let’s face it, the story is boring if you continue to say it doesn’t matter if it was marked or not. It is important for as many as possible to learn what a slimy person HRC truly is.

          • A year or so ago, The Big Three could lead off their program with the news that a staffer for a Tennessee congressman had chided the Obama girls for their attire in a Facebook post to her followers, and cover it for a couple of nights.

            However, elucidating upon the legal responsibilities in the handling of classified info is just not important enough. Not even when it concerns a former Secretary of State who is also the primary Democratic candidate for president.


          • CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, who just so happens to have graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School has said, “Hillary’s defenders have argued that she is in the clear because she never disclosed information that was designated as classified. But information can be classified whether it is marked that way or not.”

            So what, exactly, is classified information?

            He explained the difficulty of determining the answer in a lengthy article he wrote for the New Yorker back in mid August.

          • For some reason this comment seemed to end up in the moderation queue, and even more strangely it did so twice. I’d swear I cleared it from moderation several hours ago, and yet a few minutes ago I got a notice that it was back in the moderation queue! I don’t know why but I clear it again. Both times left me stumped as to what word(s) triggered the moderation. Just one of the Mysteries of Disqus I guess.

          • Perhaps Disqus held it back because Toobin’s article contained misinformation about inadvertent unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

          • Thanks for that link. It was a good read and corresponds to others I have read from those in the know.

            We all know why HRC printed out emails instead if doing an electronic saving because if how you can trace threads, timing, and most importantly CHANGES, made to an email. Can we truly know that language wasn’t changed in an email just to print it out?

            The people who are covering her butt are truly clueless. But, in return, the Repubs are wasting a truly good chance to take back the WH.

            What a sad, sad time for our country.

  2. It’s almost 8:00 and billoreilly.com has yet to post the show rundown for tonight. I assume that means it won’t be posted until after the fact tomorrow morning.

    So, tune in and be surprised.

  3. Today’s most popular links…
    5 make no sense
    4 addresses controversy
    3 Colby’s crib
    2 deprive his viewers
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Fox Biz claims fraudulent reality proposal from Pawn Stars producers.

  4. Whoever thought Michael Eric Dyson would be a better fill-in on MSNBC than the progressive hosts that were anchoring the afternoon spots previously, they were wrong. The liberal bias is so blatant it is like a flashing neon sign.

  5. How many cable news hosts, reporters and commentators have mistakenly asked “Whose place will Carly Fiorina take on the main event stage?”

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