Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: on-air the
  • Reliable Sources videos: Jorge Ramos, Trumpnado, an on-air murder.
  • Breaking! Megyn Kelly leaving Fox?!?  Oh wait…never mind.  More.
  • Concha: Bob Beckel’s best options to reboot his cable news career.
  • Who is Mr Megyn Kelly?  Bob Beckel resurfaces.  Sunday talkers.
  • Grove: The Rev is happy to be demoted.  Audio Q&A: Chris Hayes.
  • Near-invisible network’s website crashes ahead of Trump-Palin chat.
  • Rubin: CNN’s ‘phony excuse’ to keep Carly Fiorina out of the debate.
  • Turmoil at Al Jazeera America as another female executive is leaving.
  • Your Buzz videos:

30 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. “Please Br’er Andy, please go ahead and throw me into me into that Sunday morning briar patch of a time slot.”
    “And don’t forget, I have one of the best Rolodexes out there from Washington circles and entertainment circles, and I’m going to use it.” (Larry note: I think he misspelled “Rolex”.)

  2. As others have said it’s good to see Bob Beckel on TV again with at least two appearances on CNN in as many days.

    He just told Michael Smerconish that the New Hampshire Primary on February 9th will probably narrow the field to only four remaining candidates.

    While he didn’t say who the four would be, at this admittedly poor vantage point (with more debates to come) my bets guess is it might these four:


    Caveat: There’s a chance Kasich could win in NH possibly replacing Walker in the Fab Four.

    • Good choices, although I’d give some chance to Carson. He doesn’t get people PO’d.

      “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong” but that’s the way to bet.

      • I agree about the good doctor. He seems to be making a bit of a comeback.

        He’s finished in the top three in three straight national polls after not having achieved that feat since mid-June just before Trump entered the race.

    • I disagree with Beckel’s prediction. There will be no less than 8 GOP candidates going into the South Carolina Primary.

      • Well, if we go with Grandpa D’s mention of Carson and my addition of Kasich & Cruz as possible additions to my Fab Four that would be seven right there.

        Then if Fiorina finishes in the top three in NH, I could see her possibly moving on to compete in South Carolina to give us the EIGHT you mentioned.

      • Yes, at least 8. In years past South Carolina has been the state that really thins the pack. And you know Lindsey Graham will still be in the race for SC.

  3. I’ve been meaning to say this for six hours, but here goes: I can no longer stand Ben Kissel, and, as with Michael Malice, I will no longer watch a show on the night he appears as a guest.

    • Sherman makes up things and the anti-Fox mob are attracted to it like flies to crap. Megyn Kelly isn’t going anywhere.

    • In May, when we transitioned to a wordpress platform. The new RSS link is at the bottom of every page. Sorry if we didn’t make that clear at the time. I had my hands full making the transition as seamless as possible and may have forgotten a few details.

  4. Not cable related but I watched Sunday Morning on CBS. An interview with Dick Cheney was done and at the completion of the interview they showed a sun, as they always do. But, the color of the sun was black. Obvious, in a non-spoken manner, this was a clear sign of what the producers think of Dick Cheney.

    • Spud should realize that you don’t have to be smarter than a tater tot to recognize that Sherman has been peddling garbage for quite a while.

  5. Reliable Sources videos haven’t been posted by CNN yet and I have to go out. Will add the links when I return which will be a while from now. Sorry for the delay.

  6. The weekend’s most popular links:
    5 CNN’s phony excuse
    4 Bob Beckel’s best options
    3 Mr Megyn Kelly
    2 never mind
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Bob Beckel resurfaces.

  7. George Will said something on Fox News Sunday that I have agreed with and pointed out for a long time — and an observation that IMO doesn’t get enough attention when discussing winners and losers.

    In quoting pollster Peter Hart he basically said that since WWII the more likable candidate has won every election except for Nixon.

    Some will cite other examples, but it’s almost always from a partisan point of view — whether from the left or the right.

    For those of us who agree, this certainly doesn’t bode well for Hillary Clinton. And some may even mention Donald Trump as well.

    As Mr. Will said, “Likability matters.”

    • I’m getting to like George Will’s WaPo columns and his appearances on FNC. He’s usually right on the money plus writes and speaks with a great dry wit.

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