Friday Links and Open Thread

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  1. This latest stunt by CNN simply makes me want to puke. Two people murdered live on TV, and these (I can’t think of a clean word) are trying to capitalize on it.

    • I agree with this, but….and I’m going to suggest this respectfully and gently while understanding your rightful disqust over some media’s disrespectful mercenary and opportunistic appeal to voyeurism….but, there is a danger in that too of making this whole tragic event about our own anger and outrage over the handling of it.

      I have read posts on blogs and Twitter where people seem to be tearing their hair out in an often foul-mouthed rage and angst that is inappropriate in tone and in focus for the respect, reverence, and sense of mourning we relate to such tragedies and to dead.

      I don’t think you’re doing that here, N-N with your modulated expression, but go anywhere on the web and you will see people forgetting about everything other than this being one more day’s outrage over some political and cultural tempest.

      • It reminded me of these heartless reporters (The Weather Channel was great at this) shoving the camera in a victim or survivor’s face to get a reaction. There is actually a term in the business for those that seem to specialize in it, “misery whores.”
        However, my reaction about poor doomed Alison was a bit personal. I had a loved one murdered. Things like this really make me more than a bit angry.

  2. CBS THIS MORNING (Chip Reid) gave the poll results of words associated with Trump but not the ones associated with Hillary. An omission that I see the only for as bias.

    • Of course it is. The logical thing would be to report that for the front-runners of both parties, and he would have done that if the info for Clinton were not so utterly negative.

      BTW, I’m not sure that this translates into any real danger for her. We now have an ethos that all such considerations are secondary to and likely an impediment for the foremost consideration of “what have you done for me lately”.

  3. I understand Joe Scarbourgh thanked Andy Lack this morning for making MSNBC a place that joe wouldn’t be belittled to work.

  4. re: Video: Shep’s 20 years with Fox News.
    … works for the 2nd greatest man he knows …… who is on first? Chris Wallace maybe???

    tomorrow morning i fly to usa with wife for her first air plane ride ever. watching her face as we fly past mt hood on the pdx glide in will be priceless. i will pretend to not speak English and pantomime to HSA bozos…. sure they will laugh with me hahahahaha… 30 yrd line 15th row for the u of o duck opener. dungeness, halibut, fried razor clam, taters and eggs for break. taquerias on every corner ,,,chicheroooonnnnnn! best of all teaching my 10 month old grand kid Spanish so she does not grow up weirdly stuck in one idiomaville. tomorrow night siete maras for din din in PDX with the mature seeds of my youth … just this little dive we know that makes tortillas hecho a mano..yummmmmmmmm.

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  6. Lemon sure has a chip on his shoulder. Earth to Don: Few people give a tinker’s damn about you or anyone else’s sex lives.

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