Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Report: The Rev is being shunted to 8am Sunday mornings.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Concha: In the Fox/Trump battle royale…who’s the winner?
  • Rothman: Fox News ‘took the first step in a noble direction’.
  • Wemple: Why does Roger Ailes keep sticking up for Megyn Kelly?
  • Zurawik: Trump will get his comeuppance from Fox News and Ailes.
  • TCG: Has Gabriel Sherman made common cause with Team Trump?
  • CNN spends most time on Trump speech, bumps its Katrina special.
  • Former Aussie PM and Labor Party leader gets anchoring gig on CNN.
  • Fox & Friends video: with the New York Fire Dept.
  • Chris Hayes on the challenge of holding an audience (via Brian Stelter).
  • Hennessey: The ‘alternative universe’ focus group that stunned Frank Luntz.

93 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Megyn Kelly handled Trump exactly right with her remark about buying her husband a Trump necktie for his birthday.

    Mr. Ailes, please take note.

  2. Perhaps Wemple can’t understand the concept of a gentleman standing up for a lady being verbally attacked by a bully. Or, mabye the idea that an employer would stand up for a maligned employee confusing. Or, and more likely, Wemple is simply taking his usual cheap shots at Fox. His ramblings aren’t something you read, but rather scrape off of the sole of your shoe.

    • Megyn Kelly is not a lady in this context. She’s a journalist covering a candidate for president.

      Journalists are supposed to have some professional distance from the things they cover. That doesn’t mean they can’t do analysis, that they can’t make a quip, or that they can’t press a candidate. It means that they don’t become the story.

      Fox News does itself no favors in answering the call Trump is making here. They have the opportunity to show some gravitas and professionalism and they’re blowing it.

      When the White House tried to cut Fox out of the press pool, other media outlets wouldn’t let the Obama Administration get away with it. That was the case because such an attitude is a potential threat to them as well.

      Right now, they’re enjoying the fracas between Fox and Trump and they’re hoping Trump will make a devastating misstep.

      Eventually, they will take Trump to task in a more public way.

      Let’s hope that Ailes hasn’t made that more problematic by then.

      • Spud is still right.
        And as Shakespeare said, “Revenge is best served cold.” Or maybe that was tuna fish?

        • If I remember correctly, Spud was suggesting that gradually over time FNC should reduce the number of Trump interviews.

          Color me skeptical for two reasons for which the second one is stronger.

          1. Having Trump on for interviews is as we all know very good for ratings.
          2. By reducing Trump’s presence you risk alienating even more angry Trump supporters. There are already angry Ted Criz supporters giving Fox News a hard time about what they perceive as not enough face time.

          • 3. Trump is a genuine story. He is a real phenomenon. That fact indicates something of a cultural movement in our country and that bares exploration as well.

          • I can’t figure that out either. How he managed to blame friction on you until he couldn’t anymore is beyond me.

          • I just read it in the Concha piece. Struck me that way too.

            I’m Scottish and we always said ‘holds a grudge like an Arab’.

            That’s ironic because my Celtic grandmother held a grudge against a neighbor for more than fifty years because my grandmother caught her looking in her freezer when the lady was over to play Bridge. They were both in their late twenties at that time.

            My grandmother was always cordial to her neighbor, but always remarked on the incident to us whenever she encountered her.

            It occurs to me that my grandmother had many lifelong friends and the majority of them she addressed formally and they did her as well.

            “You know I once found Mrs. Ratliff going through my freezer.” Dont see that sort of formality now, of course.

            She would occasionally surprise me by calling some rather daunting venerable local nobility “Charlie” or “Jenny” (what she had called them in school) which was made all the more shocking by it being unusual for her and by the change that would come over she and these old friends when they suddenly acted like they werent ancient.

            Anyway, yes, “Irish grudge” is a keeper.

          • We have the same type of grudges. Sometimes we are mad at somebody for so long, that we forget what it was originally about. We just know that we don’t like them.

          • go ahead. pick any word. 2 syllables or more. i will show you it has a Greek root. like my name, George. Geo earth, erg, unit of energy. drop the r which is called an “attributive”. there you go. eso es.

          • not everything is a proof. i was just being the class clown with a movie reference about ethnics. make a crepe. tranquilla Carmela.

          • My dad spent a year stationed in Sinop, Turkey. His opinion of the Turks was lower than yours.

          • It means I love to drink but I hate to pay for it, so I borrow money to pay for my drinking but I don’t pay the money back.

          • Now Spud has fewer commenters than a Betsy Rothstein column. ?

            I have no idea what went wrong even though I have read some speculation on Twitter.

            Plus he’s not alone. A similar mass exodus of commenters has also occurred at TVNewser’s daily Scoreboard piece.

          • When I bopped in five years ago, ICN2.0 had very little in the way of moderation. Stayed a bit Wild West for years until Spud got some complaints and decided to clean up Dodge. As Johnny can testify, moderation is hard to do even handed even with full time review. Spud could only check on things at the end of the day or respond to a complaint. Things didn’t get better, they got worse, and he then cleaned house by clearing house.

            I still read him regularly. Had a lot of fun while I was there. Love my new home.

          • I don’t get called a heathen here, or get told by Joe Remi that he knows more about what it’s like to be an indian than I do. Johnny doesn’t tolerate slurs, name calling, or people like the Bride of Chucky making fun of my having had cancer. Complaints to Spud meant nothing. So, I finally walked away.

            This is a nice and friendly place. Any disagreements are simply those among friends. Occasionally, some troll will show up to badger and bully, but they end up with a one-way trip to the Nether Regions.

      • MY SUMMARY

        Case #1
        In the first instance Roger Ailes called Donald Trump on a Monday after the ‘blood’ comment for what was described as a blunt talk and a clearing of the air.

        Case #2
        In this second instance Roger Ailes issued a strongly worded press release supporting Megyn Kelly, condemning Donald Trump and suggesting he apologize.

        In Case #1 there was an effort to reach a mutually beneficial solution. DT had future face time on FNC and Roger Ailes, by lessening the tension, may have assuaged at least some on the angry disaffected pro Trump viewers thereby preventing a mass exodus of some of the huge FNC audience.

        In Case #2 the primary motive appeared to be a defense of Megyn Kelly

        If I understand you correctly Cecelia, you are not a fan of what transpired in either Case #1 or Case #2 suggesting that Mr. Ailes would have been better off not engaging Mr. Trump in either case.

        Is that correct?

          • TY.

            I always respect your very cogent and articulate comments — even when I take a different.

            Since you are not alone in expressing this view perhaps I need to re-examine this in case I prematurely concluded that Mr. Ailes acted in the best interest of Fox News in both cases.

            The old synopsis don’t fire like they did when I was much younger.

          • Thanks very much, Michael. Back at you.

            To my thinking everything that Ailes has done has fueled the sort of dynamics that do nothing but hurt Fox.

      • Trump took it personal with the blood and bimbo remarks. He is simply a vulgar SOB who enjoys attacking others, especially women, and needs to be treated as such.

    • He and Rachel have gone Def Con Mean Girls. They’ve moved beyond snark to pointing, giggling, and whispering.

      I don’t know if this gets them better ratings because it’s an appeal to a superiority complex or its an attempt to gardener interest by dramatizing an issue.

      Either way, it’s not particularly attractive.

  3. I’m watching last night’s Red Eye and have an observation: Jedediah Bila should just wear a t-shirt that says “I Hate Jeb Bush.” She whacked him like a pinata, just as she did in her appearance last week.

    I’ve unliked her on Facebook, unfollowed her on Twitter, and wish I never bought her book years ago, which bears the same title as the daytime show she regularly appears on.

    • Overall I thought it was a good show. Both the comedians were good, and the gal (I forget her name) had the most charming Brit accent, especially for someone born in the USA.

      • Her name is Sherry Davey.

        I regret that I impulsively erased my recording after Jed’s last shot at Jeb. For someone that liked Trump’s Instagram video, I was surprised she admitted she’s a Scott Walker supporter.

        • sometimes it is good to keep your emotional powder dry. i have seen country after country, including the USA, electing a bad leader, getting really angry, and replacing them with someone worse. as Al Bundy and I said to my children…. “always remember and never forget, things can get a lot worse.”

  4. Is something going on with the Twitter feed thingee, Johnny?

    It’s jumping around like crazy on my screen.

      • I saw that too, but it stopped. Also yesterday I couldn’t get on your site from the KFC WIFI free access. Said you were banned. Did hear someone mumbling about “the chicken imitator”.

        • It may’ve had something to do with me claiming that there weren’t eleven herbs and spices. Now KFC has banned me from the intrawebs in their restaurants. And occasionally shorts me a piece of chicken in the bucket. I tried to complain, but….

          • Col. Sanders lives on through Norm Macdonald (that’s how he spells his last name). His ads served their purpose: I bought a KFC combo meal today.

          • I got the $5.00 box deal yesterday. When I saw the commercial today, I realized I threw away the cookie. And people are starving in China. At least the ones that play the market.

  5. WALL TO WALL everywhere on the TV reporter shootings today. Like an east coast snow storm, biggest coverage goes to stories that touch close to home.

    • Really sad story. They are saying a disgruntled former co-worker did it. I could never understand things like that. I have never been mad enough at a person to want to kill them. Blow certain countries off the face of the map? Yes. But somebody that I knew and didn’t like? No.

    • That really was a shock when I saw it this morning. We’ve vacationed there often; even played miniature golf on that course and walked on the balcony where the interview and shooting took place. My heart goes out to the families of the deceased.

      I appreciated the wall to wall coverage.

  6. Mr. Concha, “Everybody wins!” — which is why CBS News this morning wondered out loud if FOX and Trump might have cooked the whole thing up, Vince McMahon style.

  7. 1/2 hour Trump WADR. crazy questions, but interesting. Halprin and Hienalman are not serious somethines

  8. I had to turn off Shep today as it was clear he was on the side of the White House pushing gun control. As if someone could specify what law would have made any difference, That’s pretty much a given in most all prominent cases, but they never miss an opportunity.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 made common cause
    4 took the first step
    3 stunned Frank Lantz
    2 get his comeuppance
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Why does Roger Ailes keep sticking up for Megyn Kelly?

  10. every time some nut does something stupid the discussion about not giving these pukes attention disappears and we get microscopic long repetitive examination of a loser likely on psychoactive prescription drugs. Bastante!

        • You know part of being an activist as defined as someone who assiduously pushes a certain agenda in ways that do not discount the bold and aggressive maneuver, is that you will meet resistance at times. You will get bold and aggressive push-back.

          I’m not sure why it’s alright for Ramos to demand that Trump give him instant recognition at an event organized by Trump, despite others waiting their turn, and Trump is supposed to act with a courtesy and a tolerance that Ramos eschews.

          • Trump is the illegal candidate guy and Jorge is the illegal journo guy so he felt he had moral right to butt in. whether from the candidates or journos this populist strain will not do the country any good. all shiny objects will the CBO announce the debt is becoming un-payable (see drudge) and no one said more than beep.

          • If Trump becomes president, he will simply declare bankruptcy. He’s done it a number of times with his companies. The deadbeat.

  11. If Sharpton is going to 8am Sunday, what’s happened to the best that MSNBC has to offer?

    Have they disappeared Mr. Kornacki?

  12. So with Al Sharpton moving to Sundays will the 6 pm slot become a ’roundtable show’ as some are suggesting?

    If so, I wonder if it will be a knockoff of “The Five.”

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