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    • We’ll never see that sort thing inspiring self-analysis by the media.

      Oh, they could blame talk radio and small govt advocates for the Oklahoma bombing, Sarah Palin for Gabby Gifford’s shooting, and gun rights advocates for shootings that wouldn’t have been prevented by any restriction that Democratic politicians would openly support, but for the media to look at itself over their part in exacerbating racial tension and mistrust… no way.

      They will take part in academic symposiums on their negligence in not being rougher on the shallow Reagans, or their mistreatment of the Clintons, or believing the Bush Administration lies, and all the way they invariably take up liberal memes and rhetoric.

      However, you won’t see any garment rending on the inflammatory misreporting when it comes to Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.

      • And don’t hold you breath for the Justice Department to investigate any cop killing as a hate crime. Not Obama’s DOJ.

        • The prevalence of guns seems to be the answer to any attempts at critiquing BLM on the blogs today.

          It’s certainly a salient point, but the typical argument you see is one of the dumbest that’s been trotted out on the subject.

          This thing about guns being different from any other tool because they function for one purpose only and that’s to kill things, is specious.

          Putting aside games of skill like target practice (I don’t suppose anyone wants to regulate bows and arrows), self defense is a utility, I would think.

          Thank goodness it’s not needed as regularly as an oven or a sink, but when it is the stakes are much higher than being without the afore mentioned implements.

          This argument that a gun is something different from any other tool because its purpose is to kill (again waiving arguments concerning sports and venison) in the way the lethal use of a baseball bat is not, completely misses the point.

          If the lethality of guns begs that we must treat them differently (and it does), the utility of self protection has an even more salient claim to our consideration of how scarce we wish to make this tool for law abiding people.

  1. If only Trump’s plane would take off and then fly silent to completely disappear somewhere over Kenya…

  2. Ed Henry tweets 150 more emails have classified info. Hold onto your hat, the spinning is going to be like a whirling dervish!

  3. I recommend the Concha piece, folks.

    As fascinating as the pro-Sanders rapper is….please don’t make that story or Zucker #1…

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 BLM kill-cops chant
    4 asks UFC’s Ronda Rousey
    3 More games
    2 five times a week
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN and MSNBC in a competition to out-trump each other.

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