Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Martha MacCallum-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Shaw: Is Trump becoming CNN’s new ‘missing plane’?  Leverage.
  • Greta: We took both town halls; our 7:00 pm competitors did not.
  • Throwback Thursday video: Linda Vester  More.
  • TCG: Raw Story smears Hasselbeck, quietly does stealth correction.
  • FTV: CNN ‘should be embarrassed‘ over its ‘whitest place’ mockery.
  • Katrina specials: The Storm that Never Stopped, The Storm of a Lifetime.
  • Kamisar: Carly Fiorina may not make the cut for CNN top-tier debate.
  • To rebut scandal charges Clinton campaign cites report from…Fox News!

20 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I hope somebody recorded hardball today when Matthews said he would end his show if Hillary voluntary dropped out of the race.

    • Yesterday on MJ Chris Matthews actually looked sad as they were talking about HRC and her email/campaign issues. It was quite something to see (she said with a smile on her face).

      • I seem to recall (always a scary proposition at my advanced age) that it wasn’t that long ago when Matthews announced on MJ that he prefered a center-left moderate Democrat nominee — presumably meaning HRC — and consistent with your comment.

        Kind of interesting given that in 2008 he was perceived as favoring the more liberal candidate. He was strongly pro Obama and so anti Hillary he along with David Shuster and Keith Olbermann were accused of being misogynistic in some of their commentary. There were times it appeared that Dan Abrams was the only Hillary fan or defender on all of MSNBC.

        Those were some crazy times.

        • Crazy times, indeed. The boys were in full steam macro-aggression and even managed to tar Geraldine Ferraro with racism.

  2. I know a lot conservatives and Republicans don’t like her. But, I thought Meghan McCain did a good job on “The Five” yesterday.

  3. Re: “FTV: CNN ‘should be embarrassed‘”

    Are we being a little too politically correct regarding jokes about the overwhelmingly white population in Iowa, I ask rhetorically?

    I watched the video on the CNN website and thought it was a funny bit with some funny quips like, “I’m about to go see some livestock…soon to be dead stock.”

    The closing bit was hilarious when the young boy takes a bite out of Kamau Bell’s pork chop on a stick.

    Called my ex-wife, a diehard Republican raised in Iowa where she was a 4-H Club member in high school. She too thought it was funny except for the “Ku Klux lambs” comment, which she didn’t find funny.

    Oh well. To each his/her own I guess.

    • So she stopped short of finding it humorous for Iowans to be linked with the KKK?

      To each her own. Evidently, ex-wives are funny that way.

  4. Actually, my first thought after viewing segments from the Iowa State Fair was that the deep fried butter must have killed all the black people.

  5. Ah Katrina. So many years since the media got to use sharpened claws. After eight years of being protective accomplices, it might explain their willingness to take a rip at Clinton.

  6. Shepard, you don’t need to feign outrage every single day. Carrying on about the stupidness of the Clinton-Biden poll, his guest the poll taker did everything but roll his eyes as if to say, “Buddy, If you think my poll is dumb, why invite me on?” I rolled my eyes for him.
    Kelly volley to Martha…

  7. “Today’s Larry Question IN THE NEWS”
    Does Jenner go to a men’s prison or a woman’s prison?

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 takes on Omarosa
    4 report from…Fox News
    3 may not make the cut
    2 smears Hasselbeck
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN ‘should be embarrassed’ over its ‘whitest place’ mockery.

    • Same here. I remember her reporting from Riyadh during the first Gulf War. She had a scared look and kept glancing over her shoulder checking for incoming Scud missiles.

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