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  1. So to Stelter the perfect example of Trump-mania is Fox News, the only cable channel covering BOTH (rather than just Trump) Jeb Bush and Donald Trump in their dueling town halls!

    Why? Because seconds before going to a commercial, they cut away from Bush speaking, to an empty podium in order to show viewers they were planning on covering Trump’s town hall too when he got there!

    That’s priceless.

    • Gotta say:The Cable Game guy saying examples of CNN people using the term ” anchor baby” uses Lou Dobbs as an example. Sorry, Lou no longer works for CNN and hasn’t for quite a while.

    • Others who have been teased, mocked or ridiculed (to varying degrees) for bad political predictions.

      Karl Rove
      Dick Morris
      George Will
      Mark Halperin

      Admittedly, I’m not so hot myself having predicted at the beginning of the year that Scott Walker would be the GOP nominee. Yeah, right!

      • mark accidentally confused obama with nixon, or was that a verb he used not a noun? so i like him and he is connected so he has stuff to say whether i agree or not.

        for the record i have picked every presidential correctly in my life time. in cases like now, i make no -predictions because we do not have enough info. when a prediction becomes a guess, the predictor looks dumb. truth. we do not know what will happen, we can only hope. my hope is for a bean counter that can read a damn P&L.

        • Current odds from Paddy Power for the GOP nominee with single-digit odds:
          (If Business Insider uses this site, it’s good enough for me.)

          Jeb Bush 13/8
          Donald Trump 7/2
          Scott Walker 5/1
          Marco Rubio 7/1

          Fun Fact:
          Sarah Palin (50/1) is at lower odds than Lindsey Graham (66/1).

      • I’m okay with predictions – even when they’re wrong.

        Mr. Bill makes frequent ‘dinner bets’ with guests, which is a form of predicting.

        But 20 minutes on this was way too much.

        Kind of like Howard Kurtz spending 1/4 of his Sunday show on Hillary. Ugh!

        I don’t think I have ADHD, but maybe I do.

        • kurtz says way too much about way too little. he is better with guests. when he is solo he rambles, repeats, then summarizes and re-summarizes and looks like he took a bad non-verbal speaking course as he waves his arms and hands around.

  2. Re: Concha: CNN scores big wins online while traditional tv flounders.

    “In the last quarter alone, SNL Kagan reports that pay-TV services saw their biggest quarterly drop in history, with 625,000 customers opting out alone.”

    Wow. Cord cutting is in full bloom.

    Here in Southern California I pay Cox Communications $150/month (for TV $107, Internet and phone). I checked out AT&T U-verse in June when my Cox contract ended. For comparable coverage — but slower Internet speed — the monthly cost was about the same.

    What really keeps me hooked is my DVR. For example, I have seven programs set to record today and haven’t watched a TV commercial in what seems like months.

    Otherwise I would have cut my cord a long time ago.

    What are some of your reasons for not cutting your cord?

    • well since you asked, i pay Claro C945 for internet, 2mgs, and cable of which i watch none but would have a revolution if i cut off the cartoons and novelas. DVR ….shhhhhhhhhh
      i would drop cable only at the risk of being murdered in my sleep.

  3. Re: “Zurawik: Cable news hosts in full kiss-up mode with Donald Trump”: I wish he didn’t criticize O’Reilly. Bill challenged Trump throughout, but Z only noticed when he asked if the interview was fair and joked about getting deported. I usually like David Zurawik, but not when he’s critical of Fox News or Roger Goodell.

    • I usually like Z’s columns but he’s been on a crusade lately, in search of a Trumpslayer. He dubbed O’Reilly in a column back in July. Seems he thinks it’s the role of “journalism” under the banner of “social consciousness” to “take down Trump.”
      Fair criticism is OK, but Mike is right. Knocking O’Reilly for a lighthearted close after conducting a hard hitting ‘no spin’ interview reveals an agenda separate from being a TV critic.

    • “Bill challenged Trump throughout.”

      That was never more true than it was in the opening segment MON night, which I just got around to watching here on the West Coast where it’s not yet midnight.

  4. God bless Howard Stern for standing up for what’s right. Sherman was going to use lies about him to get at Megyn. Sherman is a real piece of, uh, work.

  5. Jamie Gangel to CNN: I always liked her stories. Plus, I really like her husband’s novels. The guys from Israel are always the good guys.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 gave me chills
    4 full kiss-up mode
    3 incredible ratings week
    2 they didn’t do
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Maddow wastes 20 minutes on another wrong prediction.

  7. I think they should rename CNN the John Berman channel. I am not sure if he was on earlier today in his normal hours, but he was filling in for Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper this afternoon/evening.

  8. Sherrod Small just tweeted: “Stuff cookin’ at #fnc perhaps. I will keep you posted. Might have 2 wait til after Labor Day for news #redeye #SherrodsTwitterArmy #RaceWars”
    I may be in the minority but think he would be a great addition to FNC. Any inside knowledge on what might be happening?

  9. Donald Trump going after Megyn Kelly again on Twitter.

    Are you kiddin’ me?

    I haven’t watched The Kelly File yet. My DVR is set for the repeat in one hour.

    Anyone know what was said? I am guessing Megyn, Stirewalt and/or Thiessen may have questioned one, or more, of his recent policy proposals — such as on immigration.

    Anyone know what was said to possibly unleash such a brutal series of tweets?

    Is he trying to trigger an ongoing feud (fake or real) to generate even more publicity than he already gets?

    Who knows with this guy.

        • He’s a bullying, blowhard, piece of crap. I remember the crude remarks that he made about a termanilly ill John Basset. Even insulted Basset’s daughter, Carling. No behavior is beyond Donald Trump.

          • It will be interesting to hear Bolling, Doocy, Greta and Hannity’s reaction (if any) on Tuesday — not to mention the four ladies on Outnumbered.

            Will they defend their colleague or just ignore the brutal tweets against her?

            So far the only reaction from anyone at Fox News has been the always gentlemanly Bill Hemmer tweeting the mild rebuke, “Easy Mr. Trump.”

            My guess is they may all choose to avoid the issue. But it would not be a good day to see anything which can be perceived as promoting Trump’s candidacy — and I doubt they will.

          • Brutal, misogynistic, mean, cruel, childish, unpresidential…pick your descriptor. Twitter is full of them.

            Bombastic thin-skinned blowhard works for me. But I do find him entertaining and I admire his ‘can do’ spirit.

          • That sums it up for me too, Michael.

            In a country where the chief way the media vets candidates is by ginning up a claim of a verbal faux pas, it’s a hoot watching this tactic of theirs roll off the back of Donald Trump.

            Unfortunately, this phenomenon has also given Trump license to act like a troll on a blog board.

            It’s as though they have created a super virus, able to overcome their class insularity, political advocacy, and conceit.

            Trump may be able to thwart the simple-minded worst in them, but he may do it via an appeal to the
            those same things in the rest of us.

          • Ha!

            I haven’t seen so much overt obsequeousness covering covert loathing since I netflixed I Claudius years ago.

  10. And you know that if ANYONE besides a Republican presidential candidate were saying these things, those same people would appauld.

  11. Megyn is right to ask that they ignore it.

    If Trump was doing this to another journalist at another network, then Fox could speak out without it becoming a family feud involving one of their own taking heat.

    These people ought to challenge other network people to condemn Trump’s remarks. Where are Rachel Maddow, or Erin Burnett, or Carol Costello?

    You have other women and men within the industry condemning Trump’s excretable nature and then it becomes more than a spat between one journalist and a bully.

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